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Release time: 2024-05-22   Source: Henan Daily

"April 29,Our team is fortunate to stand on the awards podium of the May 4th Medal of the Chinese Youth,That moment,We are proud of our past,More future mission is excited。On the eve of the May 4th Youth Festival,When I heard General Secretary Xi Jinping's message to Sky bet sports betting APP youth,We are deeply responsible,I would like to use the enthusiasm and wisdom of youth,Cultural self -confidence to the Chinese nation to compose a brand new chapter。"May 17,Zhang Chunzheng, member of the Oracle Inheritance Research Innovation Team of Anyang Teachers College,In the "Youth for the modernization of Chinese -style modernization", Henan Communist Youth League studies, propaganda, Sky bet football implementation, implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message spiritual demonstration and preaching activity。

This preaching activity is sponsored by the Communist Youth League Henan Provincial Party Committee、Henan Agricultural University hosted,The purpose of promoting the majority of teenagers in the province to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message,Let sky bet online sports betting the young people understand、Remember to stay、Enlightenment、La Ling,Effective use of the important message of General Secretary Xi Jinping to stimulate the patriotic love of youths、Newspaper Guozhi。

Activity site,7 from different industries、All in different fields、Provincial Youth May 4th Medal winner (collective),National Rural Revitalization Youth Pioneer,Members of young preaching groups such sky bet online sports betting as young teachers such as the Cadre College of Hongqiqu Cadre College,The first demonstration preaching was performed in combination with my own work experience,Use their youth voice to convey contemporary young people in the new era and self -reliance in the new era and new journey、The spiritual style of the rigidity。

"We will go to the organs、Enterprise and Institutions、Sky bet sports betting APP University、‘Two Enterprises Three New’ and other fields to conduct preaching。"Wang Quolin, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, said,Next,The Communist Youth League and Provincial Party Committee will thoroughly study and propagate and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message to the majority of youth in the country,Practice General Secretary Jinping's important instructions sky bet online sports betting for the construction of school ideological and political courses,Guidance drive the market、County -level league organizations have extensively lectured on the grassroots,To better condense the younger generation of unity around the party,Continuously enhanced the youthful aspirations of the practice of Chinese -style modernization.。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao