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Release time: 2024-05-09   Source: Henan Daily

"Establish the correct view of power,The final point is,Use the power in the hand,Dry real and cut performance,Get real results。”

Not long ago,China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News published the analysis of the former Deputy Secretary -General of the People's Government of Aba Prefecture in Sichuan Province,Some of the details of them are thought -provoking:

2012,The Deputy Secretary of the Jealga County Party Committee、Jin Dong of the county government and county magistrate,Accepted the "fruit" sent by the project contractor Sky bet sports betting APPLi Moumou with a black travel bag -1 million yuan cash,This is the largest amount of bribery in a single bribe。Jin Dong's undergraduate reading is a legal major,The first job is the police,The first job responsible for is judicial,The work of serving as the deputy county chief is mainly public security、Justice。He who has managed prisoners,Now it is reduced to "living textbook"。

Repentance of the officials of the horse official,Many people mention that there is no correct view of power。Power,It is a kind of influence given by leading cadres when fulfilling their duties、Control and control。Good useful,Realize self -worth while seeking well -being Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadfor the people; abusers,Not only endangers the interests of the masses, it will also eat bad results。Comprehensively and solidly carried out party discipline learning and education,The majority of leading cadres must establish the correct view of power,right to use just、Use rights in accordance with the law、For civil rights、Power of integrity。

The concept of power of party members and cadres is correct or not,Directly affect the concept of political performance、Care view。Sort out some of the crimes of officials who fall off the horse will be discovered,Leading cadres have "big problems",often starts from destroying the "small rules"。Some sky bet online sports bettingpositions are not high,But "Little Officials and Big Greeds",or use the project construction to be greedy for ink,Or stare at the subsidy and the geese passing hair。Reasons for the reason,None of the concept of power has appeared to be distorted。Some people mistakenly think,Power is given by superiors,Vigorous thoughts to please meet each other; some think,Power is obtained by my own ability,So I am good at power,Take "Responsibility Field" as "self -staying",Wanting "consumption" power,Finally embarked on the non -returning road of illegal crimes。

Power,It is a combination of responsibility and obligation,How much power sky bet online sports bettinghas it,How much responsibility should be shouldered。Party members、Cadres, especially leading cadres,To recognize,Power in your own hand、Jobs in it,It is given by the party and the people,It is used for the party and the people,It can only be used to make a profit for the people。I have the right to have a job,If you have the right to blame,Supervisor for use,This is the iron rhythm of power operation。The newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",Add to write a lecture fee、Project Fee、Consultation fee and other names to give gifts in disguised gifts,enrich the reception of violations、sky bet online sports bettingDestroyer benefits、Underexed office houses without approval,and organize creating demonstration activities without authorization、Disposal regulations for violations of the management regulations of conference activities。While "scratching the red line" for the unpopular behavior of the leading cadres,strengthened relatives of leading cadres、Regulations of the staff around the staff and other specific relationships illegal acts。

Refine and improve the punishment regulations,Cage of the density system,Release the strong signal that the more discipline is in the backward discipline,It is intended to show,Strict control is also sky bet online casinolove。Through party discipline learning education,Party members and cadres continue to strengthen discipline consciousness,Understand where the power comes from、Where is the boundary,What can I do、What can't be done,Tighten the "string",Do not let small mistakes cause big disasters,will avoid regrets in the coming day。

The essence of power is responsibility,The requirements of the position are the officer。Establish the correct view of power,The final point is,Use the power in the hand,Dry real and cut performance,Get real results。The majority of party members and cadres must always be responsible for the heart、Responsible for body、Digo for the Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadparty、Clean officer,Digo for the party、Create a blessing for the people。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao