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Release time: 2023-07-07   Source: Henan Daily


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July 5th to 6th,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng to Xinxiang Plain Demonstration Zone、Xinxiang County、Yuanyang County、Fengqiu County、Get Jiaxian、Huixian City,Research on the construction of Central Plains Nonggu、Industrial development、Technology Innovation、Flood prevention and disaster resistance。

Construction of Central Plains Nonggu,It is the provincial party committee to carry stable food safety heavy responsibilities、Realizing the major decision -making deployment made Sky bet footballby the self -reliance of the seed industry。Demonstration Zone in the high standard farmland of the Central Plains Farmers Valley,Lou Yangsheng understands the construction of big data platform、construction management mode, etc.,Point out to improve the standard system of high standard farmland construction,According to geographical terrain、Soil structure、Irrigation conditions, etc. are adapt to local conditions、Precise policy,Talent reduction fee、Increased quality and efficiency,Stable improvement of cultivated land,Consolidate the foundation of food safety。In the Central Plains Nonggu (Gongjia) Sky bet sports betting APPDigital Wisdom Center,Lou Yangsheng pointed out,Forms a whole variety door category、Agricultural machinery equipment system for full production cycle,better meet the needs of the individualization and diversification of agricultural production。Xinxiang Comprehensive Test Base of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is the first comprehensive test base built by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the national agricultural main production area,Lou Yangsheng hopes that the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science,and Henan in a wider field、Deeper cooperation,Joint contribution to the breeding industry。

sky bet online casinoIndustry is the main support for the high -quality development of the county economy。In the Huixian City Zhongyuan Smart irrigation equipment manufacturing industrial park,Lou Yangsheng understands the cooperation mode of "Sifang and Two Gardens",Emphasize enterprise、Scientific research institutions、Finance、The market is closely combined,Taking the industry -university -research funds,Promoting the fission effect,Enhance the competitiveness of industrial agglomeration。In Henan Xinxinxin Chemical Group,Lou Yangsheng emphasized,Pay attention to the development of the entire industry sky bet online casinochain,Promote the product to go to the middle and lower reaches、Processing in depth,Realize the full coverage of resource utilization。Jiuyu Quan Food Company、Yuxuan Halal Food Company vigorously develops prefabricated dishes,Lou Yangsheng pointed out,To grasp the new demand of the consumer market,Standardized production,Accelerate digital transformation,Improve the level of intelligence,Make the people eat safer、More nutritional、Hea healthy。

In recent years, Xinxiang City has explored and promoted Changyuan City、Fengqiu County Integrated Development,Construction of the demonstration zone sky bet online casinoof the county economic coordination development,Lou Yangsheng gives full affirmation。In the Changfengfei Earth Industrial Park,Lou Yangsheng asked the company to settle in、Industrial characteristics, etc.,Emphasize the comparative advantage,Unblocked elements flow,Adhere to the support of the industry、Add momentum to innovation、Talent vitality,Bring weakness、Make up for a short short,Forms misplaced development、Licken Development、A new pattern of coordinated development of county development。

The current province is about to enter the key period of flood control in the "seven or eight"。Lou Yangsheng is very sky bet online casinoconcerned about flood prevention and flood preparation,On -site inspecting the construction of the project in Hui County City City, the construction of the project,Emphasize that we must firmly adhere to the people's first、Life first,Strictly implement the working mechanism of "123" and "321",Due to the precise policy due to the situation,Resolutely keep the gold standard that does not occur without a group of deaths and wounds,Make sure safety flood。

Lou Yangsheng also went to Fengqiu County Henan Speed ​​Wicker Precision Manufacturing Company、Hui County Mizuki Meng Electric Carbon Neutralized Vegetable Factory、Winning sky bet online sports bettingYuchi Village and other places in Zizhuang Township, Jiaxian County。

Chen Xing participated in the survey.

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao