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Release time: 2023-05-25   Source: Henan Daily

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May 22nd to 24th,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng to Huangchuan County, Xinyang City、Xi County、Luoshan County,Research and guidance of the revitalization and development of the old district、Development Zone Reform、Village revitalization and other work。

Establish a high -tech industry development zone in Southeast Henan,It is a major decision that the Provincial Party Committee implements the "two better" instrument of General Secretary Jinping's "two better" instructions。Lou Yangsheng to the Southeast High -tech Zone Planning Exhibition Hall,Understand Sky bet sports betting APP space planning、Industrial layout, etc.,Point out to further improve the position,Persevere planning leaders、Multi -regulations,Optimized function layout,Accelerate the development of the city's integration。To strengthen cutting -edge consciousness,Give full play to the location、Ecological and other advantages,The direction of the development of the quasi -industry industry,Threshold for the entry of the jail industry,Gathering Resources、Holding fingers into fist,Create a growth pole that leads to the high -quality development of Xinyang、Test fields in the reform of our province's development zone、"Bridge Head Fort" in the Yangtze River Delta and the Greater Sky bet sports betting APP Bay Area,Explore the innovative development of the old revolutionary district、Green Development、New Road for the development of intensive development。At the construction site of the project construction of the Polytechnic College of Xinyang Teachers College,Lou Yangsheng emphasized,To speed up the connotative development of colleges and universities,Jianqiang platform、strong discipline、Talent,Provide strong support for the development of the Southeast High -tech Zone。Luoshan County Advanced Manufacturing Development Zone vigorously develops the electronic information industry,Lou Yangsheng pointed out,Both are good at "doing excellence",Dare to dare Sky bet football to "have nothing",Broaden development ideas,Dare to think dare to try to break,Shape new new advantages and new kinetic energy。Yiyi High Feature Material Company in Xinyang,Lou Yangsheng emphasized,To cultivate and expand the R & D team,Dare to challenge cutting -edge technology,overcome the problem of "stuck neck" problem。

Promoting the modernization of agricultural and rural areas is the key to building a strong agricultural province。In Zhengdahuangchuan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park、Luoshan House Project in Luoshan County,Lou Yangsheng pointed out,To actively cultivate and develop rural new industries and new formats,Strengthen policy motivation,Introduction to the market subject,Improve the connection sky bet online casino mechanism of interest,Promoting the integration of agricultural, cultural tourism,Promoting agricultural quality and efficiency、Farmers increase production and income。Lou Yangsheng came to Dabieshan Qingchuang Center in Huangchuan County,Understand online sales of agricultural and sideline products,Encourage young people to make good use of new technologies、New format,Drives traditional agriculture to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture。In Henan Yu Dao Agricultural Technology Company、Huaying Agricultural Company、Xixian Jin Sanmai Food Company,Lou Yangsheng encourages enterprises to fight steadily、Seeking steadily,Rich sky bet online sports betting varieties、Improve quality、Plumb the brand,Continue to grow bigger and stronger enterprises。In Henan Agricultural Capital Agricultural Company,Lou Yangsheng learned that the person in charge of the enterprise returned to the hometown and entrepreneurship led to the development of the industry,Emphasize to revitalize the rich human resources of Xinyang,Build a platform、Return to return home,Attract more talents to return、Return to return home。

After a small full time,Our province has entered the harvest period one after another。In the Hyundai Agricultural Industrial Park, weak tendon wheat in Xixian County,Louyang Shengcha to see the growth of wheat,Emphasizing the sky bet online sports betting need to strengthen the later management of wheat fields,Grasp the work of "San Xia",Make sure to yield and harvest、Granules return warehouse。At the "Wine and Wheat Capital" exhibition hall of Xixian County,Lou Yangsheng understands the development of wheat for wine,Emphasize to accelerate the construction of marketization、Professional、Full Chain、The full -covered agricultural service system,Service modernization promotes agricultural modernization。

Lou Yangsheng also returned to the Red Army of the Red Army.、Dabie Mountain Revolutionary Old District Quoting Huai Huai Water Supplying Project、Research on secondary vocational schools in Luoshan County。

Chen Xing participated in the survey.

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