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Release time: 2024-07-08   Source: Xinhua News Agency

General Secretary Xi Jinping recently presided over the 15th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee sky bet online casino of the Communist Party of China,From the five aspects, the system deployment has been made to further improve and strictly govern the party system,Emphasize "to improve the subject clear、The responsible system that requires clear "。

Since the 18th National Congress sky bet online casino of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core insists on the implementation of the political responsibility of implementing the party's governance of the party as the most fundamental political responsibility,Tightly grasp the responsibility system this "cow nose",Leading the whole party to continuously enhance the consciousness of governing the party、Improve the responsibility system of governing the party,Ensure that the party governs the party is really strict、tightly、Real in。

If you have the right to have responsibility, power and responsibility must be equal.

Only constantly improve each responsibility、Responsibility pattern of unified coordination,can we truly compact the responsibility of the party,Consolidate the good situation of the sky bet online sports betting development of the whole party's hands together。

In this collective learning,General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important deployment of "layered classification and establishing a sound responsibility system",Emphasize that "clarify the party committee (party group) comprehensive and strict control of the party's main responsibility,Clarify the supervision responsibility of disciplinary commissions at all levels,Clarifying the responsibility of the first responsible person of the party committee (party group),Clarify the responsibility of governing the party for the members of the leadership team,Clear party member、Specific responsibilities of cadres "。

Layout classification Establish a sound responsibility system,First of all, we must do a good job of the main responsibility、Implement supervision responsibility —

Can the responsibilities of comprehensively and strictly govern the party can take responsibility,The key lies in whether the main responsibility is implemented。

Since the 18th National Congress sky bet online casino of the Communist Party of China,The main responsibility of the main body of party style and clean government,To emphasize the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party,Responsibility definition is clearer、Connotation of responsibility continues to expand,Promote the continuous deepening of the party governing the party。

The "Party Committee (Party Group) Implementation of the Party Committee (Party Group) Implementation sky bet online casino of Comprehensive and Strictly Strictly Govern the Party Responsibility Regulations" issued by 2020 shall refine the content of responsibility,Guide the whole party to seize the key subject of the party committee (party group),Unconsciously implement the responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party。

General Secretary Xi Jinping also emphasized many times,Party organizations at all levels must firmly establish the concept of serious negligence regardless of the party governing the party,Warning should do a good job of party building as the biggest political achievement,Urges party organizations at all levels to truly burden the burden,Plant your own "responsibility field"。

The main responsibility is the prerequisite, and the supervision responsibility is guarantee.

During the main responsibility, blurred and empty rotation,The party must manage the party、Comprehensive and strict governance of the party will become an empty talk。Discipline Inspection Commission at all levels must continuously strengthen the supervision and inspection of the party organization of the region and department in which the parties and departments under its jurisdiction,Master the situation in one place and one place,One question, one question, urge rectification,Promote the party committee (party group) at all levels to bite the word "responsibility"Sky bet football ,Always control the party with strict tone。As the General Secretary Xi Jinping required,"Dare to stare black face,Courage to account for accountability "。

Practice proof,The main responsibility of the party committee (party group) and the supervision responsibility of the Discipline Inspection Commission is two sides of the same responsibility category,Must be coordinated、Common promotion。

Promote the main responsibility and supervision responsibility through integration and systematic,It will definitely improve the execution of comprehensive and strict and strict management of the party's responsibility system,Further forming a joint force in controlling the party governing the party。

Layout classification Establish a sound responsibility system,It is also necessary to highlight the responsibility of the first responsible person、Clarify the responsibility of governing the party、Implementing specific responsibilities —

Implementation of comprehensive and strict party responsibilities, who will catch it?

Party Committee (Party Group) Secretary must catch it in person、General Responsibility,Members of leaders at all levels must fulfill the responsibility of governing the party.,Member of the majority of party、Cadres must really keep their responsibilities in my heart、Carry on the shoulders、Implement to action。Only this,Only to achieve the above rate、Liech up and down,Promoting responsibility always goes to the end。

In this chain,The responsibility of the first responsible person is the top priority。

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "sky bet online sports betting The secretary of the party committee must be the secretary of the party governing the party,Be the first responsible person,Responsible for the party,Responsible for the political ecology of the unit in the region,Responsible for the healthy growth of cadres。”

Start from the Party Central Committee、Strictly lifted from senior cadres,First -level demonstration to first look at、Leading first -level dry。Party Committee (Party Group) Secretary as the first responsible person,Then transmit responsibilities to all team members,Press to the following secretary,can ensure that the responsibility is implemented。

Mobilized thousands of times, it is better to account for accountability.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "For those leaders are not weak、Do not grasp the unreasonable wind, the long -term growth and spread,Or a problem of repeated major corruption without stopping、No investigation、No report,Whether it is a party committee or a disciplinary committee,No matter who is,As long as there is responsibility,Keep accountable。”

Improve the responsibility system,Must hold high accountability "Sprinkle",Strengthening rigid constraints。

2016,The Basic Regulations of the Party's first basic regulations on accountability work "Regulations on the Accountability sky bet online casino of the Communist Party of China" in the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China。2019,The Party Central Committee revised the regulations,Further stipulate the subject of accountability、accountability object、accountability method and accountability situation,It provides institutional guarantee for clear and strict and strict party responsibilities。

Can the accountability produce effect,Also depends on dare to touch it.。

"Organizations and leading cadres of the party must put themselves in,Flashlight takes myself,Effective work in implementation。"General Secretary Xi Jinping made clear requirements,"Typical issues of negligence and loss should be stared at,accountability、Wake up a piece、Promote the work of one party。”

This collective study,General Secretary has made an important deployment of "sound accurate and scientific accountability mechanism",It will effectively promote the entire party to establish "the right to have the right to be responsible、If you have to take responsibility for、Correct orientation of losses ",Dare to account for accountability、Strict accountability、The action of the common accountability of the migration wood。

Accountability must be strictly the first, and accurate and standardized.

Adhere to the "three distinguished separation",For the lack of experience in promoting the reform、Try the error that appears Sky bet sports betting APP first,There is no clear restrictions on the error in the exploration test,Unintentional faults such as promoting development may not be held accountable or exempt from accountability; remedial measures are taken in time,Effective recovery of loss or eliminating adverse effects can be lighter or reduced to accountability,Political nature of continuously strengthening accountability、Accuracy、effectiveness。

Organization of the soil is responsible, keeps the soil, and keep the soil.

The whole party strives to achieve the responsible subject in place、Responsibility requirements are in place、Assessment accountability is in place,It will definitely be able to promote the implementation of the responsibility of the party's strict party。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao