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Release time: 2024-05-14   Source: CCTV Net

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May 5th to 10th, 2024,President Xi Jinping was invited to France、Serbia、Hungarian Three Kingdoms conduct state visits。

Five days and six nights,President Xi visited the Three Kingdoms and four places,Participate in more than 30 events,Realizing Sino -French relations before consolidation,China Segree Relations will be strengthened,Sino -Hungarian relations will be improved,China -EU cooperation will start again。

High -quality co -construction of the “Belt and Road”

—— Let Europe and China again connect

"Belt and Road" is an open platform for China's economic cooperation for countries in the world,It is also a bridge for people's cultural exchanges between the joint countries。Now,"Belt and Road" to make Europe and China again connect。

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  May 5, 2024, the last day of the "May 1st" holiday. At the Jinhua South Station of Jindong District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, a central European team with a full 110 benchmark slowly set off to Hungary.

Hungary is the first European country to sign a co -construction of the “Belt and Road” government Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadcooperation documents with China,"Belt and Road" is also a high -frequency word for President Xi's trip to Hungary。

No matter in the "Hungarian National News", a signature article、Arrive in Budapest and make a written speech,Still talks with Hungarian leaders,President Xi reviewed the rich results achieved by the two countries focusing on high -quality co -construction of the “Belt and Road”。President Xi also jointly witnessed the exchange of the "Belt and Road" Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadcooperation document with the Prime Minister Olban。

Serbia is one of the earliest countries to respond to the initiative of co -construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative,It is an important partner of the "Belt and Road"。

Just as President Xi emphasized when attending Serbian President Wugci and his wife's welcome banquet,In recent years,Zhongzai high -quality co -construction of the “Belt and Road” power is strong、Full results,Become a vivid practice of building a community of human destiny。

Serbians regard the "Belt and Road" initiative as "the road of the future",The Serbia E763 highway built by China and Serbia is one of the vivid cases。

This highway is the safest in Serbia to connect to the black mountain.、Fast important channel,It is also the major transportation arteries in the Balkans,It will drive more regions to accelerate development after opening。

As an old friend,President Xi once met French President Macron,Mentioned the "Belt and Road" initiative many times。

Just in November last year,President Xi also pointed out when talking to President Macron,China appreciates the French party to actively participate in the third "Belt and Road" international cooperation summit forum。

Different from Hungary、Serbia two countries build the "Belt and Road" model,China and France adopt a cooperation mode for joint development of third -party markets,It reflects the tolerance and non -discharge of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" initiative,Make an important contribution to promoting the recovery of global economic and trade。

High -level economic and trade cooperation

—— Continue to work together and win a win -win "two -way running"

sky bet online sports bettingThe high level of relations between the two countries comes from various factors,and high -level economic and trade cooperation is undoubtedly one of the important factors。

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  On May 6, local time, President Xi Jinping and President Macron attended the closing ceremony of the Sixth Meeting of the China -French Entrepreneurs Committee in Paris and delivered an important speech.

President Xi visit France this time,On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France。Intera,President Xi attended the closing ceremony of the Sixth Meeting of the Sino -French Entrepreneurs Committee,High -level economic and trade cooperation has become an important content in the speech of President Xi。

As early as January 9, 2018,The heads of state of the two countries met with entrepreneurs representatives attending the first meeting of the committee,Come on for enterprises between the two countries。

President Xi visited France in 2014,Since the two countries have opened close and long -lasting comprehensive strategic partnerships,Practical cooperation in the economic and trade fields of the two countries has achieved remarkable achievements。China is France's largest trading partner outside the European Union,France is China's main trading partner in the European Union。2012 Sino -French bilateral trade volume was US $ 51.02 billion,2023 Sino -French bilateral trade volume has reached 78.936 billion US dollars。Current,There are more than 2,000 French companies deeply cultivating the Chinese market。

Some experts think,Practical investment cooperation sky bet online casinobetween enterprises between the two countries is to ensure the social livelihood of the two parties、Promote economic development of the two countries、Tighten China -Europe economic and trade relations、Promoting the recovery of the world economy to produce a good effect。

Hungary has stabilized for many years in a row in my country, the largest investment destination country in China。In recent years,Economic and trade relations between the two countries flourish,Practical cooperation results are abundant。

President Xi emphasized when meeting the reporter with the Premier Olban,"Both parties will strengthen development strategy docking" "Expand emerging industry cooperation,Cultivate new productive forces,Empower the support for the economic and social development of the two countries "。

Take the automotive industry of the Hungarian economic pillar industry as an example,Since China has advanced technology in the global new energy industry、The advantages of market vast and high industrial chain,Therefore, including electric vehicles、The new energy industry chain, including power batteries, has become the focus of Chinese companies investing in Hungary。This can not only help Hungarian energy transformation,It can also inject new power into its industrial development。

In recent years,Economic and trade cooperation between China and Serbia is also fruitful,Bring huge benefits to the people of the two countries。China -Serbia bilateral trade continues to grow,From US $ 596 million in 2016 to $ 4.35 billion in 2023。China has become the largest source of investment sources Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadin Serbia、The second major trading partner、The second major trading partner。

other,Serbia is still China's first free trade partner in Central and Eastern Europe。July this year,The China -Sai Free Trade Agreement is about to take effect,This will not only spread the road for Serbian companies and products to enter the world's major consumer markets,It will also drive more Chinese and European investors to invest in sedation,and open up Serbia for Chinese companies、Central and Eastern European and European markets provide more future in the future。


Visit Europe again after five years,President Xi reached a number of consensus with the leaders of the Three Kingdoms,Announced a series of measures。

Europe is an important one in the polar world,Under the current turbulent international situation,China -Europe relations are related to world peace、Stable、Prosperity。

Build each other into a key partner for economic and trade cooperation、Priority partners of scientific and technological cooperation、Cervical partners who have cooperated with supply chain,helps China and Europe pragmatic promotion cooperation、Effective management and control differences、Reach a new consensus,Follow the Three Kingdoms、Facing Europe、The far -reaching effect that affects the world。

High -level bilateral relations

—— Adhering to the original intention of establishing diplomatic relations, continuing traditional friendship

"Hard support" in cooperation in various fields,It is the foundation for high -level development in the relationship between the two countries。

sky bet online sports bettingThe trip to France, the Chairman Xi,The heads of state of the two countries have been carried out for a long time、High -level strategic communication,The two parties have published the situation about the Middle East、Artificial intelligence and global governance、Biological diversity and ocean、4 joint statements of agricultural exchanges and cooperation,Signed nearly 20 bilateral Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadcooperation documents。

As a "special friend" as each other,President Xi agrees with President Macron,It will adhere to the original intention of building diplomatic relations,Deepen China -French mutual trust and cooperation。Enter the next Jiazi,Jointly promote Sino -French relations to achieve new and greater achievements。

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  On May 8th, local time, the heads of state of the two countries jointly signed the "Joint Statement on Deepening and Promoting the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Sino -Serbia and Building the Community of Destiny in the New Era".

May 8,Zhongzai confirmed to deepen and enhance comprehensive strategic partnership,higher starting point to build a community of fate of China。This is the sublimation of the friendship of the middle of the Celestial hardcore,It is also what President Xi said, "Continue to the same wind and rain,Destiny and Communist Interpretation。

When meeting the reporter together with President Wucic,President Xi announced the first 6 pragmatic measures of the first phase of the establishment of a community of destiny in the new era,Open a new chapter of the History of Sino -Serbia Relations。

Hungary is one of the earliest countries that sky bet online sports bettingestablish diplomatic relations with New China,This year coincides with the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary,Relations between the two countries enter the best period of history,Established a model for new types of international relations。

In the signed article,President Xi uses "good friends with liver and gallbladder", "good partners with win -win cooperation" and "good friends who learn from each other" to explain the relationship between the two countries,Promote joining hands to lead Sino -Hungarian relations into the "Golden Channel"。

"Good friends are more precious than gold"。Opportunity to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership in the new era of the Chinese -Hungarian New Age,It will definitely inject new strong motivation into cooperation between the two countries。

Inheritance friendship、Enhance mutual trust、boost confidence、Open the future,President Xi’s trip to Europe,Not only shows the positive forgiving of diplomatic diplomacy with Chinese characteristics,Also China has become a more international influence、Innovation Leading、The vivid portrayal of the responsible power of morality and appeal。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao