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Release time: 2024-05-17   Source: People's Daily

The essence of modernization is human modernization,Chinese -style modernization is the cause of hundreds of millions of people。The Communist Party of China is working for the people,The people's yearning for a better life is the goal of our party。

"Chinese -style modernization, people's livelihood is big";

"All the work of the party and the government,All are for the people to live a happier life ";

"Adhere to the people -centered development thought,steadily improve the level of people's livelihood guarantee in development ";

"Let the results of modernization construction more fair and benefit all the people";


General Secretary Xi Jinping is full of deep people's feelings,Always adhere to the people first,To promote the correct direction of Chinese -style modern anchor with high quality、Indicate scientific methods。

Current and future period,It is based on the modernization of Chinese -style modernization、The critical period of the great cause of national rejuvenation。Whether it is a rush or a stormy wave in the front road,Finding confidence,Persist in letting the people live a good life as the starting point and end point of all jobs,Promoting people's livelihood in high -quality development,We have the most solid support、The most powerful foundation、The deepest power。


For the modernization of the people,Only meaning。Relying on the modernization of the people,Only motivation。

Since the new era,The reason why we can write the two new chapters of the two major miracles of economic development and long -term stability of society,Provide a more complete institutional guarantee for Chinese -style modernization、More solid material foundation、More active spiritual power,Adhering to "people's livelihood" is an important password。

General Secretary Xi Jinping deeply pointed out: "Promoting the well -being of people's livelihood is the fundamental purpose of development。"" The largest fight against poverty in human history、Realizing the millennium dream of the Chinese nation, a well -off of the Chinese nation,To the world's largest high -speed railway network、Highway Network,Then to build the largest education system in the world、Social Security System、Medical and Health System ... The magnificent development scroll,It is also a magnificent people's livelihood answer sheet。

Do a good job of economic and social development,Minsheng is a "compass",Become the most important ruler。

"State Book Book",The needs of people's livelihood。In the national fiscal expenditure,About 70%is used for people's livelihood。2024,Central Financial Arrangement of Employment Subsidies Budget 66.7 billion yuan,Arrange the transfer of joint financial rights in the field of education 408.5 billion yuan,Arrange basic public health services subsidy funds of 76.5 billion yuan ...

"Development Measures",The weight of people's livelihood。General Secretary Sky bet sports betting APP Xi Jinping pointed out: "The development of new quality productivity is not ignored、Give up traditional industries "。Traditional industries are related to employment people's livelihood,"The guy who can't eat in your hand is thrown away",It is reflected in the consideration of people's livelihood。

"Safety Base",There is the essence of people's livelihood。my country is the world's largest energy consumer country,Energy's rice bowl must be firmly brought in your own hands。It is estimated,By 2030,National electric vehicle ownership is expected to reach 80 million units,Each year can save more than 120 million tons of oil,It is currently 3 times the annual oil and gas output of Daqing Oilfield。Speaking of the development of the energy industry,General Secretary Xi Jinping takes the metaphor of "Wo Wo Tou" and "Face Face": "Eat the stomach first and eat it。We want to seek truth from facts,It can not slow down the pace of green and low -carbon development,Not too idealized,First to ensure energy supply。”

"Modernization not only depends on the indicator data on the paper,It depends on the happiness of the people。"inspection promotes high -quality development effectiveness,The important thing is to depend on whether the quality of the people has a new improvement。

Different places, treat the same city.

Development of the Yangtze River Delta,Two key tightly integrated and high -quality,For 237 million "Yangtze River Delta residents",The most intuitive feeling is the "same urbanization" and "quality" of life: people's livelihood "one card",Proof、Take a bus、Tour Scenic Area,Basic public services are more convenient; "a net","Medical Circle" accelerate the integration,Direct settlement of medical clinics in different places to accelerate the advancement; "integration" for pensions,Comprehensively carry out pilot cooperation of regional pension integration,Established the nation's first cross -provincial county domain happiness and pension demonstration benchmark area ...

Development forward, people's livelihood is warm.

The sky of the sky in the Chengdu International Railway Port, Sichuan、The beautiful painting situation in the new village of Jishui immigration in Jiangxi、Blue Sky and White Clouds of the Dan Racecourse of Gansu ...,Fix the next daily and beautiful moments。2013 to 2022,In the case where the total economic volume is doubled,The average concentration of PM2.5 in key cities drops 57%,A decrease of heavy pollution days decreased by 93%。Carbon reduction、Discover reduction、expand green、Growth,People really realize: "The environment is people's livelihood,Qingshan is beautiful,Blue Sky is also happy "。

Continuously converts the results of development into quality of life,It is reflected in the modernization of Chinese -style modernization. "All people participate together、Common construction、Share shared "concept。

Must be deeply recognized,The people's longing for sky bet online sports betting a better life has shifted from "Is there" to "good",Grasp the people's urgency and worry about the problem,Take more Huin people's livelihood、Warm people's heart move,Only to promote the common prosperity of all people to achieve more obvious substantial progress。

Chongqing Jiulongpo District,Xiejiawan Street Democratic Village Community。Here is the "Old Broken Little" that was well -known and far away here,House difference、Old pipe network、Wastewater more、Lack of supporting facilities。Now,Blue Slate、Red Brick House、Yellow Tree,There are open community living rooms here、Complete functional party and mass service centers,There is also a community cafeteria with meals and dishes。

April 22 this year,General Secretary Xi Jinping, who inspected in Chongqing, enters the community,Smile with everyone to get home。General Secretary pointed out,"One thing that the Party Central Committee is very concerned,Just transform the old community。Change the old and change new,Improve service facilities。I hope that party committees and governments at all levels can invest more financial resources to solve the problem of people's livelihood,Do some people's livelihood every year "。

Multi -profit of the people's livelihood、Multi -understanding of people's livelihood,"Temperature difference" problem of macro data and micro -feelings,The people get the feeling、Happiness sensation、The sense of security is more fulfilling、More secure、More sustainable。

This year is the 75th anniversary of the founding of New China。75 years,Always adhere to everything for the people,Rely on all the people to struggle,my country has developed from one poor two white to the world's second largest economy,Created a miracle in the history of human development。On the new journey of promoting the modernization of Chinese -style modernization,Taking people's livelihood as big,With the heart of the people as the heart,We are completely confident and capable of creating a new and greater miracle that makes the world's eye -catching look。


High -quality development is the hard path of the new era。Promoting Chinese -style modernization,Realize the common prosperity of all people,In the final analysis, it depends on high -quality development。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Regional coordinated development is an inevitable requirement for common prosperity。"The 20th Congress of the Party,Theme of coordinated development around the region,General Secretary will host a symposium in succession。From Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei to the Yangtze River Delta,Rise from the revitalization of the northeast to the central region,Developed from the Yangtze River Economic Belt to the Western Development,Regional development strategy is implemented steadily,Coordinated development potential energy,Systemicity of solving the problem of imbalance in development、Continuously enhanced。

Minsheng develops linked,Grasping people's livelihood sky bet online casino is also grasping development。Actively cultivate smart homes、Entertainment Travel、Sports competition、New consumption growth points such as domestic goods "tide products",Strengthen the barrier -free environment、Construction of aging facilities,Promoting the development of the waste recycling industry ... This year's "Government Work Report",A list of people's livelihood,It is also a development list。

Shanghai,The bank of Huangpu River。Once one side is a high -rise building,On the one side is Jianwu Badya,Tiger Window、Between the pavilion,"Looking at the Oriental Pearl with the toilet",The embarrassment and helplessness of the lives of some people in the old city are refracted。

"People's Cities People's Construction、People's city for the people。"July 2022,Huangpu District attacked the last "hard bone" -Chishuka East Road 68 neighborhood and 67 neighborhood East Block Old Reform Reform Reform Plan Effective。This indicates that the renovation of houses below the second -level old mile of Shanghai Central City, the central city of Shanghai for many years is fully completed。

Implementation of urban renewal operations is an important decision -making deployment made by the Party Central Committee,It is both a livelihood project,It is also a development project。Data show,GDP in my country、Fixed asset investment accounted for nearly 90%of the national proportion,Total retail sales of consumer goods account for more than 85%。City becomes an internal need to make up shortcomings、Steady investment promotes consumption、Establish an important field of strong domestic market。

March this year,Equipment update、Consumer goods are replaced by the new、Recycling cycle use、Standards to improve the implementation of the four major actions。Only car、Home Appliance Update Exchange,It will create a market space of trillion yuan。

Grasp the protection and improve people's livelihood tightly,better satisfy the people's diversification、High -quality consumption needs,Can better release the potential of domestic market demand,For economic development、Transformation and upgrading Inject strong power。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "People's Life Stability,Human heart is stable,Society is stable。"" guarantee and improve people's livelihood,Weaving Social Security Network,Can vigorously boost development confidence,Promoting social consumption expectations。

​​Employment is the biggest people's livelihood,​​Stability of employment is to stabilize people's livelihood、Stable Development。In the first quarter of this year,Overall stability of the employment situation in my country,Cumulative realization of 3.03 million new employment in urban and towns,The employment scale of the poverty alleviation population is stable at more than 30 million people。Implementation of employment priority strategy,Strengthen employment priority policy,Enhance Sky bet sports betting APP the vitality of micro -subject,Cultivate new kinetic energy of employment that has been continuously continuous,It can form a virtuous circle of economic growth and expanding employment。

At the end of 2023,The number of basic medical insurance participants in my country reaches 1.334 billion people,Near 80 million low -income people enjoy insurance funding,At present。One piece of the world's largest medical security network,Hold the health of the people。

"We are ups and downs、Difficulty and common,Become a lifelong partner。"March this year,Beijing Xicheng District Civil Affairs Bureau,my country's visually impaired person reads the Braille version for the first time、Big Character Edition of Marriage Registration Notification Filters and Wedding Oath,The marriage registration procedure is completed throughout the barrier without obstacles。

Added smart voice prompts、Ambissions fence、Blind identification,Added smart voice prompts,Improve the employment quality of the disabled ... This vividly confirms from one side: Chinese -style modernization can not be left behind。

Guarantee and improve people's livelihood,Can win the advantage for development、Win the initiative、Win the future。

Anhui Hefei,Xicheng Village, Lujiang County。Villager Tao Youbao refers to his household photovoltaic equipment as "Sunshine Bank": "The roof is installed with photovoltaic,Except for your own home,Summary electricity can also be sold to the grid,Can have thousands of dollars per year in income,Make money with the sun。”

As of 2023,The cumulative installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic in the country exceeds 115 million kilowatts,Equivalent to the total installation capacity of about 5 Three Gorges Power Station。Forecast,A photovoltaic roof area can be installed in rural areas of my country about 27.3 billion square meters,More than 80 million households。Household photovoltaic will not only help the countryside comprehensively revitalize,It also strongly promotes the development of energy green transformation。

Children's support education,Medicine of the elderly,"It's a family affairs and a state affairs"。

Guizhou Tongren Family Care Care Center,Formed a medical treatment、Treatment、Conservation、Care team mainly nursing,Rich infants and young people in the garden activities,Let children grow up healthy,Let parents rest assured。

A pension institution in Beijing,Except ECG、Blood drawing and other inspections,It also provides a variety of suitable aging、Refined service。Smart mattress not only has the function of departure alarm,Can also monitor heart rate、breathing and sleep quality,Early warning of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases through data analysis。

Strengthen the "One Old and One Child" service,What benefits is thousands of households,It will also further release development potential。Current,my country's silver -haired economy is around 7 trillion yuan,sky bet online sports betting It is expected to reach about 3 billion yuan from 2035。

Better Life,There is a view of people's livelihood,There is also the concept of development、Modernization。


Development and people's livelihood mutual exactly、Dialectical unity,Dialectical unity。General Secretary Sky bet sports betting APP Xi Jinping pointed out: "The material basis for strengthening the guarantee and improving people's livelihood by continuous development,Create more effective demand through continuous protection and improvement of people's livelihood。"" Comprehensively grasp the dialectical relationship between development and people's livelihood,Effectively guarantee and improve people's livelihood,For the situation of consolidating and enhancing the economic recovery,Promoting Chinese -style modernization with high -quality development,It is significant。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "We must choose,What do you want? From the people who are satisfied and dissatisfied、Promise not promised to set off,The ecological environment is very important; from the perspective of improving people's livelihood,This is the most important thing。"" ",Not only reflects feelings、pattern,also show wisdom、Method。

At once,"The Yangtze River Disease",Chemical Wingjiang,illegal sand mining,Ecological degeneration ... everywhere everywhere。and now,"Smile Elf" porpoise is back,"Linjiang Rust Belt" becomes "Binjiang Green Belt","Water Qingshi Green、Fish Yue Bird Flying "reappears。

"Grasp the Great Protection、Don’t engage in big development "" Take the ecological priority、Road to Green Development "。

"Reform and Transfer" of related companies,Forced the industrial "cage change bird" transformation and upgrading; multiple measures and promoting transfer to employment,"Fisherman" has become a "protector" ...,"Comprehensive Green Transformation" along the river and city。Take one house,Advanced the Green Development Trend,What shaped new kinetic energy、New advantages。

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,"Both must pay close attention to the current,You have to focus on the long run "。Based on the current、Fite long -term,It is an important methodology for the entrepreneurial business。

"East Digital West Calculation" project,It has strong strategic、Leading、Innovative。Guizhou deep participation in the "East Digital West Calculation" this super project,Open the "Number" arteries、"Counting" new opportunities,Drive into the digital economy development fast lane。

Back to 2014,Guizhou, who lives in the southwest,Or one of the main battlefields of poverty alleviation in the country,Poor people more、Weak industrial foundation、Lack of scientific and technological talents,It can also hold hands with the "big data" standing at the forefront of the times。

"Both do make people see、Touch it、Real facts for getting affordable,Also as a way to make it as future generations、Basis、Good things for long -term "。Based on the current,Step by step to solve specific problems,Ji Xiaosheng is a big victory;,Calculating big account、Calculating long Sky bet online sports betting APP download account、Calculate the overall account、Counting comprehensive account,Development is more energetic、More potential。

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,"Being high -quality development、Be a good ‘cake’ while making a big,Further divide the ‘cake’ ”。This requires us,Persistence efficiency and fairness unified,Do your best、Also acting,Do what can be done in those real conditions,Let the masses get real benefits。

Do your best,I must persist for a long time,Make up the shortcomings of people's livelihood,Placing the bottom line of people's livelihood,Take Hui people's livelihood、Warm Men Heart、Shun people's work to achieve the hearts of the masses。

Delivery,Persist in step -by -step,Performance needs and possible,Based on the protection and improvement of people's livelihood on the basis of economic development and financial sustainability。

It is a long -term task to promote the common prosperity of all people,You need to select some areas to try first、Make a demonstration。

Zhejiang has achieved significant results in exploring and solving imbalances and inadequate development,The foundation and advantage of carrying out the construction of a common prosperity demonstration area,There are also some shortcomings and weaknesses。May 2021,Party Central Committee、The State Council issued the "Opinions on Supporting the Common Wealth Demonstration Zone of Zhejiang's High -quality Development and Construction",Zhejiang realizes a common prosperity in the country,In the past 3 years, "Zhejiang" has been rich in new progress。

Action is the best declaration,Statue is the most rustic methodology。Grasp the dialectical relationship between development and people's livelihood,The key is to strengthen the concept of political achievements to benefit the people,"The firm action faction of good Chinese -style modernization、Struggle Home "。

"To the Great and Film" is the way of success。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when explaining the important role of protecting my country's food security in the Northeast region: "Continue to be China's Beidang,and the Yangtze River Delta region is the center of China's cutting -edge technology,Also glorious,It is also important。"" This deeply revealed us,Both the plan to plan a domain,Find a strategic positioning in the national situation,Serve the global service with a domain,Strengthening precision thinking,Find your own characteristics and advantages,Forming a strong motivation and joint force to promote the modernization of Chinese -style。

Minsheng is the heart of the people,People's heart is the biggest political。Persist in the value concept of the people first,Highlight the people's nature of the present generation,Hold dry when you see it,Bring it up in all aspects,A virtuous cycle of developing economy and improving people's livelihood,It will consolidate the majestic power to promote the modernization of Chinese -style modernization in the unity of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people,Write a Chinese -style modern magnificent Chinese chapter。

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