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Release time: 2024-05-17   Source: Learning Times

During the more than a hundred years of struggle for the Communist Party of China,Faithful implementation of the party's mass line,Effectively strengthen the construction of mass discipline,During the actual situation in various periods and stages, a practical and feasible mass discipline。The process and achievement experience of the discipline construction of the masses in the history of the party,For reflection reality、Enlightenment Future,Education of the majority of party members and cadres stands up to the people's position,undoubtedly important practical significance。

From the perspective of the party's literature,Although the first party charter "discipline" in the first party charter passed by the party's second major,No specifically mentioned the discipline of the masses,But as far as the discipline is concerned,,Of course, it also includes the relevant requirements of mass discipline。In revolutionary practice,"Three Disciplines and Six Attention" is a prominent manifestation of the party and the army to carry out mass discipline construction。October 23, 1927,Autumn Harvest Uprising Forces to do a good relationship with Wang Zuo's Ministry of Okayama,Preventing things that prevent violations of mass discipline,Mao Zedong, who served as the former secretary of the committee, before the departure of the army,For the first time, the Workers and Peasants Revolutionary Army, including "Don't Get a sweet potato",。January 4, 1928,The Gongnong Revolutionary Army occupied Suichuan Sky bet football City,Due to troops decentralized activities,Disciplinary in some situations。January 25, 1928 in Lijiaping, Suichuan County,Mao Zedong announced the first announcement of the door to the door、Tied straw、Six attention of the Workers and Peasants Revolutionary Army of speaking and qi。Mao Zedong attaches great importance to the discipline of the masses,Chen Zhengren, who served as the secretary of Suichuan County Party Committee at the time: "Chairman emphasizes six attention,For the troops everywhere,All must be strictly checking the execution of six attention。Six attention per sentence,If it is the common people,Very popular、Easy to understand。"Because of the strict mass discipline,The Workers and Peasants Revolutionary Army won the support support of the old watch in the Jinggangshan area,Jinggangshan Revolutionary Base can be opened。In January 1929, I moved to the west of Jiangnan Fujian to open the central revolutionary base,Mass discipline construction is continuously strengthened,"Three Discipline and Six Attention" increased to "Three Discipline and Eight Attention"。

The Party and the Red Army are on the way to the Long March,To overcome the difficult situation,Pay more attention to the construction of mass discipline。For example, when passing through ethnic minority areas,On May 19, 1935, the Red Army promulgated the "Training Order of the General Political Department on Striving for Ethnic Minority Work",Requires all the commanders to "absolutely no harassment to the ethnic minority people", "absolutely the customs of the religion of the ethnic minority people,Explain these habits to soldiers "。Through strict discipline,Let the people of all ethnic sky bet online casino groups deeply feel the revolutionary quality and excellent style of the Communist Party and the Red Army。

Yan'an period,Our party has further strengthened the construction of mass discipline。September 8, 1944,Mao Zedong made a speech "Serving the People" at the memorial service of Zhang Side,Requires the comrades of the whole party to serve the people wholeheartedly,Provides ideological guidance for the party's mass discipline construction,and be implemented in a specific revolutionary practice。For example, Liu Deng Dajun advances into Dabie Mountain,September 1947,Deng Xiaoping held a meeting in Xiaojiangwan Village,Promised "Three Inconsistent、Three shots "discipline; the same month,At the Wangda Bay Conference of Guangshan County,Deng Xiaoping starts from actual,problems that occur in the army,further formulated the "Three Discipline and Eight Discipline and Eight Attention" of the Dabie Mountain version,Details such as "Boiling Straw" and "Do not take the crowd one stitch" and other details are even more severe。

In order to unify the military discipline,October 1947,The headquarters of the Chinese People's Liberation Army issued a training order on the three major discipline and eight years of attention to the reorganization,Clearly make the provisions of "Don't take the crowd one by one", "Borrowing things", "If you damage things", "Do not damage the crops" and other regulations。Each base and field forces have formulated specific mass discipline according to the actual situation,During the Battle of Meng Liangzheng,The troops stipulate that "the fellow is not at home,Crims from the door when opening the door "; the East China Field Army liberated Shanghai Sky bet sports betting APP into the city,Discipline that is not allowed to enter the house,Staged a good story for the PLA to sleep on the streets on the streets of Shanghai。It is because of the strict mass discipline,and the party and army cadre soldiers' conscious compliance with discipline,The revolutionary cause led by our party has won the support of the largest people,Win the victory of the new democratic revolution。

After the founding of New China,Our party has become a ruling party across the country,Mass discipline construction is facing new topics and tests。Facing a few party members and cadres to breed pride、Violation of problems such as mass discipline,The Party Central Committee has carried out "three anti", "five anti", "four clear" and other rectification and the entire party movement,The purpose is to solve how to safeguard the interests of the masses after governance,Consolidate the governing status,Further strengthening the problem of the construction of the masses,And seriously damage the interests of the masses、Corruption that destroys the image of the party is severely punished。

The Central Working Conference in December 1960 was held in Beijing,In view of some of the unruly style in the cadre team、Situation that leads to tense relationship between party and mass group,According to Mao Zedong's suggestion,January 27, 1961, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China officially issued the "Eight Disciplines of the Three Disciplines of the Party and Government Cadres",This stipulates: "Tongju and Canada", "Treating others", "Talk to the masses to discuss with the masses", etc.,Effectively correct the tendency of breaking away from the masses in the sky bet online sports betting party,It is an important measure for mass discipline construction during the socialist revolution and construction。

New period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization,Our party continues to attach importance to strengthening the construction of mass discipline。1980,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China released the "Several Guidelines on Political Life within the Party",Put up 12 criteria for political life within the party,Promoting the healthy development of political life within the party,It has also promoted the harmony of party and mass relations。September 6, 1982,The party constitution of the Twelfth National Congress clearly required that party members to "discuss with the masses in trouble,Listen to and reflect the opinions and requirements of the masses in time "。Grass -roots party organizations must "often understand the masses to party members、Criticism and opinion of the party's work,Respect the knowledge of the masses and experts and rationalization suggestions,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the masses "。In order to solve the violations of the discipline of the masses among the party members and cadres in the early stages of reform and opening up,November 24, 1985,The entire Party Working Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Notice on the Deployment of the entire Party's work",Put forward "to strictly govern the party",Through severe party,Mass discipline construction has been strengthened,Very extent to reverse the bad atmosphere that exists for a while。March 1990,The "Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Strengthening the Contacione of the Party with the People" by the Sixth Plenary Sky bet football Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee states: ",Cause major losses to work,Leading cadres who have caused strong dissatisfaction in the masses,Disciplinary punishment is removed on the spot。"" Education of party spirit and party style,"" Education of party spirit and party style,Significant enhancement in discipline。Since the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The "Regulations on the Supervision of the Communist Party of China (Trial)", "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions (Trial)", etc.,It is of great significance to strengthen the institutionalization of mass discipline。According to the deployment of the Party Central Committee,Starting in January 2005,Time at about one and a half years,The whole party carried out advanced education activities to maintain Communist Party members。One of the effectiveness of this activity is "Actions that party organizations and party members serve the masses are more conscious,The style of party members and cadres further improves ",Therefore, it is also an important result of the construction of mass discipline。

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has always attached importance to the construction of the masses,Make a series of important deployments,Formulated a series of important systems,A series of important measures have been implemented,Mass discipline construction has achieved significant results。Integrate the construction of the masses into the theme education,Reflecting the effectiveness of "moisturizing and silent",Make party members and cadres continuously enhance the consciousness and firmness of mass discipline in theme education。The Central Committee has sky bet online casino formulated eight regulations and its implementation rules,The continuous institutionalization of the discipline construction of the masses。The Party Constitution of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China supplemented the party's discipline,Clarifying the party's discipline mainly includes political discipline、Organizational discipline、Clean Discipline、Mass Discipline、Working discipline、Discipline of Life,This is the first time that the discipline of the masses was written into the party constitution; Chapter 9 of the Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Disciplinary Regulations on December 19, 2023 clearly specifically the "punishment for violating mass discipline",Among them, the manifestation of direct damage to the interests of the masses、Negative list and other content,All are the real portrayal of the party's mass discipline construction。

The Communist Party of China has been struggling for more than 100 years,I have accumulated rich and valuable experience of mass discipline construction。Building a party by thought、Theoretical armed forces,Carry out mass route education,Guide the majority of party members and cadres to firmly establish "seeking happiness for the people" and "Jiangshan is the people、The people are the strong consciousness of Jiangshan ";、Theme education,Incorporate the construction of mass discipline into it,achieve the effect of subtleness on the majority of party members and cadres; according to the actual situation of each period and stage,Practical policies for targeted manner、Regulations and discipline,Use the system to ensure the implementation of mass discipline。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao