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Release time: 2024-05-17   Source: Learning Times

Disciplinary strictness is the fine tradition of the Communist Party of China,It is the unique advantage and valuable experience of our party's century -old struggle。From the date of its establishment of the Communist Party of China,Strictly follow the principles of the establishment of the party in Marxist,Write discipline and rules on your own banner。Discipline is particularly important for the Communist Party of China,Is the nature of the Communist Party of China、Mission、The fundamental purpose and the activity environment faced by the beginning of its establishment。

The Communist Party of China is a proletarian party with strict discipline

First,The Communist Party of China is a Marxist party。Yan Ming discipline is a significant sign of the proletarian party,Marxist advocates that the proletarian party must have strict organizations、Iron discipline,From the programmatic literature of the Marxist party to Marx、Engels、Lenin's classic works on party building,Strict requirements for discipline。The Communist Party of China has positioned itself as a pioneer team in the Chinese workers during the new democratic revolution.、Pioneer team of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation。and this settings,It means that party organizations and organization members must be advanced molecules in society,and can play a pioneering model。Mao Zedong thinks,The Pioneer model of the Communist Sky bet football Party should be reflected in all aspects of the job。Specifically,In the work of the army,It should be a model of heroic combat、Model of executing commands、Model of Follow Discipline、Model of political work; in government work,It should be very clean、No personal、Do more work、Model of less reward; in the united front work,It should be a model for the implementation of the anti -Japanese war mission,Models to deal with the relationship between each party; in production and construction,It should be a model of labor。In addition,Also becomes a model of learning、Model of Unity。What is used to ensure that party members become such a model? Except for advanced ideological education within the party、Political training and other methods,A very important、Essential channels,is strict discipline requirements。We often say that the party discipline is strict in national law,It is because of,Only the party's requirements for party members are higher than the requirements of the law on the laws of general social members,can it be an advanced molecule for playing the role of vanguard。

Next,The Communist Party of China is a political party with a special historical mission。The party wants to lead the Chinese people to achieve great national revival,It must have a strong combat power。General Secretary Xi Jinping "Speech at the Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China,Highly summarized the sky bet online casino spirit of struggle shown by the Communist Party of China in the four periods of history,"Battle Blood Fight、Angry Tuqiang,Self -reliance、Angry Tuqiang,Emancipating the mind、Framented for Agreement,Confidence and self -improvement、Shouzheng Innovation "。Imagine,How can a political party always maintain this spirit of struggle and powerful fighting power in the development of more than 100 years? Except for advanced theoretical armed forces、Factors such as firm ideals and beliefs,The same important reason is the discipline of iron。The power of the party comes from the organization,Organization must be maintained and consolidated by strict discipline。A organization must have combat power,It must be able to ensure the height unity and unity of the tissue、The pace is consistent; it must be able to ensure the overall operation and coordination of the organization、Political order is unblocked; it must be able to ensure the integrity of the organization members、Delivery,And all of this must be based on strict discipline。A non -disciplinary organization cannot be a officer、Can't do it。Mao Zedong said that our party is "a discipline,The theoretical armed for Marxist Leninism,Adopting self -criticism methods,Contact the party of the people "。Zhou Enlai emphasized when quoting this passage: "Comrade Mao Zedong specially puts discipline in the front,This is not accidental。Because this is to determine Sky bet sports betting APP whether the party can adhere to the revolution、victory over the enemy、The primary condition for victory。”

Last,The Communist Party of China is a political party that serves the people as the fundamental purpose of all work。How to ensure that the fundamental purpose of the party is always implemented,Make sure the party and the people are closely related,One depends on the national fundamental system and the party's various route policies and policies,The awareness of the purpose of party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members in actual work。and these two aspects,It is inseparable from the party's discipline guarantee。The fundamental political system of our country is the system of the People's Congress,The fundamental starting point and end point of our party's various route policies and policies are the interests of the people。How to ensure the specific manifestation of this system in reality,Ensure that the party's various route policies and policies are implemented in reality,To rely on party discipline。If party members and cadres have no disciplinary bottom line,Then the rights given to the masses of the people in the system cannot fully fulfill it,The fundamental interests of the people will be damaged。If our party members and cadres lack disconnected consciousness,Then the party's route policy and policy will not be effectively implemented。Working attitude of party members and cadres、Work style、Working discipline Sky bet football is more closely related to the realization of the interests of the people。To ensure the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly,It must be emphasized by the party's discipline。

Disciplinary education is an important part of our party education

The importance of discipline to the party determines that we must put discipline in important positions in the party's construction and party work。Make the majority of party members and cadres continue to strengthen discipline awareness,Clear discipline requirements,Discipline in my heart,Discipline of Action,Like General Secretary Xi Jinping said,"Make party members、Cadres' hearts are afraid、There is a precepts、There are some ways to do。"to do this,Disciplinary education has become an important part of our party education。

1 is to enhance the education of discipline consciousness。is to make discipline truly "high -voltage lines with electricity" in the hearts of party members,Become a "self -order" in the consciousness of party members。The basic role of discipline is specifications and constraints,Through this specification and constraint,To prevent the phenomenon of various over -red lines,Prevent various unfavorable consequences。This specification and constraint only really understand and accept for everyone,Become a conscious way of action,The prevention function of discipline can be better played。These years,We can see from some realistic cases,Some party members sky bet online sports betting and cadres have problems,It is because of weak discipline consciousness,Even the string of discipline,No awareness of discipline,Do what I do。Let's carry out discipline consciousness education,It is necessary to make party members and cadres more deeply realize,The Communist Party of China as an advanced Marxist party is disciplined、Regular。As a member of this organization,It is necessary to do things in accordance with the discipline and rules of this organization,No organization or individual can engage in special。

The second is to clarify discipline requirements education。The party's discipline is reflected in multiple aspects,The "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" divides the party's discipline into six aspects,That is political discipline、Organizational discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass discipline、Work Discipline and Life Discipline。These disciplines have put forward clear requirements for the behavior of the party's organization and party members,I made a clear specification。This is what General Secretary Xi Jinping said,"What can the party's organization and party members" do、What can't be done,What should be done for this、What should be done like that,What can be personal to organization or organization、What must be organized for organization,What can be simplified for the program、What can only be done according to the program,What should be Sky bet sports betting APP carried forward for democracy、What should be concentrated,What are the depending on myself、What are the request reports,You must specify it clearly "。With clear regulations,Party organizations and party members have clearly followed。But to follow,You must know what to follow,Disciplinary Requirement Education,It is to let the party members know what basic discipline requirements the party has in all aspects。

Third is to strengthen the education of discipline execution responsibility。Disciplinary reason is used,lies in the requirements of discipline,It is a rigid requirement。The "Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" lists the negative lists of various disciplinary phenomena,and clarify the punishment of various disciplinary issues,I just want to tell everyone,If discipline of violations,It is to be punished accordingly,To show the seriousness and authority of discipline,and make discipline better play a warning role。If discipline is disciplined without being punished,That discipline will become "Scarecrow"。So,Responsibility in the implementation of discipline is very important。Some problems in the past occur,Not without relevant regulations,But such rules have not been executed。What should be warned even more,If the discipline cannot be effectively executed,will cause a series of consequences,Bringing harm to the cause of the party and the people。So,Leadership on negative、Supervision and other Sky bet football responsibilities of party members and cadres strengthen the education of discipline execution responsibility,Is an important task of disciplinary education。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao