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Release time: 2024-05-14   Source: Henan Daily

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May 13,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng and Party Secretary of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd.、Chairman Coriwen and his party held a work talks in Zhengzhou,Well witnessed the provincial government and China Telecom Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement。

Lou Yangsheng represents the provincial party committee and the provincial government sky bet online sports sky bet online sports bettingbettingto express welcome to Corwen and his party,Thanks to China Telecom Group's long -term support and participation in Henan's economic and social development。He said,In recent years,Henan keeps in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping "Douyou for the first time、More colorful "entrustment,Anchor "Two Guarantees",Continue to implement the "Top Ten Strategy",firmly based on the high -quality development of the manufacturing industry as the main direction,Strengthen innovation Sky bet footballsky bet online casinodriver,Promote the transformation and upgrade of traditional industries、Cultivation and growth of emerging industries、Future industry grabbing ice and ice,Build new productive forces as the lead、Strategic emerging industries is dominated、The modern industrial system supported by traditional industries,Promote changes in momentum of economic development、Change of Structure、Change of competitiveness,Chinese -style modern construction Henan practice sky bet online sports bettingSky bet footballtakes a solid step。Especially if we implement the digital transformation strategy,Deepen the integration of new generation of information technology and manufacturing,Focus on building the digital industry ecology,Comprehensive improvement of digital governance capabilities,Continuously transform data resources into development advantages,Build a full range of digital strong provinces。China Telecom Group as a state -owned large -scale communication operation sky bet online sports bettingsky bet online casinoenterprise,It is a strong country to build a network、Digital China National Team and Main Force,I hope China Telecom will continue to use Henan as an important fulcrum for strategic layout,Give full play to "Cloud、Net、Number、Zhi、Ann "systemic advantage,In new infrastructure、Data governance、Data governance、Digital government construction and other aspects continue to deepen cooperation,Promote more new generation of information technology Sky bet sports betting sky bet online sports bettingAPPindustry projects to Henan,Pioneering a new chapter in the cooperation of the central land,Sharing Opportunity、Win -win development。

Kerry thanks to the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government for their strong support for China Telecom,Introduce the development ideas of China Telecom Group and layout in Yu。He said,China Telecom will take this cooperation agreement as an opportunity,Actively connect with Henan needs,Give full play to what you can,Further increase Sky bet footballinvestment Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadand resource allocation intensity,Digital transformation in the manufacturing industry、Construction of advanced computing power industry chain、5G large -scale application promotion、New generation of information technology innovation and other aspects expand cooperation space,Help Henan digital strong province construction。

Provincial leader Chen Xing、Liu Shangjin,Luan Xiaowei, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. attended。

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