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Release time: 2024-07-08   Source: Henan Daily


The industrial development of Shangqiu has gone through "ostomy", "from small to big",Food formed、Equipment manufacturing、Textiles and clothing shoes 3 trillion -dollar levels and refrigeration、Work volume、Super hard materials、Electronic information and other 11 billion -level industrial clusters。How to make the industrial cluster "new" to the honor,Accelerate the cultivation and expansion of new quality productive forces,The powerful traction related industrial chain moves towards the high -end high -end of the global value chain? The deputy secretary of the party committee of Henan Daily this issue、Editor -in -chief Sun Dezhong's interview team penetrated into what I saw in Shangqiu City、Thinking of realization。

Midsummer Season,Henan Daily's research team came to Shangqiu,The development scene of the scene "hot and hot" in the eye。

High temperature around 1500 ° C、5-6GPa high pressure,about 50 minutes,Artificial eight -faced Jinang Stone successfully synthesized; high temperature around 1400 ° C、5-6GPa high -volcanic simulated volcanic explosion conditions,Only one week of time,Cultivating diamonds "born" ...

Super hard materials are the bright business cards of the development of Shangqiu industry,It is also the vivid epitome of the manufacture of Shangqiu's "intelligent manufacturing" to Shangqiu。Now,The industry here is completing the advantage to reconnect,Continuously increase the value chain,Gathering the surging kinetic energy of developing new quality of productivity,"Drilling" a new future on this ancient and full of new machines。

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Stocking —

Grab the strong chain of the extension chain and move towards the high -end value chain

How thin is 20 nanometers? 1 3,000th of the diameter of the head wire,Do not put it under the microscope carefully,I can't see it at all。In Huifeng Diamond Co., Ltd.,The research team learned,Focusing on the application of "cutting" for diamond microflower pink,The company not only achieves industrialized mass production of 50 nanometer diamond microflower,It also cracked the technical difficulties of 20 nanometer -grade micro -powder production。

After more than 30 years of development,Huifeng Diamonds has grown from the "small workshop" of that year to China's largest diamond micro -powder professional manufacturer。"At the beginning of the establishment of 1992,Huifeng Diamond always insists on producing artificial single crystal diamond micro powder,closely linked to industry development and national strategic needs,Continuous quality development。"Bao Siwei, deputy general manager of Huifeng Diamond, said,The company's produced diamond micro powder as cutting、Polishing、Precision grinding material,Become a key part of the development chain of the local super -hard material industry。

There are many traditional industries in Shangqiu City,Develop new productive forces for local conditions,It is necessary to take a good way to upgrade the industry,Enhance the level of industrial value chain。The research team learned in the visit,Focus on industrial high -end、sky bet online sports betting Intelligent、Green transformation,The upstream and downstream agglomeration development of the local industrial chain forms a "multiplication effect",Promote the formation of "new manufacturing" through high grafting,Create new advantages。

Henan Provincial Power Diamond Co., Ltd. realizes the successful expansion of the super -hard material industry from the industrial field to the jewelry jewelry field。In the past three years,The company has achieved cumulative cultivation of diamond exports exceeding 1 billion yuan,The market share in North America exceeds 50%。

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Employees processing and polishing diamonds in the production workshop of Yanta Peak New Material Co., Ltd., Zhecheng County (Henan),。Photo by Zhang Zibin

Diamond Product Exhibition Area at Henan Yanta New Materials Co., Ltd.,Eyes of exquisite diamond exhibitions are bright and eye -catching、Special eye -catching。Design、Cut、Battle、Broken、Handmade polishing ... A series of links are orderly,OK。"We can produce 100,000 carats of naked diamonds a year,greatly improved the competitiveness of Tancheng in cultivating the diamond market。"Liu Zhiyong, relevant person in charge of Yedafeng New Materials, said。

In recent years,Shangqiu Super Hard Material Industry Cultivation to form a complete industrial chain group,Power Diamond、Huifeng Diamond、Houde Diamond、A large number of backbone enterprises such as Yeda Peak Diamond "Different Army Promotion",Yong Pan value chain peak,Calling "The world's super hard materials look at China,Chinese super hard materials look at Henan,Henan Super Hard Materials See Shangqiu "slogan。The super -hard material industry becomes the first chain of our province's key industry chain,Strong development momentum。

The research team discovered,In the process of developing new productivity,Shangqiu does not start another stove、Abandoned existing,but focusing on the advantageous industry,Continuously extending the industrial chain,Focus on adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure,Driving the industry value chain increase。In this process,Many enterprises have the initiative as,Strengthening technology support、Expand application scenarios,Win a broad space for your own development,The main force of becoming the main force to cultivate new productive forces。

January to May this year,The added value of industrial industries above designated size in Shangqiu increased by 8.6%year -on -year,1908 industrial enterprises above designated size,Among them, 296 high -tech enterprises、19 "Gazette" enterprises、161 new small and medium -sized enterprises in the provincial specialized specialty、8 national specialized new "little giant" enterprises、Provincial Manufacturing Head Goose and Headan Cultivation Enterprises、12 "single champion" enterprises in the provincial manufacturing industry。

Consciousness Change —

Grasp "Niu Nose" to make key variables maximum

In the power diamond production workshop,The heat wave rolled,Six -sided top pressure machine banging,Here is the production of special alien octagonal diamond。

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Artificial cultivation diamonds. Power Diamond Figure

Special -shaped star -shaped octagonal diamond has 8 points、8 edges,It is the hardest one of diamond materials。As a Sky bet online sports betting APP download high -end product in the field of diamond manufacturing,Its production technology has been firmly in the hands of Japan and South Korea and other countries。

"We are determined to break foreign technology monopolies,It takes several years to organize scientific research research,Finally overcome all technical problems,Realized the import substitution of the octopus diamond,Provides key high -end consumables for the manufacturing of Chinese chips。"Talk about this topic,Power Diamond Deputy General Manager Li Zhongfeng is very proud。

Holding "King Kong Diamond",Dare to take "Porcelain Live"。Innovative development has allowed Shangqiu Chao Hard Materials Industry to achieve a number of domestic technology breakthroughs,Added the foundation and "hard" gas。

"Scientific and technological innovation is the core element of developing new quality productive forces。"" Tightly twist the "bull nose" of scientific and technological innovation,In Shangqiu, it has become a wide range of consensus。The research team found it during the visit,Shangqiu is implementing the innovation -driven development strategy,Take the table、stand ladder,Play "New Road" for high -quality development,Promoting key variables of scientific and technological innovation becomes the maximum increase in high -quality development。

Shangqiu Meilan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. leads the establishment of animal vaccine and veterinary drug research and development teams,The vaccine suspension manufacturing process developed to reach the leading level in China,Filled a number of gaps in the field of animal vaccine manufacturing,Realize industrialization promotion and application。

I learned in the interview,The company's suspended training related craft projects achieved breakthroughs in the prevention and control of major animal epidemic diseases,12 items of independent intellectual property rights,8 suspended process vaccines 8,Successfully breaks foreign floating training technology monopoly,Has the development of development initiative in my own hands。

Promote the establishment of research and development institutions,It is an important starting point for improving corporate innovation capabilities and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements。Shangqiu accelerates the promotion of the innovation platform carrier to upgrade,Create a higher -quality environment for the development of new quality and productivity。

2023,Shangqiu City was approved by the Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center 36,Creating a new high。Newly recognized 63 city -level innovation platforms such as the Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center,New identification of the first batch of 3 municipal dual -creation complexes、9 key laboratories at the city level。

Muting Change —

Grasp the future "new" machine and create a new advantage for development

Walking to "New",Climbing to high and climbing,For the future development of the enterprise,Huifeng Diamond has a sober understanding。"From 2022,We are layout a new material industry system。"Bao Siwei said。

At present, the company cooperates with well -known universities in China,Increase functional diamond Sky bet sports betting APP in semiconductor、Heatheating material、Application in the fields of optics,In the third -generation semiconductor、Clean Energy and other industries have sufficient orders,Continue to maintain growth trend。

The brighter and brighter the "Shangqiu created" business card, not only the "hard" material,also "soft" manufacturing。In Shenhuo New Material Technology Co., Ltd.,The research team learned,This company can make the thickness of an aluminum foil from 0.0045 mm,Is the world's thinnest aluminum foil。There are two zero after the decimal point,So this aluminum foil is also called "double zero aluminum foil"。

At the same time,The company is in the new alloy material、High -end energy storage battery foil and other fields have also been at the forefront of the industry,Product supply domestic "head" battery enterprise,formed "No one has me、A good development situation of people with me ","Run" in market competition is getting faster and faster。

In recent years,Nano -pesticides gradually become a recognized high -efficiency green pesticide type in the industry,Known as "a revolution in plant protection method"。Henan Henis Crop Protection Co., Ltd., which is located in Shangqiu Puyang High -tech Industrial Development Zone, cooperated with colleges and universities,This year has been put into production,I expanded new business opportunities for the enterprise。

"Compared with traditional pesticide dosage forms,Nano -pesticide agent type has high efficiency、Security、Economy、The four prominent performance advantages of environmental protection,Is the mainstream dosage type of future pesticide preparations。"Liu Yan, person in charge of Henan Hanshs Technology Department, introduced,The company will continue to increase scientific research,The application value of in -depth development of nano pesticides,Let more farmers get benefits。

Go out of the "Comfort Zone",Shangqiu through differentiation、Specialized Cultivation and Energy、Emerging industries such as new materials and new generation of information technology、Future Industry,Competition for the development of new tracks。

—— around the digital economy,Shangqiu Jimei Jimei Industrial Park with a total investment of 10 billion yuan,It is concentrated on the development of artificial intelligence enterprises,Create a collection of research and development、Incubation、Production、5G Industrial Internet Smart Emerging Digital Economy Industrial Park。After all the project is completed,The annual output value will reach 20 billion to 30 billion yuan。

New energy field,Henan Futian Zhilan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.'s first batch of real estate cars offline,Shenhuo Group's high -end intelligent manufacturing and green industry projects、Henan green grass new energy project, etc.、Putting production,Shangqiu's new energy industry ecosystem is accelerating。

"Shangqiu City takes the development of new productivity as the inherent requirements and important efforts to promote high -quality development,Promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation,bigger and stronger industry,Lead the changes in the development of the city's development kinetic energy、Change sky bet online sports betting of Structure、Change of quality。"The relevant person in charge of the Shangqiu Municipal Party Committee said。

Legend of ancient times,燧,Light the first fire light of the Huaxia nation。Now,Shangqiu is adapted to the development of new productive forces due to local conditions,Promote the industry to the middle and high -end transition of the value chain with innovation as the core。

Future,What kind of story will this city perform,We wait and see。

The main government said

To develop new quality productivity to create high -quality development and new advantages

□ Li Xiangyu, Secretary of the Shangqiu Municipal Party Committee

Provincial Party Committee gives Shangqiu construction to open bridgehead、Objective positioning of the new highland of the hub economy,Support the construction of the Yueshang Economic and Technological Development Zone。Shangqiu City seize opportunities,Taking the development of new productivity as the inherent requirements and important efforts to promote high -quality development,Adhere to the project as king、Industry -based、Manufacturing as necessary,Promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation,Leading the changes in the momentum that drives the development of the city、Change sky bet online sports betting of Structure、Change of quality。

Since 2021,Shangqiu City has established 7 national high -tech characteristic industrialization bases、7 provincial high -tech zones、6 Provincial Sustainable Development Experimental Zone,Quantity ranks among the forefront of the province。Henan Province Clean Energy Industry Technology Research Institute was successfully approved、Entity operation,燧 Emperor's Seed Industry Lab to speed up the construction。Having 296 high -tech enterprises、National Science and Technology SME 513,Created 3 trillion -dollar and 11 billion -level industrial clusters。Each county (city、District) All have a clear characteristic of 1-2 characteristics、Leading industry with sufficient advantages,Super Hard Materials、5 industrial chains including Minquan County Refrigeration Equipment were selected as the top 30 most competitive industry chain in Henan Province,Power Diamond Won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award。

New quality productivity has formed and showed a strong driving force for high -quality development、Supporting force。Next,Shangqiu City will be based on resource endowment、Industrial foundation、Scientific research conditions,Persist in doing new and new、Winning with quality,Focus on creating a place to develop new productive forces,The development of new quality productivity will shape high -quality development new kinetic energy and new advantages。

First, positioning the quasi -target。Focus on the construction of open bridgehead for construction、Hub's new highland,On the one hand, persist to connect to the east,Actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta、Pearl River Delta,Actively undertake industrial transfer,Consolidate the extension industrial chain,Transformation and improvement of traditional industries、Cultivate and expand emerging industries。On the other hand, adhere to the advantage and reconstruction,Continuous implementation hub energy level increase、Sky bet sports betting APP Logistics quality development、Hub's preferred industrial cluster to cultivate three major actions,Enhance regional economic development competitiveness。

Second is to strengthen science and technology leaders。Actively create a national high -tech zone,Accelerate Shangqiu Power Diamond Technology Center、Construction of Shangqiu Food Industry Technology Research Institute,Continue to promote the full coverage of the R & D activities of industrial enterprises above designated size。Key relying on the key laboratory and scientific experimental field of the deep coal of coal system in the South North China Basin,High -quality construction Henan Province Clean Energy Industry Technology Research Institute,Create a clean energy area innovation center with national influence。

Third is to use the platform carrier。Give full play to the role of the main battlefield of the main hall of the Henan Economic and Technological Development Zone,Based on the functional positioning of "one place, one pole, two districts",Focus on new energy、New Material、Electronic information leading industry,Promote the Innovation Chain、Deep integration of the industrial chain,Accelerate the results of science and technology innovation results.,Strive to achieve the "one year's industrial layout、two -year industrial agglomeration、High -quality improvement in industrial development in three years、The goal of the Five Years of Industry "。

Fourth is to promote industrial transformation。Direct chain supplementary chain leading industry,Promote food、Equipment manufacturing、Textile clothing and device shoes three major industries digital transformation、Intelligent development,Award to the mid -to -high end of the value chain。bigger and stronger industry,Accelerate the construction of Asbela Refrigeration Technology Industrial Park、Zhongjing Optoelectronics Industrial Park, etc.,Lead the industrial structure up、Xiang You。Being fine and pointed characteristic industries,Focus on cutting -edge new materials and other fields,Promoting Henan Longtai New Green Material、Construction of new materials such as Shenhuo Power Battery,Actively open up a new track。

Reporter's Notes

Grasp the value chain to improve this fundamental

The key to developing new quality product is to increase the productivity of full factor。Shangqiu is bigger and stronger industry,The exploration of continuously moving towards the high -end of the value chain is quite valuable。

Look from the local county love,10 counties in Shangqiu (city、District) All have distinctive dominant industries,For example: Suixian shoe industry,is one of the most competitive leisure sports shoes production bases in the country; Minquan County's refrigeration industry,Known as "China Cold Valley"; Tancheng County Super Hard Material Industry,The title of "Hometown of Vajrayana Micro Powder" and "Diamond Capital"。Now,Digital transformation in the industry、Promotion of intelligent development,These leading industries have glowed with vitality。

Persist in doing new and new、Winning with quality,Shangqiu’s industrial map is being accelerated,Single champion companies,One by one is embracing modernization、Technology -based enterprise,Continuously breaking the production of high -end links,Get Sky bet football rid of the low -end lock of the value chain,It constitutes the new industrial base of Shangqiu。

We see,Power Diamond、Super hard materials such as Huifeng Diamond set up their own R & D team,Continue to increase scientific and technological innovation,Drive the core market with core technology,Breaking foreign technology monopoly,Opening new income growth point,Become a leader in the industry、"Invisible Champions"。

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Many shoe companies in Shexian County establish an intelligent production line。Photo by Xu Zeyuan

The shoe -making industry that was once a labor -dense -type shoe industry also replaced it with "technology core"。In Zhongqiao (Henan) Sports Co., Ltd.,We see that the robot on the smart production line is making sports shoes in accordance with the program and model set by the computer。Enterprises not only greatly save labor costs,and can save power 30%,Consumption usage also decreases by 40%,Full factor productivity has been greatly improved。

During the research process of Shangqiu,The research team deeply realized,Develop productive forces to adapt to local conditions,To grasp the value chain to improve this fundamental。Based on scientific and technological innovation,Promoting traditional industries to high -end、sky bet online sports betting Intelligent、Green transformation,The actual needs of industrial development to replenish the chain and strong chain. We must also create an excellent development of the "soft" environment,Give full play to the accumulation and scale effect of the investment in R & D resources,Integrated advantageous resources,Enhanced the radiation driving ability of the key innovation platform,Improve the innovative talent training mechanism,Promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation。

Current,Shangqiu is aiming at the target positioning,Enhanced science and technology empowerment,Lead the industrial structure up、Xiang You,Being fine and pointed characteristic industries。This ancient and modern Yu East famous city,The future is available。

Shangqiu · New Quality Pioneer Pioneer

Industrial Fundae

Food、Equipment manufacturing、Textiles and clothing shoes 3 100 billion levels,Refrigeration、Work volume、11 tens of billions of industrial clusters including super hard materials; the super -hard material industry creates the industrial cluster of more than 100 companies,Cultivate the power diamond、Huifeng Diamond two listed companies; use Futian Zhilan New Energy Vehicle as the main vehicle company,Cultivation to form the only episode of the province "welding、Placing、Total installation "three major craft industry chains、and form a new energy commercial vehicle production base with complete independent intellectual property rights。

Innovation Sky Group

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center 182。Shangqiu First People's Hospital was approved to build the "Central Plains Scholars Work Station"。2023 newly recognized 63 city -level innovation platforms such as the Municipal Engineering Technology Research Center; newly identified the first batch of municipal dual -innovation complexes,2 provincial high -level middle test bases、4 Municipal Middle Test Bases、9 key laboratories at the city level。16 people in Shangqiu City were selected as the "Central Plains British Plan" (Yucai series)。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao