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Release time: 2024-05-13   Source: Henan Daily

Each era has its own spiritual waves; the spiritual band of the times,It is the essence of the spirit of the times,Also the spiritual banner that people follow the way。Jiao Yulu spirit,It is the urging of the Communist Party of China in the 1960s、The spiritual flag of the wind flutter,It is the Communist Party of China to lead the Chinese people to create a place、Change to the day、One of the important contents of the psychological spectrum of the great cause of the great cause。After spending sixty years of time and space,Jiao Yulu's name is still very loud in the land of China; Jiao Yulu spirit,Time -long new,It is still the spiritual force of the socialist cause of Chinese characteristics in the new era.。

Extreme power of example,Power of spiritual power permanent。General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the study and promotion of Jiao Yulu's spirit。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,He highly evaluated Jiao Yulu’s glorious deeds in many important speeches,Scientific summary of the core essence of Jiao Yulu's spirit,Give Jiao Yulu's new era of connotation,provides a scientific guide and fundamental follow for the spirit of learning and inheritance of Jiao Yulu in the new era。New Era inheritance and Promoting Jiao Yulu Spirit,For the great national spirit with patriotism as the core and the spirit of the times characterized by reform and innovation、The mission task of "comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese -style modernization" has great and far -reaching value and meaning。

An immortal heroic monument in the hearts of the people

A nation、A country,There is always your own spiritual backbone and spiritual symbol。The supporting power of the spiritual spine and the iconic value of the spiritual symbol,from the national hero、Advanced Model Character's own personality charm、Quality sentiment and great contribution。60 years,People have always missed Jiao Yulu deeply、Remember Jiao Yulu's glorious deeds、Promote Jiao Yulu spirit,The root cause,It is Jiao Yulu treating the party with sincere emotions、Treat the people、Treat the country! Jiao Yulu as the public servant of the people、A good example of the Secretary of the County Party Committee,The excellent quality and noble sentiments he showed on him,Time to time and space,I still feel moving today,Gan Run people's heart,It is still a good example for party members and cadres and the people to learn,It is an immortal heroic monument in the hearts of the people。

Jiao Yulu used his short life,Show the glorious image of a Communist who serves the people wholeheartedly。General Secretary Xi Jinping regards Jiao Yulu as a role model for life,He praised Jiao Yulu in "Sky bet footballNiannujiao · Think of Jiao Yulu","Who does the people don't like the official? Turn the tears Jiao Tong into rain"。Jiao Yulu is full of true feelings for the people,This comes from his class position and sympathy for the poor。Jiao Yulu in childhood is the same as the people,Live of begging life,Juwu Dingbu、Food without belly,This is the seeds of benefiting the people in his young heart; life that is more difficult and hard during teenagers,Not only did not destroy his will,Instead, he exercised his tough spiritual quality。Jiao Yulu grew up in the suffering of life and the refining of the revolution,His tortuous and bumpy life experience,The feeling of suffering of the people's life is the same,Laishes a deep ideological foundation for his good public servants who grow up to the people。Jiao Yulu's true feelings for the people,Not said,Instead,。In Luoyang Mine Machine Factory,He always treats himself as a student,Learn from the workers with an open mind; he treats workers like brothers and sisters,Care about taking care of their lives。In Weishi County,He goes deep at the grassroots,Understand agricultural production,Help farmers to solve production problems; he pays attention to the problem that the grassroots people reflect strongly,Delightly rectified the bad style of the county and farming team。In Lancao County,He risked to buy bargaining grains to relieve the victims; seeing the poor villagers under the cold wind and snow;。"All the people in the heart,Only without himself "。It can be said,Jiao Yulu is a member of the Communist Party who serves the people to serve the people。Jiao Yulu has a party in my heart、I have responsibility in my heart,Always loyal to the party,Entrepreneurship with a firm ideals and beliefs。Jiao Yulu as a good cadre of the party,It is reflected in his party、Love Party、Protect the Party's political consciousness,Resolutely obey all the arrangements of the party organization。Jiao Yulu never "picky" at work、Never "bargaining" with the organization "bargain",Whether it is from Luoyang Mine Machine Factory to Weishi County,Still from Weishi County to Lancao County,Jiao Yulu has resolutely obey the arrangement of the party organization,Where do he need him,Where he goes,Not talking about conditions、Treatment,Do a line love a line,Drilling one line,Do a line into one line。Facing Lancao "the most bitter、The hardest、Poor "appearance,Jiao Yulu meets the difficulties,No retreat,He rolled up his sleeve,Dump your arms,Take the step,Put of your body,Speaking of dry,Do it if you do it。He said: "Thank the party for sending me to the most difficult place。The more difficult it is, the more difficult to exercise people,Please rest assured,Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadDo not change the appearance of the Lancao,I will never leave there。"" Jiao Yulu has been tempering after a long revolutionary struggle,When you work in Lancao,,It has grown into a "mature politics,Thinking firm,The county party secretary who pays attention to art in work "。During his period in Lancao,By focusing on the present,Think about the future; both systematic thinking、Strategic Thinking,Requisitions、Buried head,Leading Lancao people successfully found a scientific method for governing "three harms",Vigorously develop the Pao Tong Industry,Not only solved the problem of Lancao's current,Lay a solid foundation for the future development of Lancao。Jiao Yulu bowed all、After death, it has,"I don't cure the sand dunes in alive,You have to treat you to cure the sand dune when you are dead! "Deeply moved every Chinese!

Cultural treasure house with rich connotation

An any kind of lofty spirit exists,It is the product of the times,Appealive、penetrating、Conquering force,Educator,Enlightenment,Affect person,Shape the person; it is also a historic cultural nourishment,With continuity、Innovative,Time -long new。Jiao Yulu spirit is the era of the spirit of the Chinese nation,It is a successful model combining the basic principles of Marxism and the excellent traditional culture of Chinese,It has rich connotation and inheritance function。In 2009, Comrade Xi Jinping summarized the connotation of Jiao Yulu's spirit as "close love for the people during the inspection of Lancao、Hard struggle、Scientific Practice、Make difficulties and go up、Monomic Dedication "。In 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Lancao again,He combined with the new practical and characteristics of the times,The connotation of the spirit of Jiao Yulu made a new summary: "‘ I ’m full of people’ s people、Only the public servant feelings without himself,‘Explore everything、The truth -seeking style of eating the crickets that others have chewed,‘Dare to teach the sun and the moon for new days、The revolutionaries must fight the spirit of heroes in the face of difficulties,‘hard and simple、Integrity Fenggong、Do not engage in specialization of specialization at any time。"Jiao Yulu's spirit is a cultural treasure house with rich connotation for a long time。In the new era,Comprehensive understanding and scientific grasp of the rich connotation of Jiao Yulu's spirit,It will be transformed into a magnificent power of comprehensively promoting the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

"All the people in your heart、The public servant feelings of the public servant without himself,Both Jiao Yulu spiritual people's position、The distinctive logo of people's feelings,It is also the spirit of Jiao Yulu's spirit to show the Communists' sky bet online casinolove of the people、The essential characteristics of the spirit of the public and servants,It is the root of Jiao Yulu's long -lasting spirit。Jiao Yulu used his short life,Interpretation of how a Communist should live、How to serve the people wholeheartedly。He treats the people,Never set up an official frame,Instead of being the "son" of the people,Enter the masses、Close to the masses、Care about the masses; he is good at listening to public opinion,Draw wisdom from the people,He always emphasizes that the solution to the difficulties of party members and cadres comes from the people;,Drag the disease,I tolerate the pain,Take the work team to visit more than 120 production brigades in the county,Policies and policies for governing "three harms" were formulated。

"Those in everything、The pragmatic style of eating the crickets that others have chewed ",It is both the ideological line of the party in the spirit of Jiao Yulu、The profound embodiment of the mass line and the good work style of seeking truth and pragmatic work,Also the spirit of Jiao Yulu insist on seeking truth from facts、Independent exploration、The distinctive feature of pursuing truth,Where is the soul of Jiao Yulu's spirit。Jiao Yulu always adheres to a rigorous and realistic work attitude in work practice、The work style of science -seeking、Theoretical connection is actual、Working method of in -depth investigation and research,He can always find a good way at work、Form "Golden Thorn"、Clear good thinking,overcome difficulties,Getting results。In Lancao County,He always emphasizes that "there is no taste for eating others who have chewed others" for party members and cadres,It is proposed that party members and cadres must go deep into the grassroots,Investigation and research,can master the actual situation。For the "three harms" of Lan Cao thoroughly governing the Lan Cao,Jiao Yulu proposed, "How much is the" Three Harm "of Lan Cao in person,Get first -hand information,Make the correct judgment and deployment "。Jiao Yulu led party members and cadres for more than 5,000 miles in more than three months,Putting all the air outlets in the county、Sand Dunes one by one。Without Jiao Yulu like this realistic work style,It is not possible to find an effective method for governance "three harms",The correct policy policy of governing "three harms" cannot be formulated,It can not solve the problem that the people are anxious and hopeful。

"Dare to teach the sun and the moon for new days、The spirit of the revolutionaries must be in front of difficulties ",It is a hard work、The vivid display of the mental state in the difficulty,It is also the ambition of the Chinese Communist Party officer represented by Jiao Yulu、The essence of bone gas and base gas reflection,It is the essence of Jiao Yulu's spirit。Sky bet sports betting APPJiao Yulu Youth to fight with the landlord、​​Fighting with a bully、Fighting with Japanese invaders,shaped his dare to fight、Personal temperament that is good at struggle。After he joined the Communist Party of China,In the remediation of bandits、When doing industrial and agricultural production,Always carry forward hard struggle、The Spirit of the Through the Thought,Break out from difficulties。The biggest feature of Jiao Yulu,It is a fearless mental state,Dare to meet the difficulties。Jiao Yulu first arrived in Lancao,Many party members and cadres of Lancao believe that he can not work in Lancao for long,It is scared away by the difficulty of Lancao。Facing the "severe disaster area" in Lancao,Jiao Yulu is not timid at all,Instead, the fearless spirit of "revolutionaries must be heroes in front of difficulties",Strongly endure liver pain,The price of life,I wrote a song on the Lancao land "Fight on the old life for a big job,Heroes of the Heroes of Lan Cao "heroic song。

"Hard and simple、Integrity Fenggong、Moral sentiments of not specialization at any time,Both the Communists built by Jiao Yulu's spiritual construction are hard and simple、Integrity of Fenggong's moral high ground,It is also the political character and personal cultivation that all Communists must refine their lives for their lifetime,It is the immortal style of Jiao Yulu's spirit。Chinese Communists have formed hardships in the revolutionary struggle、Enjoy the fine tradition of the later,This is the political nature of the Communist Party of China,Is an important magic weapon for close party and mass relations,The key to the party's support and support for the people and "Golden Key"。"No specialization at any time",Is the centralized summary of Jiao Yulu's noble morals。Jiao Yulu criticized the bureaucracy of party members and cadres at work、Privilege thought and other phenomena。When he first arrived in Lancao,Some party members and cadres proposed to renovate the county party office,Jiao Yulu resolutely opposed: "Can't you revolutionize when sitting on a broken chair!",Jiao Yulu personally formulated "Ten Cadres",Make clear requirements for party members and cadres from ten aspects。He insists that he is used for the people for the people,Do not seek benefits for relatives,Stop doing it。

Strong motivation to stimulate people to create a new era of great cause

The new era calls the great spirit,The lofty career requires the leader of the example。Jiao Yulu's spirit is history,But it has never been outdated; Jiao Yulu's spirit is the new era,It has time and space、Powerful spiritual forces that keep up with the times,It is the spiritual banner of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese nation.,It has important era value and practical significance。General Secretary Xi Jinping has deeply pointed out,Limited Life,The formation process of many heroic Sky bet footballmodel characters is also limited,But formed a valuable spiritual wealth,Is an eternal fix。

Cultivate a new era of hero models with Jiao Yulu spirit。The Chinese nation has a respecting hero since ancient times、Respect example、Learn advanced excellent tradition,The Communist Party of China as the successor of the excellent traditional culture of China、Practitioner and promoter,In the revolution、The practice of construction and reform has always been good at shaping heroes、Establish examples、Commendation advanced,Use advanced model typical education party members and cadres,Keep the party's advanced purity。Jiao Yulu becomes a model for the people widely recognized by the people,It is formed in long -term practice。He is both a leading cadre who is good at choosing tree models,Itself is also a role model that is supported and loved by the people。During the work of working in Weishi County,Jiao Yulu chose the tree of the tree to liberate the typical Wang Xiaomei,Encourage women to join the soil reform movement; during the Lancao period,Jiao Yulu promotes the establishment of "the spirit of Hancun、Qinzhai's determination、The motivation of Zhao Duxiang、Double Popular Tree Road ",It has strengthened the confidence of the Lancao people to defeat the "three harms";,Lead the party members and cadres of Lancao to penetrate the grassroots、rooted in the masses,Fully showed the feelings of the Communists' public servants、Together style、Struggle spirit and moral sentiment,It also deeply encouraged the Lancao people。New Era and New Journey,More needed us to use Jiao Yulu as a spiritual benchmark,Shape a group of hero examples of heroes in the new era,"Promote the whole society to see the wisdom、Advocate hero、Fight as Pioneer ",Form the British model for generation、The vivid situation of the emergence of talents,Stimulating the vigor of entrepreneurship of people's officers、Gong Yangbi、Hao Ran Zhengqi,Promote the rapid development of various undertakings of the party and the country。

Use Jiao Yulu's spirit to plant the public servant feelings of party members and cadres。The leadership of the Communist Party of China is the most essential feature of socialism with Chinese characteristics。Adhere to the party's leadership of socialism with Chinese characteristics,First of all, each party member leading cadre adheres to the people's position,Like Jiao Yulu with deep emotional thoughts on the people、Do things、Open New Bureau、Career。Strengthen the party's leadership in the new era,Consolidate the party's governing status、Improve the party's ruling ability,The key is to continuously strengthen the consciousness and people's feelings of party members and cadres。History and practice proof,When will party members and sky bet online casinocadres adhere to the people?,Party and mass relations、Fang group relationship will be harmonious,The people will support、Protecting and trusting the Communist Party of China,The Governance of the Communist Party of China will be more stable。In the new era,The severe test of the long -term governance and reform and opening up of the Communist Party of China,Cracking the party's "unique problems of the Great Party",Stability in the new era of "the road to rush to test",More need to use Jiao Yulu's glorious deeds as a vivid textbook,Taking Jiao Yulu's spirit as a benchmark,Planting people's feelings,Tree Step Public Servant Consciousness,firmly establishing the purpose of the party,Cultivate a group of new era Jiao Yulu -style party members and cadres,Build a harmonious party and mass relationship、Dry Group Relations,Continuously consolidate the party's ruling foundation。

Building the spiritual height of the Communist with Jiao Yulu's spirit。A nation、A country、A political party,We must continue to create new historical great cause,Open the future,Towards the future,Have the future,You must build your own spiritual high ground,It must be built、Jianqiang and adhere to your own spiritual highland; only the spiritual power is strong、Live in spiritual sentiment、Strong spiritual style,can we strengthen the ideals and beliefs、Go forward,Continuously leading social development and progress。Jiao Yulu's spirit still has a strong spiritual charm for 60 years,One of the important reasons is,The spiritual exercises contained in it have extensive social identity and social appeal、Influence。In his short life,Use the party、The loyalty of the country and the people,I love career very much,Responsible for work,Show the Communists、Leading cadres' pure party spirit and pure people,Release the lofty personality light,Won the love and follow of the people。In the new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all -round way,Inheritance and promotion of the spiritual sentiment contained in Jiao Yulu's spirit、Quality character、Will fixation、Life pursuit,For the spiritual high ground of the Communist Party,Forever the party's advanced purity; for strengthening the party spirit of party members and leading cadres、Improve the moral level and social civilization of citizens; for the cultivation of newcomers in the era,Promote the construction of modern civilization of the Chinese nation,Make a greater contribution to the new era for human civilization,It is important。

Any nation sets a lofty spiritual style,All are the essential reflection of the lofty spiritual character of the nation。The people of Henan are very proud of the spirit of breeding Jiao Yulu in the Central Plains,The Chinese nation and the Chinese people are Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadextremely pleased to nurture Jiao Yulu's spirit,The Communist Party of China feels sustainable for having Jiao Yulu's spirit。Jiao Yulu's spirit is the Chinese Communist Party leading the Chinese people in the new era、Moving forward、Rigid strong spiritual power,It is a new era of people's hard work、Spectrum write Xinhua Zhang,firm road confidence、Theoretical self -confidence、System self -confidence、The solid basis of cultural confidence。Jiao Yulu's spirit will always shine!

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao