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Release time: 2024-03-19   Source: Henan Daily

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March 18,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng went to some software companies in our province for research,Hosted a symposium,Research to promote the high -quality development of the software industry。

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Xinhua Three Data Technology Company is a larger comprehensive software company in our province。Lou Yangsheng Inquiry Software R & D Application、Data capacity, etc.,Understand the development of the technical scenario of the generated artificial intelligence AIGC,Point out that we must put our province's industrial sky bet online sports bettingfoundation、Application scenario and other advantages and enterprise technology、Talent and other advantages organically combined、Give full play to,Promoting the software industry to become bigger and stronger,Accelerate the cultivation and development of new productive forces,Empowerment for high -quality development。In Zhengzhou Jie'an Hi -Tech Company,Lou Yang Shengcha to see rail transit、Emergency Safety and other simulation system operation training situation,Point out to expand VR、AR、Big models and other technologies in skill talent training、Application in the fields of rescue and rescue drill,Constantly improving the sky bet online casinooverall level and emergency response ability of our province。At Xinkapu Electronics Company、Henan Xunfei Artificial Intelligence Technology Company,Lou Yangsheng understands the big model application、Development of artificial intelligence industry,Emphasized artificial intelligence has become a strategic technology and core driving force leading the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change,To strengthen the top -level design,Yang Yi Shi、Forging long board、Make a shortcoming,Accelerate the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry,Work hard to run acceleration Sky bet footballon the new track、Win the initiative。

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At the symposium,Lou Yangsheng listened to the development of the software industry in the province and Zhengzhou City,Some company leaders、Experts make speeches。Lou Yangsheng pointed out,Promote the high -quality development of the software industry,It is the development of new productive forces、Key to cultivate hard core competitiveness。To seize the opportunity of the times,Continuous implementation of digital transformation strategies,Plan for the integration of the software industry with the integrated circuit semiconductor industry、Integrated advance,Actively docking the new technical mode、New development mode、sky bet online casinoNew Organization Mode,Accelerate the iterative upgrade of the software industry,Create a new highland for software industry。To coordinate innovation,Jianqiang Innovation Platform,Focus on industrial software、Supercomputing software、AI basic software and other technical research,Cultivate open source ecology,Accelerate the construction of collaborative linkage、Autonomous and controllable industrial innovation system。To cultivate strong education college,Build a high -quality corporate geese,Create a software famous city garden,Optimize the public service system,Speed ​​up the main body of the software sky bet online sports bettingindustry,Form space gathering、Elements concentration、The development pattern of intensive resource intensive。To persist in citing and centered,Combination of outer quotation and internal education,Build a combination of large ecology with the climate of the climate,Forcering high -end talents,Innovative talent training mode,Create a large number of compound talents and professional and technical talents,Continuous optimization of talent growth environment。To strengthen empowerment to increase efficiency,Strengthen the construction of application scenarios and the local market drive,Improve software products Sky bet footballand service supply capabilities,For industrial transformation and upgrade、Platform economy grows、Digital Agriculture Development、Construction of smart cities provides overall solutions,strong support high -quality development、High -level governance。Pay attention to both hands,Strengthen the organization leaders,Adhere to the collaboration of "tangible hands" and "invisible hand"、Policy supply and factor support linkage、Innovative development and security controlled coordination,Create the software industry ecology of "technology+product+platform+service",Promoting the software industry in our province、Change the way to lead the running。

Sky bet footballChen Xing, An Wei, Liu Shangjin attended.

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao