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Release time: 2024-05-10   Source: Henan Daily

Cross the Yellow River,Crossing Plain,Tell the story in the heart of the motherland。

May 9,National New Office "Promoting High -quality Development" series of theme press conferences will be held at the fifteenth stage,Focus on Henan。

"Striving for the first time in the rise of the central region,Write the more colorful chapters of the Central Plains in the new era ",General Secretary Xi Jinping's eager expectation is still in the ear。

Dreaming of Dreams,Struggle to achieve the future。Vivid practice of pouring high -quality development with sweat with sweat,Draw a new Chinese -style modern picture with wisdom。

"Innovation becomes the most vivid logo" "Put the Yellow River into the computer" "into the picture roll,Dream of a day to dream back for thousands of years "... At the press conference,Questions and answers integrated fusion,History and communication complex,Gather the sound of Henan "Zhongzhong" in the new era.、Quartet。

The more innovative, the more firm

Take a good way to the next heart

Time Wheel,Rolling forward; retreat if not advance,Slow advance and retreat。

Henan,Realized from traditional agricultural provinces to emerging industrial provinces、Traditional transportation to modernized transportation hub、Traditional inland provinces "three transformations" to open highlands in the inland,Also standing at the new crossroad。

Why is it new? Why is it steady?

Henan Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government Answer: Highlighting the innovation -driven high -quality development "Huashan Road"。

Persist in looking forward to 30 years thinking about problems、Make decision、Grab development,Henan took the lead in the establishment of the Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Committee,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor as the director,System planning to promote the construction of an innovation system and comprehensive supporting reform,To the Central Plains Science and Technology City、Central Plains Medical Science City、Central Plains Nonggu is the core scientific and technological innovation pattern to build a forming type,"Wing of Innovation" is becoming more plump、Ling Yun。

Numbers that are constantly refreshing,Marked Henan to bite the "innovation" to not relax the transition scale —

The ranking of Central Plains Science and Technology City in 348 similar science and technology cities Sky bet sports betting Sky bet footballAPPacross the country rose to 19th,Twelve digits move forward;

13 national key laboratories、172 national innovation platforms efficiently run,Provincial laboratory realizes 0 to 20 qualitative changes、unveiled one after another;

A total of 1503 R & D centers for enterprises and universities,Obtain 76 items for the National Key R & D Plan,Implement 78 major provincial special science and technology special。

The way of transition is innovating; innovation is to be talented.

From "Dr. Disable" to "Dr. Picking Flower Eyes",Henan issued a package policy,Fully create a talent environment for "close and far away",The land of the Central Plains,"Thousands of Miles" compete for Pentium,"Golden Phoenix" has branches to depend on。

"For three years,We introduce 28 top talents in total、Leading talents 369 people、Doctoral and postdoctoral 16,000 people。"Governor Wang Kai introduced,At present, the total number of talents in the province exceeds 14.1 million people,More and more outstanding talents choose Henan、Joining Henan、Dream of Dream Henan。

Innovation of a son, the development is full.

Leading industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation,Henan accelerates the "Ren Du Two Pulse" of innovation and application,Comprehensively open the "acceleration" of building a modern industrial system。

Look at the individual,Henan New Cultivation Innovation Leading Enterprise 116、454 companies、Science and Technology SMEs 26,000,Every family has "unique skills",Households have "housekeeping means"。

Look at the cluster,Henan focusing on "five bases" to attack,Breakthrough with the "Six New" breakthroughs,Speed ​​up the "7+28+N" advanced manufacturing chain group,Cultivate the development of new quality of productive forces、Bone bones strong、Qi Foot。

Wang Kai said,"Henan will continue to build a first -class innovation platform、Cultivate first -class innovation subjects、Build a first -class innovative ecology,Let innovation a more distinctive logo in Henan in the new era。”

The more responsible, the more calm

Yingying Chinese bowl is full of Henan grains

Traveling in the Central Plains in the early summer,The most eye -catching scene is thousands of miles away、billion acres of grain field。This is the confidence and confidence of the high yield harvest of agricultural provinces,It is also the loyalty and responsibility of Sky bet online sports Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadbetting APP downloadthe children of Henan for the national nation。

"The advantage of food production、This ace cannot be lost at any time。"" "In order to ensure that national food security has new responsibilities and new actions。"General Secretary Xi Jinping's Remembrance Deep Message,Hope like mountain。

This ace is getting brighter and brighter,This responsibility is more carried and more firmly。"Henan produced nearly 1/10 of the grain with less than 1/16 of the country、1/4 wheat,Grain production for 7 consecutive years stabilized more than 130 billion kg,Call out of the raw grain and the finished product of more than 60 billion kg of the year。"at the press conference,Wang Kai said emotionally,"What I want to express most in my heart is the two words‘ Thanksgiving ’,Thanks for this land,Thanks for the people here。”

Persist in Liangtian、Good breed、Good opportunity、Liangfa penetrate integration、Four -in -one,More than 100 million acres of farmland in Henan has changed.。

Self -taken water and fertilizer all -in -one machine can pour the farmland within 400 meters in 3 hours,Spore information automatically capture the culture system to monitor the disease online in real time,Open the phone to remotely control fertilization remotely ... One person manages more than 2,000 acres of land,Zhu Zhenxing, a large grain planting household in Macin Township, Wuyang County, is getting easier and easier。Rely on this "Super Farmland",Summer harvest in 2022,Zhu Zhenxing's Own Places of Wheat Milms are as high as 2010 pounds,Realize "ton food"。

Behind high yield,Great articles。The coverage rate of major crops in the province exceeds 97%,The contribution rate of good breeds to grain production exceeds 45%,Wheat、Corn production basically realizes full -process mechanization。From 2022,Henan fully launched the construction of 15 million mu of high -standard farmland demonstration zone,At present, it has built 3.78 million mu。

"I have calculated a account,15 million acres of demonstration zone is completed after completion,220 pounds of grains per mu、Receive 330 yuan,15 million mu is 3.3 billion kg、4.9 billion yuan。"Wang Kai said,Henan to 2025 Grain production capacity increases 10 billion kg、reaching 140 billion kg is confident。

Walking Central Plains,The General Secretary Nian Zi Zezi also is the Mother River。Henan in mind the mission、Seeing sky bet online casinothe sky bet online casinoline effective,Cooperate with the provinces along the yellow provinces,Promoting the ecological protection and high -quality development strategies of the Yellow River Basin takes a deep practice、Seeing the line effective。

Construction 501 kilometers standardized embankment、98 control project,Put "Yellow River into Computer",The digital twin Yellow River was initially built ... "In 2021, we have defeated the most serious autumn flood flood in the Yellow River since the founding of New China,Ensuring the safety of the lives and property of the people and the long -term security of the Yellow River。"The Yellow River Wanli,Insurance in Henan,Notification at the press conference,Evil and peaceful。

2021,A special Yellow River Basin (Yulu section) horizontal ecological protection compensation agreement,Open a new chapter that shared the sharing of ecological governance in the inter -provincial Yellow River Basin in the inter -provincial province。Final,Henan to keep the quality of Yushui in Henan maintained above category,Obtaining Shandong ecological compensation 126 million yuan。

One river water out of the Central Plains,Turn thousands of times and turn into the sea。More than 1200 kilometers along the yellow ecological corridor,"Freedom of Freedom of Wan Type Frost Sky"。"Welcome everyone to walk along the" Yellow River Ancient Capital "tourist highway、Take a look,I personally feel the magnificent wonders of the Yellow River。"Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee、Executive Vice Governor Sun Shougang sent a sincere invitation to media reporters。

The more open the more confident

Silk Road Lian Four Seas and Benbian and Eight Partys

Not long ago,Zhengzhou-Luxembourg's "Air Silk Road" brings a group of special "passengers" -the more than 200 pieces (group) Luxembourg cultural relics in Henan Museum wonderful appearance。

"I and the cultural relics are 'direct"! "Luxembourg National Archeology、Murl Poriya, director of the restoration department of the Museum of History and Art of History and Art。A route,Two -way go,Zheng Lu's "Silk Road" not only greatly shortens the time from Europe to China,Also set up the mutual learning of civilization between China and Lu、Bridge of people's hearts。

Not along the side、Not relying on the sea、Not Linjiang,Henan is not easy to go to the world。

2013,Zhengzhou Airlines Port District was approved by the State Council,Henan's hopes of the azure of Sky bet online sports Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadbetting APP downloadthe blue sailing,Entering sky bet online casinothe aviation era of "Walking in the Cloud"。In recent years,Leading "Silk Road" as the lead,Henan develops vigorously、On -site、Online、Four "Silk Road" at sea,A new pattern of three -dimensional openness in the "Belt and Road" in the service co -construction。

Current,198 of the Fortune 500 companies have settled in Henan,Foreign -funded enterprises have continuously improved investment energy levels,Vote for "trust tickets" for Henan with actual actions; Henan enterprises have also moved to more than 100 countries and regions around the world,Expand Market、Fighting storm。

The more open, the more confident; the more developed, the more colorful.

The "May 1st" holiday just passed,Henan has once again become a popular tourist destination in the country,The province receives a total of 61.681 million domestic tourists、Tourism revenue of 35.42 billion yuan,increased by 11.8%year -on -year、14.2%。"Henan lights up history and culture with modern elements,Integrated modern elements in historical resources。"Welcome everyone to my hometown of Henan,Learn Taiji、Practice,Listening to Yu Opera、Pin Famous Tea,Wear Hanfu、Peony。"Deputy Governor Zhang Min enthusiastically promoted。

Continue from Luoyang Hanfu,To Kaifeng "Wang Po" red throughout the country; from Fat Donglai Supermarket to the "Scenic Area",to the "Golden Armor" samurai line to pick up the station ... It can usher in the flow of "wealth and wealth",can catch the retention of "True Gold and Silver",Henan is not allowed,Happy to be a full "conspicuous package"。

If it is said to be in the top flow of cultural tourism and cultural innovation,Reflecting the enthusiasm of the openness of Henan,Constantly optimized business environment,will confirm the depth of the openness of Henan。

"Is the business environment good,Enterprises vote with their feet。"Representative of Zhejiang merchants、Jiang Zhengjin, Chairman of Hebi Bao Ruide Chemical Co., Ltd., feels deep in this sentence。"Hebi is equipped with‘ service housekeeper ’ for key enterprises、Tailored ‘Comprehensive Service Pack’,We are full of confidence in the great exhibition on the hot soil of the Central Plains。"He said,The company is planning to move the headquarters to Henan,Continuously growing in Henan deeply。

Michard high -speed rail sky bet online casinonetwork sky bet online casinochanged from "paper blueprint" to "land pass",Zhengzhou's important international mail hub port is north、Part、The fourth opening of the aftermath; the ability of integrated government service to enter the first group in the country for two consecutive years; normalization of the "10,000 people to help 10,000 enterprises" campaign to help companies solve more than 110,000 problems ...

"It is the improvement of the hard environment、Breakthrough in the soft environment,Efforts to create formed to make the enterprise ‘keep it、Life line of development "。"" Provincial Secretary of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission、Director Ma Jian said。

more pragmatic and more practical

Below Jiu Jiu Zhengong Change Welfare Cotton

"Our goal is magnificent,It is also very simple,In the final analysis, let the people live a better life "。People leader loves the truth、Language Heart Long。

This magnificent and simple goal,More realistic and specific for Henan。"No matter how small the livelihood is,multifacites,All are big things。”

Take the "heart" of the masses as an urgent "upper heart",Henan focuses on "one old, one young and one green strong" real move、Practicing strategies、Lower True Gong,entrust the "steady happiness" of the masses。

This solid expansion from employment.

"One skill in hand,Walking World。"" Everyone's Certificate officially launched in 2021、Skills Henan "Construction,The original heart is here。

On the eve of the "May 1st" Labor Day this year,Pingdingshan Ping Coal Mine Mine Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Modeline Wang Yonghui won the "Provincial Model" Medal symbolizing glory。The "Old Master" who consumes 18,000 kilometers of welding wire in 15 years,Technical interpretation of "Fire and Pure Green",It is the best among the ten million skills talents in our province。

For 3 years,Henan training 13.43 million people,The province's skill talents reach 18.17 million,Among them, 5.5 million high -skilled talents,New skill talents and high -skilled talents are at the forefront of the country,More and more workers have stabilized "rice bowl"。

This solidity stems from a strong guarantee of health.

The total population is nearly 100 million,"Difficult to see a doctor、How to break the doctor "?

Henan uses a set of data self -confidence responses: create 12 national regional medical centers; form 172 medical communities,Realize the full county -level coverage; comprehensively Sky bet sports betting APPimprove the township health center、Community Sky bet sports betting APPHealth Service Center Service Capability,Realizing "Towers History Museum in Township" and "Village Villages have Chinese medicine services" ... The common people "see the disease、Look at the onset、The vision of seeing the disease "gradually becomes reality。

"Yes" and "excellent"、"OK" and "province"、"Strong" and "fine"。For the health of the people,Henan actively integrate resources in the province,Fully reshape Henan Medical Science Innovation System。"We will take scientific research as a traction,Continue to do excellence, strengthen medical and health care,better meet the people's demand for high -quality medical resources。"Wang Ningli, an academician of the Academy of International Ophthalmology, said at the appointment ceremony of the dean of the Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences。

This is practical, the continuous balance of education is from education.

April this year,Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering、Soil fertilizer Zhou Wei is hired as president of Henan Agricultural University,Become another "Academician President" in Henan University。In recent years,A large number of "Tower Talents" and "Scientific Research Star" devoted to science and education,Make Henan's "Talent Tour" shining brilliant、Education career vitality。

Academician of the two hospitals、"Double First -class" college scholars and other intensive joining Henan; 168 institutions in the province、30.55 million students at school,ranks first in the country; the consolidation rate of compulsory education in the province is 96.3%... Thousands of households are expected to be realized step by step。

"We try to make Henan children enjoy better education at their doorsteps、Old people can enjoy more professional care and care in the community、People can enjoy better medical services without the province。"Wang Kai said at the press conference。

Although the road is long, it is coming, although it is difficult to do it.

Entering a new journey,Twist the innovation "Niu Nose",Houzhi Development "Green Base",Create a talent "Strong Engine",Henan, which comes from the depths of history,I am wearing a glorious,Walk on the Chinese -style modern Kangzhuang Avenue。


Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao