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Release time: 2024-03-04   Source: CCTV Net

Participate in the group review and discussion,It is an important activity of General Secretary Xi Jinping at the two conferences of the country。Come to the representative members,General Secretary communicates with everyone、Communist country is。A sentence warming heart inquiry,It shows the general secretary of the general secretary's urgency in the lives of the people。

Recalling the scene where the two conferences of the two conferences in 2017,Luo Yunlian's representative memory is still fresh。

"When I talk about Murakami now, there is already a ropeway,Is the General Secretary who can't ask the way immediately? "Luo Yunlian told the General Secretary,Former is a Sky bet sports betting APPladder,Later, it was a horse road,Now is a ropeway。The General Secretary continues to ask if it was approved by the government,Be sure to answer when you get a certainty,Nodded by the general book。

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  On March 5, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping participated in the review of the Inner Mongolia delegation of the 13th National People's Congress.

At the National Two Sessions of 2019,The General Secretary also has a special question "Road"。

A delegation in Inner Mongolia,Wu Yunbo, who just finished speaking, said to the General Secretary: "Villagers invite you from the inside to check it out。"

The General Secretary smiled and asked: "Go to Gacha, how do you go?"

"Airplane、Train、Cars can。"Wu Yunbo's general answer,A laughter at the meeting。

If you want to be rich, build the road first.

"Is there a road to Moqi now?" "Highway has been connected to you?" "How Sky bet footballmany counties are there in Gansu?",General Secretary thinks about the vast country、Travel problems of people in the remote mountainous areas,Ask is both a way in reality,It is the "road" that ordinary people lead to a happy life。

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This is Azilan Village, Gansu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu, Gannan Tibetan Town, Azigan Town, Gansan Town, Gansan Town, Gansan Town, Gansan Town, Gansan Town, Gansan Town, Gansan Town.。

At the two sessions of the country,In addition to the topic of "Road",The General Secretary also cares about many of the people's side things。

2016 National Two Sessions,At the participation of the Hunan delegation's review site,The general secretary is worried about the young male "marrying daughter -in -law" of the young male of Shibong Village。He specifically asked a representative: Sky bet sports betting APP"How many people marry their daughter -in -law last year?",General Secretary cares about the medical treatment of farmers and herdsmen: "Do farmers and herdsmen go to the hospital now?" "Do you have a health room in the village?",How to solve farmers and herdsmen? "

2018 National Two Sessions,When the General Secretary participated in the review of the Inner Mongolia delegation,Ask a representative to ask a small detail in the life of the villagers: "Where are your trash?" After learning that there is a fixed burial point,He also asked if the buried point is located locally。

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Above: In November 2016, the village appearance of Banyan Village, Haixu County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province in November 2016。below: The appearance of Banyanxin Village, Haidong City, Haidong City, Qinghai Province in September 2019。

Sky bet online sports betting APP download2021 National Two Sessions,Tu representative A Yangqing from Xuenu County, Qinghai Province told the General Secretary,The General Secretary has visited Banyan Village.,Villagers' per capita annual income has been increased from 2600 yuan in 2016 to 11419 yuan。The general secretary asked after listening to: "What is the electric heating of the villagers?" Subsequently,Detailed inquiring about the development of the industry in the village: "How does the embroidery industry help to get rid of poverty?"


One piece of people's livelihood "small things",It is the epitome of the "big of the country",Tightly connect the hearts of the leader and the people。

2019 National Two Sessions,When the General Secretary participated in the Henan delegation for review,​​Deeply said: "I often go to some poor areas、sky bet online casinoGo to the countryside,I always have a sentence: What else do you need? "

"Our purpose is to serve the people,Following the people's pursuit of a happy and beautiful life。Our practice process is step by step,A stick one after another。 "

Traffic travel、Garbage treatment、Medical Guarantee、Industry development ... The beautiful life of the people is in this step of practice,A little bit of convergence。

As of the end of 2023,The total mileage of rural highways in the country reaches 4.6 million kilometers,All townships and systems with conditions in the country are passenger cars; clean and heating、Rural toilet reform、"Small troubles" that plagued the people such as garbage classification,It is included in an important meeting of the Central Committee,Become a focus point of reform、Exercise point,sky bet online casinoPutting on the ground is a real strategy; industrial development "Golden Key",Let the countryside glow for vitality,Let the farmers taste the sweetness of getting rich,Let the countryside have a "new picture"; the rural medical and health system is continuously improved,Building the "first line of defense" for hundreds of millions of farmers' health,At the end of 2021,my country's full coverage of the county's rural medical and health institutions ...

One branch and one leaf always cares about love。What people want to think,It is always the constant care of General Secretary Xi Jinping。

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao