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Release time: 2024-07-04   Source: Party Committee of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee

For the in -depth study and implementation of the important discussion of General Secretary Jinping's General Secretary Jinping's comprehensive strengthening of the party's discipline construction,solidly promotes party discipline learning and education deeply,Guide retired party members and cadres to learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,On the afternoon of July 2,The party branch Sky bet online sports betting APP download of the retired cadre of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee seriously self -study、Based on the full preparation, convene a party disciplinary study and education experience experience exchange meeting,In -depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions on party discipline education and education,Learn the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",6 branch members exchanged speeches。

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Everyone agreed in the exchange speech,The core of the party's disciplinary construction in the new era is to continuously Sky bet online sports betting APP download enhance the "four consciousness",Resolutely achieve "two maintenance",This is the party's highest political principles and fundamental political rules,This is the major political achievements and valuable experiences of our party since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,It is a common will formed by the whole party in revolutionary forging。For retired comrades,Continue to enhance the "Four Consciousness"、firm "Four Confidence"、Do "two maintenance",Fundamental is to achieve loyalty to the party,firm ideals and beliefs,Take the lead Sky bet online sports betting APP download in obeying party rules and regulations,in politics、Thought and action to maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core。

Everyone agrees,The key task of party discipline construction in the new era is "strengthening political discipline and organizational discipline,Drive all discipline and comprehensive strictness "。Political discipline is the most important、Most fundamental、The most critical discipline。If political discipline cannot be kept,It will affect the observance of other discipline。To further Sky bet sports betting APP deepen the importance of strengthening the party's discipline construction and ignore the party discipline、Knowledge that violates the harmfulness of party discipline,Guide retired party members and cadres accurately grasped political discipline、Organizational discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass discipline、Work Discipline、The main requirements and regulations of the "six disciplines" of life discipline,Really achieve "Ji Da La Su Township, Guarding the Sunshine Red",Make the retired party members and cadres consciously leave the job、Retirement does not fade。

Sky bet football Everyone also put forward many good opinions and suggestions in his speech。For example,Disciplinary requirements are closely related to the majority of old comrades,Strictly abide by party members and cadres cannot believe in religion,Can't participate in feudal superstition activities,Strictly abide by the reading、Browse、Listening、Participate in lectures、Forum、Report Meeting、Symposium and other requirements, as well as part -time jobs in enterprises and social groups (in office)、Going abroad (border) approval、Due to privately out of sky bet online sports betting national certificate management、Important reports and other aspects,Regularly launch on the WeChat group of veteran cadres,Do a good job of reminder work,Further enhanced the pertinence of the majority of old comrades to study and implement the regulations、Effective,Enhanced the ideological consciousness and consciousness of action to enhance the rules and discipline,Establish a good image of party members and cadres to publicize the front of the front。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao