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Release time: 2024-07-09   Source: Henan Daily

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July 8,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng hosted the province's flood control video dispatch meeting at the Provincial Emergency Command Center,Analysis and judgment of flood prevention situation,Arrange the deployment of this round of rainfall process to prevent response work。

Forecast according to the Meteorological Department,From the afternoon of the 8th to the night,The central and eastern of our province、There is a heavy rain in the south,sky bet online casino Local heavy rain。Provincial Vegetarian Bureau、Provincial Water Conservancy Department、Provincial Housing Urban and Rural Construction Department、Provincial Natural Resources Hall、Provincial Defense Disaster Rescue Office and Zhengzhou City、Kaifeng City、Nanyang City、Xinyang City、Zhumadian City reported the weather forecast、Water conservancy project operation、Mountain flood and geological disaster defense response、City waterlogging prevention response。

Lou Yangsheng pointed out,On the basis of rainfall in the early stage,High water saturation in the sky bet online sports betting current soil,In addition, there will still be continuous rainfall in the future,Increase risk of disaster accidents。To adhere to the people first、Life first,Based on the Flood Flood、Anti -major disaster、Get in danger,Do a good job of thinking to deal with extreme weather、Material preparation、Power Preparation、Organization preparation,A rainfall process, a rainfall process,Make every effort to protect the lives and property of the people。

One must ensure safety flood。firmly carrying responsibilities,Strengthen the bottom line thinking、Extreme Thinking,Resolutely Sky bet sports betting APP eliminate paralysis thoughts、Fortunately,Implementation of "123" and "321" flood prevention work mechanism,Pay attention to key weaknesses risk points,Refined work measures,Do a real emergency plan,firmly grasp the initiative of flood prevention work。

Second, we must do a good job of emergency avoidance。Emergency avoidance as the top priority of flood prevention、The maintenance of the middle,In precision forecast、Based on the judgment of the discussion,Strict implementation of the "Calling" mechanism of the early warning of the disaster,Decisive transfer of risk shelter、sky bet online sports betting Transfer to danger in advance、Safety transfer hedging,Gold standards that are firmly held in the event of no group injuries。

Third, strengthen inspection and check -in。Pay attention to Dajiang Dahe、South Water Diversion Middle Line dry canal and floods and mudslides、top library、Silk Dam、Tailing ponds and other key parts of weak parts,Strict implementation of 24 -hour duty and leadership class system,Implementing all -weather、No dead ends、Uninterrupted inspection defense,To the team in place、Equipment is in place、Materials in place、Command in place,Make sky bet online casino sure that once there is a dangerous situation,Discover the first time、Disposal for the first time。

Fourth to take measures decisively。Closely monitor the rain love,Post information in time,Strengthen publicity guidance,For places where risks may occur,The level of this level、Stop stop、The tube tube,Leave enough advance,Safe Safety Pass,Enhance the ability of the masses to avoid risk aversion and self -protection,Group strategy and group strength to do a good job of safety and flood。

Five to strengthen the dispatch command。Provincial defense refers to the sky bet online casino whole process、All weather、Comprehensive reinforcement of unified command,Main leaders at all levels of cities and counties, the main leaders of the party and government at all levels,Specific grasp、Grab specific,To achieve precise scheduling、Decisive command,Start emergency response in time,Strengthen up and down linkage、Cooperation for left and right,Form working together,Make sure safety flood。

The meeting was held in the form of a video conference,Provincial cities、Jiyuan Demonstration Zone and the Airport area set up branch venues。

Provincial leader Jiang Ling、Chen Xing、Anwei、Zhang Sky bet sports betting APP Jianhui、Sun Yunfeng attended。

(Henan Daily Client reporter Feng Yun Ma Tao)

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao