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Release time: 2024-07-09   Source: Xinhua News Agency

"Reform and opening up is a new great revolution that the party leads the people of all ethnic groups in the country under the conditions of the new era,It is the most distinctive feature of contemporary China。”

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Creativity of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core proposes and deeply clarifies the historical positioning and significance of comprehensively deepening reforms,Gathering the firm belief and majestic power of the whole party's "reform to the end",Push the new era reform and opening up to a new realm at a new historical starting point,To comprehensively build a socialist modernization country、Comprehensive promotion of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation injects inexhaustible motivation。

The key move to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

"Realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation in modern times "。November 29, 2012,When visiting the "Revision Road" exhibition at the National Museum,General Secretary Xi Jinping, who just took office, solemnly announced。

After a few days,General Secretary Xi Jinping went to the local area for the first time to inspect the cutting -edge reform and opening up at Guangdong。

Reform and opening up,Persistence and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics、The only way to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

China at that time,Positive to a new historical juncture,Also shoulder a new historical task -China has entered the decisive stage of comprehensively building a well -off society,Beautiful vision becomes urgent task。

Looking around at home and abroad,Examine opportunities and challenges,General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly emphasizes reform in the country、The significance of the nation:

"Reform and opening up is a key trick to determine the fate of contemporary China,It is also decided to achieve the "two hundred years' struggle goals、The key trick of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。”

Looking back,Reform and opening up under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,Created after the end of World War II,A miracle with the longest duration of economic high -speed growth in a country。

Face -oriented,Only insist on reform and opening up,Only national development can we get a continuous stream of powerful motivation,The party and the people can do it in the tide of the rolling era,Socialist sky bet online casino cause with Chinese characteristics can only leave and leave、Unlimited vitality。

"The Chinese Dream of the Great Revival of the Chinese Nation,We must comprehensively deepen reforms at a new historical starting point "。Chinese Communists with decisive decisions and firm actions,Determination of comprehensive deepening reform to the world。

The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party clearly wrote "the significance of comprehensive deepening reforms" into the "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several major issues of comprehensive deepening reforms",Open comprehensive deepening reform、The overall design of the system promotes the new era of reform。

immediately,Comprehensive deepening reforms are incorporated into the "four comprehensive" strategic layout; the Central Shenzhen Reform Leading Group Meeting and the Central Reform Commission meeting strengthened the top -level design of reform;,Constantly promoting theoretical and practical innovation,Injects strong ideas and action for reform; deploy and promote a series of reforms for reform,I solved many problems with the thinking and methods of reform,It has become many major things ...

November 2018,Shanghai,The first China International Import Expo,General Secretary Xi Jinping invites foreign leaders to board the simulation driving table for the Fuxing high -speed rail。The speed reached 350 kilometers at that time,Foreign leaders praised: "It's too fast!"

"Quick",Maybe it is the most intuitive summary of China's reform and development in the new era。

Tide of reform,Bring a vitality China: Comprehensive deepening reform and prominent system construction This main line,Resolutely break all ideological concepts and disadvantages of ideological concepts and institutions and mechanisms that hinder scientific development,Focus on building the system complete、Scientific specifications、Operating effective institutional system ...

Tide of reform,Bring a beautiful China: the construction of ecological civilization is included in the "five -in -one" overall layout,Ecological civilization system system is basically established。People enjoy rich material wealth,Can look at the starry sky、See Qingshan、smelling the fragrance ...

Tide of reform,Bring an open China: from holding the first China International Import Expo to the formulation of foreign investment laws,From reducing tariff level to expanding the access of foreign market markets,The pace of China's reform is stagnant,The open door is getting bigger and bigger ...

Tide of reform,Bring a happy China: the reform Sky bet online sports betting APP download of the income distribution system continues to deepen,Build the world's largest education system、Social Security System、Medical and Health System,The reform of the household registration system breaks the binary barriers of the household registration between urban and rural areas ...

more than ten years of breakthroughs to seize the level,More than 2,000 reform plans involve clothing、Food、Living、Line and other links,Covering the economy、Politics、Culture、Society、Ecological civilization and other fields。heavy transcript,Records comprehensively deepen reform and benefit the warm pace of the people,Vivid interpretation "Make the people happily is the big of the country '"。

"I firmly believe,The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will be realized in the process of reform and opening up。"General Secretary Xi Jinping's words throwing sound。

Adhering to the mental charm of thousands of years of reform and opening up,The Communist Party of China continues to promote the great revolution of reform and opening up,The cause of the party and the country has glowed with new vitality,The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation entered an irreversible historical process。

The source of vitality of the development and progress of contemporary China

Chinese Communists' Revolution、Construction、Grab reform,It has always been to solve the real problem in China。

It has always been to solve the real problem in China,It is all kinds of risk challenges staggered、More "problems after development" need to be cracking。

High -speed growth after decades after reform and opening up,China's development has stood to a new starting point。

Solving the food and clothing and the overall realization of Xiaokang,The people's longing for a better life shifted from "whether there is" to "good"; it is necessary to solve the troubles of "after the development",It is necessary to pass the "further development" that cannot be around。

The change of the times keen grasping the times,Has the historic changes that have been related to the overall situation,General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply pointed out: "Socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era,The main contradictions in our society have transformed into a contradiction between the people's growing good life needs and unbalanced and inadequate development。”

From "Are there" to "OK",There is still a considerable distance,Urgent need to use reform to open up the constraints of "unbalanced and inadequate development"。

"China must seize opportunities、Welcome to the challenge,Realize the new greater development,Fundamentally sky bet online sports betting depends on reform and opening up。"2014,General Secretary Xi Jinping's discourse in an exclusive interview with Russian TV stations。

Support the construction of a common prosperity demonstration area,Actively explore the path in the realization of common prosperity,Constantly accumulate experience; promote the establishment of the Supreme People's Court to establish a tour court、Judicial system reform centered on trial -centered litigation system reform; personal income tax reform continues to benefit people's people's livelihood; the reform of the education system has continuously reduced the regional and urban and rural gaps ...

From benefits to rights、From survival to development、From material to spiritual,Comprehensive deepening reform in the new era,Let different groups、Different ages、People with different identity backgrounds have harvested the fruitful results brought by reform。

Development is the first priority of the party's ruling country。Facing the economic growth shifting period、Structural adjustment array pain period、Early stimulating policy The digestive period of "Three Phase Irans",How to develop in China?

Make motivation to reform, and to be open.

October 2015,Condensing the in -depth thinking and continuing practice of China's development path,The Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party proposed innovation、Coordination、Green、Open、New development concept of shared,Start a profound change of the overall development of a relationship。October 2017,The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China makes a clear judgment,"my country's economy has shifted from a high -speed growth stage to a high -quality development stage。

Start with outstanding problems and key links from restricting high -quality development,Comprehensive deepening reform key breakthrough、Comprehensive layout:

Accelerate the implementation of innovation -driven development strategies,Improve the scientific and technological innovation system and mechanism,Innovative vitality competes; the regional coordinated development strategy is a strategic urban and rural regional pattern,Development space further expands; focus on the reform of the shortcomings and weaknesses in the field of people's livelihood,The people get the feeling、Happiness sensation、The sense of security continues to increase ...

From the planning of the pilot zone of the free trade pilot zone to the high -quality and high standard construction of Hainan Free Trade Port,Sky bet online sports betting APP download From promulgation and implementation of foreign investment laws to signing regional comprehensive economic partnership agreements,From the pioneering expo to the large -scale service trade meeting ...

New system for open economy to accelerate the formation,China strives for strategic initiative in open development。

When a reform and opening up ship sails into deep water areas,Ahead is a more magnificent voyage,It is also indispensable to stormy waves。

The ship is more urgent、People to Half Mountain Road are steep。Comprehensive deepening reform,What is located is getting more and more difficult、Getting more and more dangerous without entering, if not, then retreat、When you have to enter。

General Secretary Xi Jinping made a major judgment of "my country's reform has entered a tackling period and deep water zone",Point out "Easy、Reforms that are all happy have been completed,Eat the delicious meat,The rest is a difficult hard bone "。

Tick up in the most difficult place and advance to the key points.

Deepen the reform of the rural land system,Breaking the various "rolling door", "glass door" and "rotating door" that hindered the development of the private economy,Like Group "Organization、Administrative、Nobleization、Entertainment ",Integrate to promote the party's disciplinary inspection system reform、Reform of the National Supervision System、Reform of Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Institutions ...

Grasp the new situation and new features,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core with huge political courage and wisdom,Moving the stubborn disease that has been stubborn for many years,Resolutely break the disadvantages of institutional mechanisms in all aspects,Lead the reform of the reform all -round、Entrance to depth,Historical changes in many fields、Systematic remodeling、Popular Reconstruction。

A big step catch up to the important magic weapon for the journey of the times

Summer,Shandong Rizhao Port,10,000 -ton freights are lined up,Show the grand courage to show the four seas of Hong Kong。

"The youngest" 500 million ton -level port、The world's first open -bank open -end automated container terminal、The annual cargo throughput ranks seventh in the world ... the magical power of reform and opening up,Let this port from silence and unknown to standing tide。

May this year,General Secretary Xi Jinping inspects Shandong and hosted a seminar for enterprises and experts,Emphasize "further comprehensive deepening reform,It is necessary to closely promote Sky bet sports betting APP the theme of Chinese -style modernization,Highlight the focus of reform,Treating the value of the jail,Pursue method and method,To complete the central task、Add motivation to achieve strategic goals "。

The strength of the line knows the healing,Knowing the depth of knowing it。Further comprehensive deepening reform,It is an important magic weapon for us to catch up with the pace of the times,Determine the success and defeat of Chinese -style modernization。

Step in the pace of the era,It must be based on the new trend of the development of the times —

Xia Yang Yan Yan,Lotus Leaf Tiantian。"Pearl of North China" Baiyangdian,cruise ship shuttle,Birds passing by。Sighing tourists,Xiong'an is not "green in the city",but "Green City"。

From planning to site selection to planning construction,General Secretary Xi Jinping's personal decision、Promote、Promote,One stroke one by one as "Millennium Plan、National Event "depicts the magnificent blueprint。

For 7 years,Xiong'an New District pulls the ground,A high level of modernization、Environmental friendly cities are new to each other,Become a vivid footnote for the comprehensive deepening reform of the new era。

Innovation decisive future, reform is related to the National Games.

Construction in a strong country、New journey of national rejuvenation,my country's development faces new strategic opportunities、New strategic tasks、New Strategic Phase、New strategic requirements、New strategic environment。Promoting Chinese -style modernization is a pioneering cause without ancient people,There are many unknown areas,More requires us to continue to explore boldly in practice、Reform and innovation,Make Chinese -style modernization more realistic、It is more stable。

Step in the pace of the era,It must be in line with the new requirements of practical development —

Anhui Hefei,The third -generation autonomous superconductant quantum computer "Origin Goku" is launched,The operating efficiency of the quantum computer is greatly improved; Mianyang, Sichuan,Drone becomes the "New Agricultural Machinery" for Wheatfield Spring Tube,greatly improving the efficiency of field tube ... Shenzhou Earth,Walking to "New",To the far away with "quality"。

For the first time from the local inspection, "New Quality Productivity",To deploy "develop new productive forces" at the Central Economic Work Conference; systematically explain the new quality productivity when presiding over the collective study of the Central Political Bureau,In the National two conferences, "the Sky bet football development of new productive productivity according to local conditions" ... General Secretary Xi Jinping made a series of important discussions on the development of new quality productivity、Major deployment。

New productive productivity represents the evolution direction of advanced productivity。New requirements in the face of practical development,We must further deepen the reform,Forms a new type of production relationship that is compatible with new productivity,Inject strong kinetic energy into high -quality development。

Step in the pace of the era,Must conform to the people's new expectations —

June 27, 2024,General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China。The meeting proposes the principle of further comprehensive deepening reforms,Among them, "Adhere to the people -centered,Respect the status of the people's subject and the first spirit,Persist in the people to call、Reform should be respond to,Reform for the people、Reform depends on the people、The results of the reform are shared by the people "。

Chinese -style modernization,Minsheng is big; comprehensively deepen reform,People first。This is the original intention of the Communist Party of China,It is also the driving force for the new journey reform and opening up and start.、Departure point。

Persist in the value concept of the people first,Highlight the people's nature of the present generation,Conform to the heart of the people、Respect public opinion、Follow the people's conditions、Delievable people's livelihood,Reform can make the people more sensible、Happiness sensation、Safety。

Vicissitudes of wind and rain, endless roads.

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,firmly grasp the historical positioning and significance of comprehensive deepening reform,Passenger direction、Shouzheng Innovation、True Grabbing,It will be able to write a new chapter in reform and opening up、Create a new glory of the development of the cause。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao