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Release time: 2024-05-24   Source: Henan Daily



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Henan exhibition hall with the theme of "walking Henan · Reading China" again appeared again at the Cultural Expo,Attract the audience to check in。 The pictures of this column are all from the media reporter of Henan Daily.

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A tourist from Guangdong put on Hanfu gown to take pictures。

May 23,The 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo Fair opened。

This year's Shenzhen Cultural Fair ushered in the 20th "Birthday",As a cultural province,Henan for 20 consecutive years to participate。This year,Henan Exhibition Hall with the theme of "walking Henan · Reading China" appeared at the event,Comprehensively sky bet online casino show the new format of the cultural industry in our province、New Highlights、New results,Make history touch、Cultural sensing、Innovation can be expected。

Enter the Henan Exhibition Hall,First of all, a super large -scale re -engraving oracle tablet,It is like a "messenger" that conveys Chinese civilization,Vividly interpreted the new height of human civilization more than 3,000 years ago。The armor sheet is based on the most common armor shape.,The word "middle" engraved with a variety of fonts above,Show the evolution process of Chinese characters with the best representative of Henan。

A piece of oracle bone is shocked by the world,Oracle is the earliest mature text system found Sky bet football in China so far,The source of Chinese characters and the root veins of the excellent traditional culture of Chinese characters。The exhibition hall site,Millennium Oracle Booth on the 360 ​​-degree ice screen is circulated,Let the audience understand the history of the evolution of Oracle。

The heaviest bronze in ancient China, the heaviest Bronze Hou Ding Ding Ding、Unearthed from the jar -shaped tripod、So far, the earliest bronze grid pattern bronze Ding of my country's archeological discovery so far ... These precious cultural relics have strongly demonstrated the key position of Henan in the development of Chinese civilization。In the "Source of Civilization" section,The audience can watch these famous "Ding"。"These cultural Sky bet online sports betting APP download relics are made exquisitely,Details High Restore,Let people intuitively feel the profoundness of Henan history and culture。"Mr. Wang, audience from Guangxi。

In the "Charm Central Plains" section,Yellow River Cultural Site Protection Corridor City Exhibition shows Zhengzhou、Kaifeng、Luoyang、Sanmenxia、Shangqiu、The cultural heritage and characteristics of 6 cities in Anyang。Kaifeng Embroidery、Luoyang Peony Porcelain、Yangshao Caocai Culture Cultural Culture ... Each of the cultural and creative products with highlights shows the positive exploration and practice of Henan's inheritance and innovation of the Yellow River culture,attracted a lot of audiences to stop。

Archaeological Blind Sky bet sports betting APP Box as a cultural IP case of domestic phenomena -level out of circle,attracted many young people。In Henan Exhibition Hall,This "explosion" product is still hot。"I dug out a pottery", "My blind box opens a jade", "Start a Luoyang shovel,Interesting! "at the scene,The audience who came from Mu Ming was endless,Expressing great interest in the archeological blind box,immersed experience of the charm of Central Plains culture。

Central Plains is going to be brilliant,Culture should be more important、Lost color。The "Henan" section focuses on showing our province in drama、Movie、TV series、Broadcasting drama、Song creation、Literary and Art Books and other gained results。"My Father sky bet online sports betting Jiao Yulu", "My Hom", "Lu Zhen" and other modern drama creations have attracted attention。Henan has achieved seven consecutive championships in the Chinese Art Festival Awards、Wenhua Awards Six consecutive crowns、The "Five One Project" Awards of the Central Propaganda Department eight consecutive championships,It is the only province in the country that has won this award,Known as "Henan Drama Phenomenon",strongly enhanced the soft power of Henan culture、Influence。

The Henan Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Expo is shared by Henan Dahe Quan Media Advertising Group Co., Ltd.。According to an introduction,This Henan Exhibition Hall will have history and culture、Culture and Technology、Sky bet online sports betting APP download Cultural Relics and Culture Innovation、Fusion of cultural and tourism,Observation exhibition、Pickup interaction as the concept,Promotion through multimedia、On -site non -heritage exhibition, etc.,Injecting rich Henan elements for the Shenzhen Cultural Fair。

The Shenzhen Cultural Expo has witnessed the vigorous development of my country's cultural industry in 20 years,For cultural exchange、Industrial cooperation has established a broad stage。For 20 years,Henan Culture is shining in the Shenzhen Cultural Expo,It also injected a steady stream of vitality into the promotion of the prosperity and development of the cultural industry。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao