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Release time: 2024-05-29   Source: Henan Daily

May 28,The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng went to some enterprises in the airport area for investigation,Hosted a symposium,Research and promotes the high -quality development of integrated circuits and semiconductor industries in our province。

The integrated circuit invested by Zhengzhou Xinghang Technology Company High -reliable and high -density packaging project has been completed for the first phase。Lou Yangsheng understands the company's industrial layout、Sealed testing technology、Production Sky bet sports betting sky bet online sports betting APP capacity, etc.,Encourage enterprises to focus on card neck technology、cutting -edge technology, etc. increase research,Leading the industry to realize technical iteration and subversive innovation。He pointed out,Enterprises must strengthen cooperation with universities,Actively explore embedded、Order -based talent training mode,Application as learning as learning、Learning as operations、Study is scientific research,Provide talent support for industrial development。Information Technology Company, Zhongyu Xinke (Henan),Lou Yangsheng asked about product research and development application,Emphasizing the need to Sky bet online sports sky bet online sports betting betting APP download improve the degree of industrial organization,Pass the laboratory and production lines,Key technology、Key materials drive core components、Equipment production,Promote the industry to extend downstream、Moving to the mid -to -high end。​​Cutting of Light Power Ruihong Electronic Technology Company、Fack of thinning and other equipment is one of the key equipment manufacturing of semiconductor devices。Louyang Life View product display,Express the development concept of the company's adherence to the development of the subdivided field。He emphasizes,It is necessary to implement non -balanced development from a strategic Sky bet online sports betting APP download Sky bet football vision,Around the head company、Specialized Special New Enterprise Tailoring Supporting Plan,Help enterprise stronger and bigger,Improve the overall strength and core competitiveness of the industry。

Lou Yangsheng hosted a symposium,Listen to the integrated circuit of our province、The development of the semiconductor industry report,Some company leaders、Experts make speeches。Lou Yangsheng pointed out,sky bet online sports betting integrated circuit、Semiconductor industry is the key force to lead the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change,It is also the most iconic productivity for new quality、One of the most representative Sky bet online sports sky bet online sports betting betting APP download industries。Development integrated circuit、Semiconductor Industry,Henan will never fall behind,Not to be absent。Be firm in confidence and determination,Seize industrial opportunities、Technical opportunities、Market opportunities,Fen up and catch up、Fen up and catch up,Extracting advantages,Actively seize the strategic track,Courage to seize the heights in the subdivided field,Efforts to become an integrated circuit、Important R & D and production bases in the semiconductor industry。Focus on key attack,Focusing on national strategic deployment and the needs of industrial development of our province,Jianqiang Sky bet online sports betting APP download high -energy platform,Strengthening collaborative Sky bet online sports betting APP download innovation,Accelerate the breakthrough of key core technology,Technical support capabilities that continuously enhance industrial development。To promote the development of the chain group,Enterprise Enterprise、"Chain Lord" Enterprise,Cultivate specialized new enterprises,Strengthen the extension chain replenishment chain,Open upstream and downstream,Supporting left and right bank,Form a reasonable layout、Resource gathering、The development pattern of coordinated chain group。To strengthen talent support,With major scientific Sky bet sports betting APP research tasks、Major industrial projects are traction,Practice is more positive、Open、Effective sky bet online casino talent policy,Vigorously introduce top talents、Leading talents,Deepen the integration of production and education、School enterprise linkage,Cultivate a team of high -quality composite talents and professional and technical talents。To increase support protection,Combining the government's "tangible hand" with the market "invisible hand",Strengthen policy creation,Strengthen financial support,Create a first -class industrial ecology,Promoting the development of the industry、Capital development。

Chen Xing、Anwei、Song sky bet online casino Zhenghui、Liu Shangjin participated in related activities。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao