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Release time: 2024-04-28   Source: Xinhua News Agency

Reporter learned from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League on the 27th,The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League recently issued the "Opinions on the Implementation of the New Era and the New Era of the New Era of the New Era",Leading college students at the sky bet online casinograssroots level,Help youth strategic talent training。

It is understood,"Youth Struggle Family Plan" is made in full -time doctors、Master graduate students as the main body,Extra the excellent ones can be relaxed to other types of students,Organization selection and hiring belief is firm、Ginseng and excellent、Excellent students who are willing to dedicate to part -time job exercise Sky bet footballin various fields in the grassroots level、concurrently served as a grass -roots group cadre。

In the job settings,Clear opinion,Focus on league organizations at all levels for cities (counties)、Scientific research institutions、Scientific research institutions、State -owned enterprise、Non -public enterprise、Industrial Park and other grass -roots units set up positions。Priority to send college students sky bet online sports bettingto the key help counties of the national and provincial rejuvenates、The county -level Youth League Committee is weak and has a large district and county with a large population in the permanent population,Regional coordinated development strategy、regional major strategy、The main functional area strategy、The district and county involved in the new urbanization strategy,sky bet online casinoFree Trade Pilot Zone、National Economic Park and other key areas,and the company involved in special strategies in other countries、Scientific research institutions and other part -time jobs。

"Youth Struggle Family Plan" adopts the "organizational pair selection" method to publicly recruit。Opinions point out,The starting stage of the project mainly relies on existing school Sky bet football-land pairing mechanisms,Including designated assistance for universities、East -West Collaboration、Shuobosheng Training site、Service Land in the Graduate Branch Council、Construction of the internship practice base、Co -construction of industry, university -research bases, etc.,Organization Selected college students to work in paired place。College students with outstanding Sky bet footballperformance、Local and university group organizations,Joining the party to join the party、The honor commendation in the group is tilted。Encourage the connection of the policy with local talent introduction,Recommended by outstanding college students、Preferential recruitment and other continuous tracking and training work。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao