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Release time: 2024-05-14   Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

Small to chip,Large to nuclear power equipment; "old name" for a long time,"New Three" iterative upgrades; Chinese goods tide brand interpretation wonderful life,National Heavy Wear Display Hardcore Technology ... 2024 Chinese Brand Day Activities opened in Shanghai on May 10,The supporting Chinese brand expo attracts thousands of companies to participate。

Promote the transformation of "Made in China to China、China's speed change to China's quality、Chinese products change to Chinese brands ",Since 2014,Chinese brand construction has made great progress。Reporter walked into the event site,Ten years of butterfly changes in Chinese brands。

New: Chinese brand accelerates embracing new productive forces

Sit in the simulation cockpit,Control the rod piercing steering,The display in front of it simulates the construction of a leap -in river,Looking down on the earth ... Recently,The reporter came to the factory building of Shanghai Yufeng Future Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jinshan District, Shanghai,Experience the pleasant travel brought by low -altitude flight。

This M1 electric vertical take -off and landing aircraft (EVTOL) independently developed by the Royal Wind is exhibited at the Chinese Brand Expo this year。At the exhibition site,This electric aircraft is like an eagle that shows his wings,Ling Yun's ambition to indicate "China Intelligent Manufacturing"。

Yufeng Future Senior Vice President Liu Xingyu introduced,M1 electric aircraft successfully first flight in October 2023,In the electric system、sky bet online sports bettingFlying Control System、Three core links of composite materials all realize localization。"5 -seat manned design,Can fly efficiently for 250 kilometers,cruise speed reaches 200 km per hour,It is considered to be the future ‘scholars’。”

Uniqueness。In the Guangdong Exhibition Hall of the China Brand Expo,It also exhibited the first domestic driverless manned aircraft EH216-S。According to an introduction,This aircraft has completed more than 45,000 safety test flights around the world,It can be applied to manned traffic、Tour in the air、Air Logistics、Medical emergency and other scenes,It laid a solid foundation for the low -altitude economy into the business operation stage。

low -altitude economy "take off",Domestic large cruise distance。All areas of sea, land and air,Chinese brands are accelerating embracing new productive forces。

China Brand Expo live,"Eda Magic" domestic large cruise model carefully produced by 100: 1 ratio attracts the audience's sight,The sparkling water surface and the distant Oriental Pearl Tower slightly shrinking landscape makes people look like in the port。Since its first flight in early 2024,"Aida Magic" has successfully operated 30 voyages,A total of nearly 130,000 passengers receive a total of nearly 130,000 passengers。

Yang Guobing, Chairman of China Shipbuilding Cruise Technology Development Co., Ltd. said,The construction of large cruise ships in my country has achieved "from 0 to 1"、historic leap from scratch。Relying on the independent design of domestic large cruise ships、Autonomous construction and independent operation,The Chinese cruise economy has also changed from the past "crossing economy" to covering cruise operations、Design and construction、sky bet online casinoThe entire industrial chain ecosystem of supporting supply chain and other fields。

a "new" word,It is a prominent feeling of reporters on Chinese brand day activities。Stepping into the exhibition hall of about 70,000 square meters of China Brand Expo,The world's first horseshoe -shaped shield machine、The world's first large -caliber and large field of view of transmitted optical system and a variety of high -pixel lenses、The superconducting MR system developed independently ... These fully demonstrate the Chinese enterprises with original scientific and technological innovation as the cornerstone,Breeding a new industry、New mode and new kinetic energy。

Zheng Yongnian, Chairman of the Research Institute of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, said,Chinese brand shaping requires two legs to walk,First pay attention to basic scientific research,Second, pay attention to application technology conversion。"The current Chinese enterprise application technology transformation ability is strong,From the experience of developed economies,In the future, Chinese brands will turn more and more to the creation of ‘from 0 to 1’。”

Circle: "National Tide" wind blows, grab young people

At the scene of the China Brand Expo,A sense of collision between a "new" and "old" is quite interesting。

Tongrentang booth with a history of more than 300 years of brand development,Here is the two masters follow the ancient method handmade rubbing pills,Each Angong Niuhuang Pills rubbed out is 3 grams of weight,On the other side is to accurately grasp the young people "stay up late,Health "psychology staying up late、Good night water and other herbal drinks,attracted a lot of young sky bet online casinoaudiences to line up "Come Cup"。

Centennial old -fashioned brand Qiaojiazha,The "non -heritage" heir in the exhibition hall is rubbing with superb craftsmanship、pinch、Roll、bag,Each exquisite pastry is gradually shaped,Outside the exhibition hall, Qiao Family turns around on Huaihai Middle Road to open the coffee brand "Qiao Coffee",With glutinous Chinese pastry,The combination of "coffee+dumplings" becomes the existence of the circle of friends。

In recent years,A "new national tide" formed by the original brand and "old name" appeared in my country,Become a new engine for consumption growth。"New" in "Old","New" is "Old","New" and "Old" collision,Create a series of domestic products with Chinese marks and Oriental aesthetics,Consumer's attention and love。

"New" in "Old",Old brands speed up adapting to new consumption models。"We observe,Jianlibao、Leap、Big white rabbit toffee and other old brands through 'national tide' movement,Return to the vision of young people。"Wang Yiming, deputy chairman of the China International Economic Exchange Center said。Data show,80%of the subdivision category,The market share of domestic goods has exceeded international brands。

The reporter saw at the booth of Guangming Food Group,Big White Rabbit is not just a 73 -year -old "childhood taste" tadpa,It can cooperate with international fashion brands to explode,can also be jointly used with well -known skin care brands,Also teamed up with Belgian chocolate brand produced a "big white rabbit toffee" flavor ice cream。As an old brand,From IP image to classic taste,and even sweet smell,all have become the wealth for the big white rabbit to realize brand value transformation。

sky bet online sports betting"New" in "New",New brand is eager to activate the market with excellent traditional culture in China。On the "Oriental Beauty Valley" booth,A fragrance -aromatherapy brand called "soil box",Use the changes in the twenty -four solar terms as inspiration to create fragrance products,Classical bottle design of the Museum in the Museum。The interesting thing is,Such a brand full of traditional cultural charm,Its target user population is exactly young people。

"The current 'Z era' crowd is very agreed with China's excellent traditional culture,National Chao、The national wind has become the most fashionable element,The more the elements of the "old", the more they can attract the 'new' crowd。"" "Soil Box" brand founder Sun Xueting said,Echo this trend,New consumer brands actively refine the elements of beauty and trial from traditional Chinese culture,Productized it、Modernization、Young。

"Guo Chao" is in the circle of consumers,Also allow domestic brands to break the barriers to carry out cross -border cooperation。"Box Box" and "Six Gods",New Lao Lian Jian Jie launched a fire -free expansion fragrance; Qingdao Beer and Fashion Brand Karl Lagfi,Internal and external linkage launch the "Night Olto" Muse series ... Reporters saw many "cross -border", "joint name" and "cooperative models" make the exhibitors "have me among me、I have you in me "。

Wang Yiming thinks,In the future, Chinese brands will develop more new products、Famous products、Boutique,Enhance the user stickiness and popularity of the national tide brand。"Use big data、Artificial intelligence and other technologies,Construct a supply and demand docking mechanism,Promote the innovation of the national Sky bet sports betting APPtide brand consumption model。”

Go to the sea: help the world economy green, digital transformation

Chinese brand,World Sharing。In recent years,Chinese companies constantly accelerate the pace of "going to sea",Greenness for the world economy、Digital transformation contributes Chinese brand power。

On the booth of China Huadian, China Enterprise,Placed a model model in Bali, Indonesia。According to an introduction,Huadian Bali Power Plant guarantees 40%of the power demand on the island with a steady stream of electricity,The powerful and stable current lights up the night of the magnificent island,completely changed the history of Bali dependence on outer island transmission and fuel power generation。

The person in charge of the China Huadian booth said,Including Indonesia, inside,China Huadian is constantly expanding the "circle of friends",Active and secure "Going out",In Cambodia、Vietnam and other countries have projects to land,It is China's largest power generation operator in ASEAN。

On the booth of the card -saving robot,Reporter saw,A arms robot is playing with Rubik's Cube flexibly,Show its arms collaboration and machine vision technology。This 10 -year Chinese robot brand,Products are exported overseas。

Card Card Robot Vice President Chang Li Introduction,At present, the robotic robot has been with Toyota、Schneider、Chinese and foreign companies such as Chinese cars and other well -known Chinese and foreign companies establish cooperative relations。"Our products are in Europe、North America、Japan and South Korea、Batch application of overseas regions such as Southeast Asia,These robots not only serve cars、Electronic and other high -end manufacturing Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadproduction lines,It also serves customers directly in many new consumer fields。”

from an electric car、"New Three Sams" composed of lithium batteries and photovoltaic products,Playing the role of the Chinese brand "going to the sea"。2023,"New Three" products exported a total of 1.06 trillion yuan,increased by 29.9%year -on -year。

Take the car as an example,Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC Group, said,After opening the independent brand export in 2013,At present GAC is working hard to the second stage,That is to set up factories overseas。Except the existing three vehicle factories,GAC Thai factory will also be put into production in June this year。Local production local service,Contribute to the local economic development。

SAIC Group released DMH super hybrid technology brands during the Chinese brand day,Realizing the industry's first power、Mechanical energy、Chemical energy、Unified control of thermal energy。Lu Yong, Executive Deputy Dean of the Innovation and Development Institute of SAIC Group, said,In the past ten years。Starting from 2024,SAIC will accelerate from product export to technology output,Take the lead in creating a technology brand with global competitiveness。

Data from the National Development and Reform Commission,At present, Chinese brand products have spread throughout more than 200 countries and regions around the world,Export of high -quality products such as new energy and other high -quality products continues to grow。"We encourage Chinese brands to continue to contribute to global development,It is also welcome to share Chinese opportunities in various countries,Create more world -renowned brands。"Wu Hao, Secretary -General sky bet online casinoof the National Development and Reform Commission, said。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao