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Release time: 2024-07-05   Source: Henan Daily

July 4,Shuxiang Henan Construction Work Promotion Conference was held in Zhengzhou,In -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's cultural thought is especially the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on promoting the Sky bet football reading Sky bet sports betting APP of the whole people,Implement the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial government deployment requirements,Summary exchange experience,Arrange key tasks,Promoting Shuxiang Henan Construction to go deeply、Continuous results。

Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee、Propaganda Minister Wang Zhanying Sky bet football attended the meeting and spoke。sky bet online sports betting He pointed out,In recent years,All places and relevant units use the construction of Shuxiang Henan as an important cultural benefit of the people,Continue to increase high -quality book supply,Actively expand reading positions,enrich the whole people reading activities,Shuxiang Henan construction sky bet online sports betting has achieved significant results。

Sky bet sports betting APP He emphasized,To highlight the guidance of thought,Do a solid theme publishing、Boutique Publishing、Organization and publishing of ancient books,Strengthening the reading and learning of party members and cadres,Strengthen the reading guidance of young people,Better the spiritual power Sky bet online sports betting APP download of unity and forge ahead。Sky bet online sports betting APP download Pay attention to the cultural person,Digging and displaying the wisdom of reading in the excellent traditional culture of China,Extensive reading activities for the grassroots level,Strengthen the reading and promotion team of the whole people,Create "Shuxiang Henan" reading brand,Promoting the reading concept of Sky bet football the whole people is more deeply Sky bet football rooted in people's hearts。To optimize reading space,Create a good use of urban study、Farmhouse Bookstore、Workers' bookstores and other reading positions,Promoting Shuxiang Henan Public Cultural Platform expansion and quality,Create a readable for the masses、Reading from sky bet online casino time to time、Reading conditions that everyone can read。Sky bet sports betting APP To promote co -construction sharing,Improve the normal and long -term promotion mechanism,Give full play to the advantages of the group organization,Strengthen publicity,Forms the active participation of the whole people、Book Fragrance is ubiquitous vivid situation。

sky bet online casino Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao