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Release time: 2021-12-30   Source: website of the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute

Important discussion

December 30, 1948

Xinhua News Agency published Mao Zedong's Chinese New Year's word "The Revolution to the End"。Article according to the situation of the Chinese people will win the final victory in the great war of liberation,Point out: the enemy will not destroy it by itself,Will not withdraw from the historical stage,We must use the revolutionary method,Resolutely and completely clean all reactionary forces,Persist in defeating imperialism without shakingly,Dowry feudalism,Dowrying bureaucratic capitalism,Out of overthrowing the Kuomintang's reactionary rule,Establishing a Republic of the People's Democratic Democracy, which is the main body of the Workers and Peasants Alliance, nationwide。Make the Chinese nation a big turn,From the semi -colonial land to a real independent country,Make the Chinese people a great liberation,Put the feudal oppression on your head and the oppression of the bureaucratic capital (that is, China's monopoly capital).,and thus cause a unified democratic peace situation,Prerequisites caused by agricultural countries to industrial countries,The possibility of the society exploited by people towards the development of socialist society。The article announces: In 1949, the Chinese People's Liberation Army will march south of the Yangtze River,Political negotiation conferences that will be summoned with the goal of completing the task of people's revolution,Announced the establishment of the People's Republic of China,and form the central government of the Republic。This article includes the fourth volume of "Mao Zedong Selection"。

December 30, 1990

Jiang Zemin emphasized in the speech when the Seventh Plenary Session of the 13th Central Committee of the Central Committee,,It is necessary to combine the general truth of Marxism with China,Continue to advance along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics。He pointed out: Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party,Summarize our experience,Concentrated to a point,It is to combine the general truth of Marxism with sky bet online casinothe specific reality of our country,Take your own road,Socialism with Chinese characteristics。The general truth of Marxism is combined with the specific reality of our country,It is a fundamental and difficult thing。Socialism has strong vitality and strong cohesion in China,This is the combination of this; socialism with Chinese characteristics,Only in this combination can it be formed、Rich and Development。

He talked about continuing to continue to promote reform and expand opening up.,The purpose is to give full play to the superiority of the socialist system,Promoting the development of social productivity and promoting the comprehensive progress of society。Reform must overcome the disadvantages of the past system,We must inherit and carry forward the good experiences we formed in long -term revolution and construction、Good approach and good tradition,and adapt to the new historical conditions constantly created。If you do not resolutely change those systems and methods that are not adapted to the requirements of social productivity development,Disappearance of the past system,Our career cannot move forward。

He pointed out: To properly handle various interests through reform,For example, central and local,Coastal and Mainland,City and Rural,Large -sized state -owned enterprises and other enterprises,and global and local,Long -term and forward,Country、The relationship between the collective and individual and other interests。The basic principle should be,Starting from the common interests of the people of the country,Coordinating and taking into account,Appropriate arrangement,Playing the socialist system can mobilize positive factors in all aspects、Stimulate the superiority of creating spirit in all aspects,Can concentrate the necessary manpower、material resources、Financial resources to do some major events superiority。This means,Both the interests of all aspects,We must adhere to local interests to obey overall interests,The interest in front of the eye obeys long -term interests。

He talked about the realization of common prosperity: Poverty is not socialism。A few people get rich,Most people are poor,Not socialism。The biggest superiority of the socialist system is common prosperity,Prevent bipolar differentiation。The essence of socialism sky bet online sports bettingis mainly reflected here。This speech income "Selected Editors of the Thirteenth CPC" (middle)。

December 30, 2013

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China conducts the twelfth collective learning on improving the study of national cultural soft power。Xi Jinping emphasized when hosting his studies,Improve the soft power of national culture,Strive to spread the concept of contemporary Chinese value。Contemporary Chinese value concept,is the concept of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Represents the direction of China's advanced culture。my country has successfully walked out of a socialist road with Chinese characteristics,Practice proves our road、Theoretical system、The system is successful。To strengthen refinement and interpretation,Expand the external communication platform and carrier,Pass the contemporary Chinese value concept throughout the aspect of international exchanges and communication。

Xi Jinping pointed out,Improve the soft power of national culture,Strive to show the unique charm of Chinese culture。In the process of civilization development in more than 5000 years,The Chinese nation has created a broad and profound and splendid culture,To make the most basic cultural genes of the Chinese nation adapt to contemporary culture、Coordination with modern society,Seeing it with people like it、Promotion with extensive participation,Turn over time and space、Beyond the country、full of eternal charm、Cultural spirit with contemporary value promotes,Inherit the traditional excellent culture and promote the spirit of the times、Based on the contemporary Chinese cultural innovation achievements of the country and the world。It is necessary to systematically sort out traditional cultural resources,Let the cultural relics collected in the Forbidden Palace、Heritage displayed on the vast land、The text written in ancient books is alive。Take care of people,Serving people,Take people with virtue,Improve the level of foreign cultural exchange,Improve the humanities exchange mechanism,Announcement of cultural communication method,Comprehensive use of mass communication、Group communication、Interpersonal communication and other ways to display the charm of Chinese culture。

December 30, 2015

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China conducts 29 collective learning on the historical Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadformation and development of the patriotism of the Chinese nation。Xi Jinping emphasized when hosting his studies,Patriotism is the core of the spirit of the Chinese nation。The patriotic spirit is deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese nation,is the spiritual gene of the Chinese nation,Maintaining the unity of various ethnic groups on the Chinese land,Stimulated generations of Chinese children for the development of the motherland and unremitting struggle。5000 years,The reason why the Chinese nation can withstand countless unimaginable risks and tests,Always maintain strong vitality,Endless,Live Fire,It is inseparable from the deep and long -lasting patriotic tradition with the Chinese nation。

Xi Jinping emphasized,Promoting the spirit of patriotism,Patriotism education must be used as eternal theme。The whole process of patriotism education through national education and spiritual civilization。To deepen the research of patriotism education and the spirit of patriotism,Continuously enriching educational content、Innovative Education Vehicles、Enhance education effect。To make full use of the great achievements of my country's reform and development、Memorial activities of major historical events、Patriotic Education Base、Traditional Chinese Celebration、National sacrifice ceremony, etc. to enhance people's patriotism and consciousness,Use art form and new media,Serving people、Cultural people、Emotional person,Vividly spread the spirit of patriotism,Singing the main theme of patriotism,Make patriotism a firm belief and spiritual reliance on every Chinese person。To promote and practice the core values ​​of socialism,Deeping in the majority of teenagers、Live、Vivid Patriotic Propaganda Education,Let the patriotism spirit take root in the hearts of the majority of teenagers,Let the majority of teenagers cultivate patriotism、The Blood of Strong Popularity、A trip to the country in practice,Let the patriotic spirit pass from generation to generation、Himmons。

December 30, 2020

Xi Jinping presided over the seventh meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Sky bet footballcomprehensive deepening Reform Commission to emphasize,Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party,The Party Central Committee sky bet online sports bettingbreaks through the restraint of ideological ideas with unprecedented determination and strength,Breaking the barriers of solidification of interests,Resolutely break the disadvantages of institutional mechanisms in all aspects,Actively respond to the risk challenges caused by changes in the external environment,Open the momentum like rainbow、The magnificent reform process。The target task determined by the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party is comprehensively promoted,Basic institutional framework in each field is basically established,Historical changes in many fields、Systematic reshaping、Popular Reconstruction,To promote the formation of the system、Scientific specifications、Operating effective institutional system,Make the systems in all aspects more mature and more set and laid a solid foundation,Comprehensive deepening reforms Getting historic great achievements。

Xi Jinping emphasized,There are still many complex contradictions and problems on the road of reform,We have already taken down a lot of hard bones but there are many hard bones to be,There are still many complex contradictions and problems on the road of reform。It is necessary to combine the continuous promotion of reform and service party and state work.,Around the implementation of new development concepts、Build a new development pattern、Strategic target tasks such as promoting high -quality development,Promoting creativity、Leading reform。To combine deepening reforms with the promotion system integration,Focus on the reform measures that focus on basic and have a major traction function,Strengthen institutional innovation and fully linkage and connection support,Improve the comprehensive performance of reform。It is necessary to combine reform and prevention and resolution of major risks,In -depth research and judgment reform situation and task,Scientific planning to promote the implementation of reform、Method、Rhythm,Promoting the reform of reform is steady and far away。It is necessary to combine the inspiration and innovation vitality with the power of forge ahead,Enhanced incentive mechanism,Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of promoting reform in all aspects、Active、Creativity,Promoting Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadthe reform in the new development stage to open a new situation。

Looking back at party history


December 30th to protest a female student in the first -class class to protest in the US military in the United States of China,Peiping students hold a demonstration parade。A campaign to protest the atrocities of the US military at the United States of China.。31st,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China instructed the Underground Party Organization of the Kuomintang Rule of Rule,Movement of major cities to respond to Peiping Student Movement。By January 10, 1947,Storm struggle expand to 26 cities in 14 provinces,Participate in strike、Parade and other students in the total number of students reached 500,000。


On December 30th, Mao Zedong wrote the New Year's Consultation for the Revolution to the End for Xinhua News Agency。


Deng Xiaoping on December 30 pointed out when talking with several central responsible comrades,It is necessary to insist on four basic principles,Opposition of bourgeois liberalization。January 28, 1987,The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Notice on Several Issues of the current Rights Liberalization"。


On December 30th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on Adhering to and improving the multi -party cooperation and political consultation system led by the Communist Party of China,Point out "Long -term coexistence、Supervise each other、Hepatobiliary photo、honor and disgrace and the Communist Party "is the basic policy of cooperating with the Democratic Party of the Communist Party of China,Clarifying the multi -party cooperation and political consultation system led by the Communist Party of China is a basic political system in my country。


December 30th Plenary Seventh Plenary Session of the 13th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted the "Suggestions on the Development of the Ten Years of National Economic and Social Development and the" Eighth Five -Year Plan "。April 9, 1991,The Fourth Session of the Seventh National People's Congress approved the "Plan for the Ten Years of National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China and the Eighth Five -Year Plan"。


December 30th South Water Diversion Middle Line Project was officially launched。December 12, 2014,The first phase of the first phase of the South Water and North Diversion Line is officially connected。


On December 30th, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish the leadership group of the Central Committee for Sky bet footballcomprehensive deepening reforms,The overall design responsible for reform、Coordinated coordination、Overall Promotion、Supervise implementation。March 2018,The Central Leading Group for Comprehensive Deepening Reform was renamed the Central Committee to the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission。


On December 30th, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Opinions on the Establishment of the State Council to Report the State Assets Management System to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress"。October 2018,The Sixth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress reviews the "Comprehensive Report of the State Council on the Management of State -owned Assets 2017" and "Special Report on State Council's Special Report on State -owned Assets of Financial Enterprises 2017"。This is the first time that the State Council will follow "full caliber、Full coverage "requires reporting to the management of state -owned assets to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress。


On December 30th, the State Council announced the "Payment of Payment of Migrant Workers' Wage Payment",Standardize the payment behavior of migrant workers' wages,Guarantee migrant workers to obtain wages in full on time。


On December 30th, Xi Jinping spoke at the 17th meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee.,Sky bet footballcomprehensive deepening reforms Getting historic great achievements,To strengthen the reform of confidence,Gathering reform joint force,Promoting the reform of the new development stage has achieved greater breakthroughs。The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee has been held for more than seven years,A total of 2485 reform plans were launched in all aspects,The reform target task proposed by the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee is generally completed as scheduled。

History moment

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The picture shows the Chinese New Year's word "The Revolution to the End" written by Mao Zedong published by the People's Daily。

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