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Release time: 2024-05-10   Source: Henan Daily

May 9,At the "Promoting High -quality Development" series of theme press conferences held at the State Council News Office,Our province with informative data、Premium results、Vivid case,shows the high -quality development of Henan's high -quality development to the outside world。The press conference caused a strong response in all parts of the province。Everyone agrees,Henan's "three changes" make people feel excited,It also strengthened the conviction and determination of the officer's entrepreneurship。

Scientific and technological innovation has become the first motivation for development in Henan。Zhengzhou technology trading market located in the Central Plains Science and Technology City is a collection of transactions、Transfer、financing、Comprehensive service platform for incubation sky bet online casinoequal sky bet online casinoto integration。"The market has been established for 3 years,We have been around the two ends around the link supply and demand,Drive the results of the market co -driving force in place。"The person in charge of Zhengzhou's technical trading market operation, Che Zhongrui said,As of now,The market has accumulated 903 primary technical brokers,Speed ​​up to accelerate the first -class university research institute of new R & D institutions、Provincial and municipal new R & D institutions、Skills of scientific and technological achievements in key universities、Converted locally、Play an important role in real estate industrialization。"late May,The market will hold a special industrial innovation docking meeting,Further promotes technological transfer and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements。"The car said in the car。

Henan,never lack of topics related to transportation,Connection、The advantage sky bet online sports sky bet online casinobettingof traffic location throughout the north and south is being transformed into a hub economic advantage、Comprehensive competitive advantage。Lei Hongli, deputy general manager of Henan Airport Group Freight Company, said,Since this year,Zhengzhou Airport has accelerated and enhanced the energy level of Zhengzhou International Air Cargo Hub,Continuous expansion of the global aviation logistics network,New Open、Encrypted Zhengzhou to Frankfurt、More than 10 freight routes such as Chicago,Powerful services to build a new development pattern。The first 4 months,Zhengzhou Airport completed 207,300 tons of freight volume,year -on -year increase of 14.77%。

"If there is no‘ Silk Road ’,Continuous encryption without Zhengzhou Airport freight routes,There is no my career。"Guo Limin, General Manager of Zhengzhou Bangda Tianyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.,More and more international freight routes with Zhengzhou Sky bet online sports Sky bet footballbetting APP downloadAirport,More and more "foreign objects" who came to Henan after his company also became more and more。"Zhengzhou is getting closer and closer to‘ getting closer to the world ’‘ closer and closer ”,I am for this business、Confidence in Henan, hometown。"Outlook the future,Guo Liminman is looking forward to。

As "Central Plains Grain",Henan is blessing by human harmony,Reward new productive forces。"Put in my previous more than 2,000 acres of land water、Fertilization is a large amount of expenditure,and time -consuming energy,Now the integrated technology of water and fertilizer enables 3 people to control 1,000 acres of land,and can achieve precise watering、Fertilization。"Xu Fangzi, a large grain family in Jiaxian County, is full of confidence in good harvest this year。Promotion of technology,Let the farmers understand、Trust is the key。Lin Qingxia, deputy director of the Sky bet sports betting Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadAPPAgricultural Technology Promotion Center in Wancheng District, Nanyang City, said,"We are the" mother's family "of farmers',More and more farmers are drumming in our guidance,We have to "write" in the field。”

Rich human resources are the most prominent advantages of Henan,It is also the vitality。The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Human Resources and Social Affairs Department said,"Everyone holds a certificate、Skills Henan "construction has received national attention,Make us encouraged。We will use this as power,Fully promotes "everyone holding a certificate、Skills Henan "implementation depth、Increased quality and efficiency,Vigorously develop new era technical education,Accelerate the cultivation of a large number of high -quality workers and technical skills,Provides more solid skills support for modern Henan construction。

It is the spring and autumn culture when you touch it with your hand,Both feet and one step sky bet online sports bettingare Qin brick and sky bet online sports bettingHan tile,Henan Cultural Tourism Brands gets brighter and brighter。The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism said,Let the cultural heritage activate、Make the traditional culture shining、Enriching the cultural tourism market is our work goals。Next,will adhere to the "innovation driver、Technology empowerment、Project drive、Cross -border integration "development concept,Continuously enrich the connotation and extension of the brand of "walking Henan · Reading China",Work hard to achieve from "net red" to "long red"、From "traffic" to "retention"。

Henan is a big province for population,No matter how small people's livelihood matters,multifama,All are big things,Medical、Pension is even more like this。"After starting the construction of the National Maternity Regional Medical Center,Academician Huang Hefeng will settle in sky bet online sports bettingour hospital,Not only is it convenient Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadfor patients,It has also further improved the scientific research and innovation ability of our hospital。"Wang Xinjun, Dean of Zheng Da San Affiliated Hospital,Current,The incurable diseases received by the hospital have reached 98 species,Patients in Henan no longer have to go around in foreign cities。

"The street community pension service venues have achieved full coverage" "The old people can enjoy more professional care and care in the community" ... Qiu Haohao, secretary general of the Provincial Association of Old Industry Association, feels deeply.,He said,The earliest founding of our province、The largest -scales -involved industry organization,The Provincial Aging Industry Association will continue to work in the future to provide industry organizational guarantee for the high -quality development of the province's elderly industry,Let more and sky bet online sports bettingmore elderly people enjoy professional care and care。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao