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Release time: 2024-07-09   Source: People's Daily

"Reform and development made success and unsuccessful,The final judgment standard is whether the people have enjoyed the results of reform and development。”

Let the people of the people share the results of reform and development,Is the essential requirements of socialism,It is a concentrated manifestation of the superiority of the socialist system,It is an important manifestation of our party's insistence on serving the people's fundamental purpose。

Live in the people、To solve worries for the people's livelihood,The people really feel the new changes brought about by comprehensive deepening reform -

"On the day of obtaining a certificate,It is all blue。"" Thanks to the further advancement of the reform of the household registration system,Xi'an, Xi'an City, Shaanxi, Xue Haili, the owner of the breakfast stall, got the Xi'an residence permit,This means that children can enter school nearby;

"Happy Pension at the door of the house,Really good。"" The pilot pilot of the national home and community pension service reform has been launched one after another,The elderly Wang Wenyi, an old man who lives in the Peony Community of Sanzi Street, Shenyang City, Liaoning, is satisfied with his old age;

"I didn't expect,Now it has become ‘medical insurance is looking for someone’。"Mr. Yao, Mr. Yao, Wangjiang County, Anqing City, Anqing City, Anhui,Father spends more than 410,000 yuan for a doctor to see a doctor,Reimbursement of more than 290,000 yuan in different places,You can also enjoy the retrospective rescue policy,I got 49,000 yuan in medical assistance without applying;


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as sky bet online casino the core insists on the people -centered value orientation,Grasp the people's most concerned, the most direct and realistic interest issues to promote the reform of key areas。In the magnificent scrolls of reform and opening up in the new era,The people's sense of gain,Reform the gold content of reform。

June 27,General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China。Meeting to point out,"To further deepen the reform and use the valuable experience of comprehensively deepening reforms in the new era since the reform and opening up",One of the principles of implementation,"Persist in people -centered,Respect the status of the people's subject and the first spirit,Persist in the people to call、Reform should be respond to,Reform for the people、Reform relies on the people、The results of the reform are shared by the people "。

Find the effort point and breakthrough of reform from "urgency and sorrow",The people's sense of gain is stronger

"What do people care about、What look forward to,What should I seize if the reform、What to advance "。Since the new era,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping's core pays attention to employment、Increase income、Admission、Medical、Housing、Work、Pension and the safety of life and property safety in the public are anxious to find the effort point and breakthrough of reform,Launched many people's livelihood urgency、Reform measures for the people's heart,The people's sense of gain is stronger。

Go to the question、Staring at the question changed,"Question List" is the "Reform List"。

"When I first worked, I applied for an ID card,Thousands of miles a trip to Luoyang, hometown。"April this year,Ms. Zhang, who lives in Guangzhou, Guangdong, gives her son's enrollment household registration,No need to Sky bet football run back to my hometown to toss again。"I used to issue a license to move、Save time and worry -free,Now using 'Cross -Provincial General Office' instead of this 'certificate' and that 'certificate',Save time and worry -free。"" increasing "online" matters solved at the fingertips,Let people taste sweet。

Breaking the barriers,The reform of the household registration system allows 140 million agricultural transfer population to settle in cities; improve services,Reform -warm retirement measures such as aging aging renovation are continuously launched; reducing burdens,Personal income tax reform benefits 250 million people ... a series of reform measures with both targeted and gold content,Huimin Sheng、Warm Men Heart、Shunmin's meaning,Getting the sincere support of the broadest people。

Reform cannot be achieved overnight,It is impossible to do it all over and for all。Today,The people's longing for a better life is even stronger,The needs of the people to present the characteristics of diversified and multi -level and multi -aspects。Facing the new expectations of the people,We must continue to push the reform to the forward。

High -amount costs have made Gao Wanyong, a Sanming citizen in Fujian, feel frustrated。"A few years ago,The overhead of a piece of antiviral drug Entica is the one -day vegetable money for the whole family,It only costs more than 1 cents a day for the day of medication。》 Purchase through the concentrated volume of drugs and medical consumables,The price of drugs drops sharply,The burden of patients is significantly reduced。

Let ordinary people use more cheap medicines! As of May this year,National Organization Drug Collection has carried out 9 batches,Interest 374 medicines,Most of them are common diseases for chronic diseases。A few days ago,The General Office of the State Council Sky bet sports betting APP issued "Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health System 2024 Key Work Tasks","Promoting the Purchase of Medicine and Medical Consumption Purchase Procurement and Procurement" is in the column。

Endless development,Endless reforms。Protection and improvement of people's livelihood is a long -term job,No end to the station,Only a new starting point that is continuous。

Reform is explored by local exploration、Broken Broken Breakout Transformation into System Integration、Comprehensive deepening,The sense of gain of the people is more fulfilling

"Comprehensive deepening reform is a major strategic deployment of the overall development of the party and the country's undertakings,Not a single reform in a certain field。"Since the new era,General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted more than 70 Central Committee's Shenzhen Reform Leadership Group and the Central Reform Commission Meeting,launched more than 2,000 reform solutions in all aspects,Cover politics、Economy、Culture、Society、Ecology and other fields,Involved in clothes、Food、Living、line、Education、Medical、Pension and other links,constantly turning people's longing for a better life into reality。

Guangxi Pingxiang City Friendship Port,Vehicles full of imported fruits remit into the traffic,Clearance is being cleared quickly and orderly。

"Making fruit business is the most afraid of 'blocking'。Tianyue Hot,The more the fruits can't wait。"Local fruit dealer Ye Hongxiang Reminiscence,In the past, customs clearance must be cleared and taxed,Also run the bank、Customs,Fill in a big one,"The whole cabinet durian cracks 1/3,Lost hundreds of thousands of yuan "。2019,China (Guangxi) Free Trade Pilot Zone Chongzuo District is established,Customs clearance "blocking" points is getting less and less,Sky bet football "Now smart customs clearance 'brushing face' pass,The progress of the link can also be grasped in real time through the mobile phone。”

Since the new era,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core with the economic system reform as a traction,Further liberation and development of social productivity、Enhance social vitality,Comprehensively deepen the economy at the same time、Politics、Culture、Society、Ecological civilization system and party building system reform,Realization of reform is exploited from local exploration、Broken Broken Siege to System Integration、Comprehensive deepening transformation,The sense of gain of the people is more fulfilling。

Donghai County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu,Shilianghe Reservoir is the largest artificial reservoir in Jiangsu。The water surface is rippling here,Egret passing away。

2021,Sun Fankuo served as the first river patrol after the chief of the Shilianghe Town -level river.,What you see in front of you is another scene -the water is glowing with diesel flowers,The water is full of water。Villagers cast dense cages in the reservoir area,The bait will further deteriorate the water quality。

Clearance、Live garbage、Check sewage,Steel -down water、Green,Rivers and lakes at all levels guard the clear flow of blue water。Sun Fankuo said: "The silver fish that Shilianghe used to be rich in the past is back,The happiness of the folks is back again。”

System construction supports stable happiness,The people's sense of gain is more sustainable

"Reform and opening up in the new era has many new connotations and characteristics,One of the important points is that the system construction is heavier "。

The system is the fundamental、Pipe long -term。Solving outstanding contradictions and problems in the field of people's livelihood,Just by zero crushing and adjusting、Fragmentation repair is difficult to Sky bet football last for a long time,Any reform of any reform is only transformed into a long -term system,Only to ensure that the people's sense of gain is more sustainable。

"I and my lover Xiao Wang,All post -90s 'New Chongqing people'。Study、Work、Chengjia,I look forward to rooting in this big city。"Tang Qin, who lives in Shapingba District, Chongqing, holds the key,Open the door happily。

Earlier last year,I submitted information in the application point of public rental housing in Xiaolongkan Street, Shapingba District,After the Spring Festival this year,The family moved to the public rental housing community with joy。"What makes me most satisfied is,Public rental housing is not only cheap for rent,Primary schools with supporting construction are near the community,Give my daughter to school,It takes only a few minutes to walk。”

One door door key,Opening the dream of "living and living"。In recent years,The construction of my country's housing security system is accelerated,Affordable rental housing becomes one of the important ways to meet the demand for housing in Tang Qin。

Employment、Increase income,Make up shortcomings、Fairness,Bottom Line、Weaving Secret Network ... a people's livelihood system supports stable happiness,strongly guarantee the people's participation in the reform and development process、Sharing reform and development results。

The improvement of the people's livelihood system originated from the benign interaction of the top -level design and the grassroots exploration、Organic combination。

2016,In the grassroots legislative contact point of Hongqiao Street, Changning District, Shanghai,,A mother -in -law told Lawyer Wu Xinhui,I hope to take advantage of the light of the brain,Specify the filial piety of children as their guardian。

"We found,The relevant law is blank。I hope to give full play to the sky bet online sports betting role of grass -roots legislative contact points,Express the ‘personal will’ of many people ’,Rate to the national legal provision。"Wu Xinhui said。

That year,The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of the National People's Congress of the Law and Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress consultation on civil law、Suggestion,Wu Xinhui proposed to add citizen to the regulations of the citizen to choose the guardian in accordance with his wishes。Later,The General Principles of the "People's Republic of China" adopt this suggestion。

The wishes of my wife are written into the law,It is the manifestation of the wisdom of the people's livelihood system。From Tianjin "A Seal Management Approval",Go to Zhejiang "Run at most once",Then go to Fujian Sanming Comprehensive Medical Reform ... A rules and regulations that flash the wisdom of the masses,Gradually take root in more places。

There is often the country,and Limin -based。Make the people more sense of gain,Always the goal and direction of reform before the reform。

May this year,At the enterprise and expert symposium,When a scholar said, "The next round of reform,Strive to make more groups have a stronger sense of gain ",General Secretary Xi Jinping praised: "This sentence is the finishing touch,The sense of acquisition of ordinary people is real。”

New journey,More deeply understanding the decisive significance of "two establishment",More resolutely achieve "two maintenance",Apply the historical experience of reform and opening up to the great practice of further comprehensive deepening reform,Adhere to the people -centered value orientation,Condensing the wisdom and strength of the vast number of people into reform,It will definitely be able to advance the reform around Chinese -style modernization。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao