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Release time: 2023-02-22   Source: Henan Daily

February 21,Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lou Yangsheng went to the Provincial Academy of Sciences,Report a new type of research and development institution、Innovation system construction and industry -university -research integration and development、Talent quotation, etc.。

Reconstruction and Revolution of Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences,Lou Yangsheng understands physics、Chemistry、Integrated circuit、Semiconductor and other research institutes construction progress and quantum materials and physics、The establishment of the Institute of Quantum Chemical Intelligence Sky bet sports betting APPCreation Institute,Ask Zhengzhou Research Institute with Harbin Institute of Technology、Pinggao Group、Hongye Holdings Group and other strategic cooperation units in technology research、Product development、The results achieved by talent quotation。He emphasizes,Focus on "Card Neck" technology、Basic materials、Core components、Key equipment, etc.,Increase the intensity of corruption,Accelerate the transformation of results,Promote the deep integration of the innovative chain industry chain,Let more scientific research results be transformed into real productivity。Lou Yangsheng talked cordially with scientific researchers,Ask their research direction、Working environment、Life Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadsituation, etc.,Tell the relevant person in charge to build a platform、Creation conditions、Creation conditions,Solving worries for talents,Let everyone start a business with peace of mind、Concentrated innovation、Rest assured development。

Lou Yangsheng hosted a symposium,Listen to the progress of the work of rebuilding and reviving the work of the Provincial Academy of Sciences、Construction of the Central Plains Science and Technology City Report。He pointed out,Reconstruction and Renovation of the Provincial Academy of Sciences is an innovation driver in our province、Science and Educational Education Province、The key one son of talent strong strategy。For more than a year,We strengthen the top -level sky bet online sports bettingdesign,Follow the rules of innovation,Promote the Provincial Academy of Sciences and Central Plains Science and Technology City、National Technical Transfer of Zhengzhou Center Integration and Development,Reconstruction of the Provincial Academy of Sciences Reconstruction and Revolution of Pharmaceuticals,It has become Henan to build a national innovation high land、"Strong Magnetic Field" of the important talent center。To anchor the target、Keep a fixed force,Yong Climbing Technology Peak,Choose Innovation Beam,Insert technology wings for modernization of Henan、ignite the innovation engine。

One must be built and integrates into the national strategic force system。Adhere to "Top Sky",Focusing Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadon the major strategic needs of the country,aiming at the direction of the industrial transformation of Henan industry,Pick the "Pearl on the Crown" with the ambition to climb the peak,Open a new track for modernization of Henan、Cultivate new kinetic energy、Sales new advantages,Showing the responsibility of high -level technology independence and self -reliance in the country。

Erotic construction while building a result。Give full play to the "magnetic suction" effect of the first -class innovation platform,Efficient gathering innovative resources,Accelerate the laboratory、Research Institute、Construction of Research Institute,Setting first -class topic,Establish a core team,Improve innovation ability,Sky bet footballPromoting R & D solidly、Small test、Test, etc.,Out of more originality、disruptive、iterative scientific and technological achievements。

Three must build a first -class talent team。Continue to increase flexible talent、Rigid Talent、Project gathering strength,Accelerate the introduction of top talents around the world、Leading talents,Extending a large number of young talents、Potential talents,Training talents in all directions,Create the Provincial Academy of Sciences into a gathering highland for high -end innovative talents。

Four Church Construction Promote Industry Upgrade。Better market mechanism、Project mechanism,Promote college、Scientific Research Institute、Enterprise and sky bet online sports bettingother innovative subjects closely in touch、Precise docking、Active cooperation,Realization of industry -university -research、upstream and downstream,Improve the core competitiveness of the industry。

Five must build an innovative "ecosystem"。Deepen the system and mechanism innovation,Accelerate the development of technology finance,Improve the policy system,Strengthen service guarantee,Construction of the Provincial Academy of Sciences into open、Collaborative、Share、Services for service,Create a gathering of research and development institutions、Scientific and technological achievements、Science and Technology Capital、Innovative talents、The "Ecological Circle" of the Provincial Academy of Sciences of the Provincial Academy of Sciences。

Chen Xing and An Wei sky bet online casinoparticipated in the survey.

Editor in charge: Wang Yixiao