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Release time: 2024-05-11   Source: Henan Daily

A precious photo of Comrade Jiao Yulu was discovered in Weishi County, Kaifeng City。This is the 6 -year period of Comrade Jiao Yulu working around Weishi County,The only work photo found so far,The shooting sky bet online sports Sky bet footballbettingtime has been 62 years away.。

Photos was taken in September 1962。At that time,In order to implement the instructions of the Party Central Committee "must pay attention to Chinese medicine",At the Deputy Secretary of the Director of the County Party Committee、Jiao Yulu in charge of sanitation,Hosted the work meeting Sky bet online sports sky bet online casinobetting APP downloadof the old Chinese medicine medicine with the old Chinese medicine medicine in Weishi County。After the meeting,Leaving this precious group photo in the county party courtyard (now Lieutenant Jiao Yulu deeds exhibition hall)。December of the same year,Jiao Yulu leaves Wei Shi to Lancao work。

It is understood,Comrade Sky bet online sports sky bet online casinobetting APP downloadJiao Yulu has worked twice in Weishi,More than 6 years,But there are few historical photos,In particular, there is no formal work photo。February 6 this year,In the photo, the descendants of Mr. Shi Zipeng, the old Chinese medicine medicine in the photo, when visiting Wei Yulu's deeds exhibition hall,When it comes to Sky bet footballsky bet online casinothe renovation of the old house in the home, I found a group photo of Comrade Jiao Yulu。The exhibition hall immediately sent someone to work with the relevant comrades of the County Shizhi Research Office to its home,I found this precious photo of this dusty 62 -year -old。

Reporter saw this photo at the deeds of Weishi Sky bet sports betting APPsky bet online casinoJiao Yulu on May 7。Due to the age of the age,The photo is a bit blurred,But the preservation is relatively intact,Fixed and amplified treatment,The characters and scenes at the time were clearer at the time。In the photo, Comrade Jiao Yulu took the manuscript,Squatting in the middle of the front Sky bet footballrow,Sky bet footballThere were 4 relevant responsible comrades and 3 children in the photo in the photo,and 21 Local Chinese Medicine and their apprentices。Discovery of this photo,Rich from Comrade Jiao Yulu’s picture historical materials。

This photo will be officially exhibited on May 12 at the deeds of Weishi Jiao Yulu.。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao