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Release time: 2024-07-03   Source: website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

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Execution of the party's decision,Obief of the organization allocation,Actively completing the task of the party is the obligation that party members must perform。No implementation of the organization's decision belongs to violation of organizational discipline。"Regulations of the Communist Party of China" Article 70、Article 79 List the negative list for the Organization Decisions Decisive behavior,Regulations on punishment —

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Article 78 of the Regulations Sky bet football Sky bet sports betting APP stipulates,The lower -level party organization refuses to implement or changes the decision of the superior party organization,Those who are directly responsible and leaders,Give warning or severe warning;,Give the revocation of the party or stay in the party for inspection。

Article 16 of the Party Charter,"The party's subordinate organizations must resolutely implement the decision of superior organizations。If you think that the decision of the superior organization does not meet the region、The actual situation of this department,You can ask for changes; if the superior organization insists on the original sky bet online casino decision,Subordinates sky bet online sports betting must execute,It is not allowed to publicize different opinions,But I have the right to report to the last higher -level organization "。This is an important requirement for implementing the party's route policy and policy and enhancing the party's combat effectiveness,Should be implemented without discounting。The lower -level party organization refuses to implement or changes the decision of the superior party organization without authorization,It is a lack of organizational discipline,Acts that are violating organizational discipline。

This article is the specific situation of the principle of violating the principle sky bet online casino sky bet online sports betting of democratic centralism in the lower party organization,If it is a party member, there is such behavior,Article 77 of the Regulations、Article 79 Expension of discipline and responsibility。

  2. Refusing to execute the organizational personnel decision

Article 79 of the Regulations in two paragraphs in two paragraphs to this regulation: the distribution of party organizations refuses to execute party organizations、Move、Communication and other decisions,Give warning、Serious warning or revoking the party's duties; in a special period or under emergency situation,Refusing to execute the above decision sky bet online casino of the party organization,sky bet online sports betting Give the party to check or expel the party for the party。

Article 3 of the Party Constitution,"Execution of the party's decision,Obief of the organization allocation,Actively completing the party's task "is the obligation that party members must perform。Discovery supervision,Some party members、Cadres lack an organizational concept,Unwilling to leave the familiar working and living environment,Therefore, the decision of the organization does not perform the organization; some think the new job、division of labor and original position、Division of labor comparison,Work Challenge,Therefore, the sky bet online casino distribution of the organization sky bet online sports betting does not perform the organization、Communication decision, etc.。Party organizations to party members、Distribution made by cadres、Move、Communication decision,It takes the party's cause as the heavy,Decision made from the overall situation。When facing the organization arrangement,Members of the majority of party、Cadres must strengthen the awareness of the overall situation,Correctly treat retirement and turn,Obief of the organization decision,Never bargain to the organization、Don’t obey the organization arrangement。

Party members、Cadres,Refusing to execute party sky bet online casino organization allocation、Move、Communication decision,Sky bet football May bring irreparable serious consequences,Give the party、The interests of the country and the people cause more serious damage,Therefore, the regulations stipulate the heavier punishment grade for this violation of discipline。Special period or emergency status,refers to or may cause serious social hazards,Natural disasters that need to be taken to respond to emergency response measures、accident disaster、Public health incidents and social security incidents and other periods or situations。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao