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Release time: 2021-05-11   Source: Publishing Quality Inspection Center

Learn from history, cherish light

—— Publishing Quality Inspection Center organizes watch the main theme movie

In order to further create a strong atmosphere of sky bet online casinolearning party history and the history of New China,On the afternoon of May 7,Publishing Quality Inspection Center organized all party members and cadres to watch the red main theme movie- "above the cliff",Common and warm red years,Learn the Sky bet online sports betting APP downloadspirit of revolution,Inheritance Red Gene。

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The film tells the secret action code codenamed "Utera" for the execution of 4 Communist agents,Carry out a series of wisdom and fighting brave with the Secret Affairs Department、Thinway story,Drawing and paying tribute sky bet online casinoto the unknown heroes who are in a desperate situation in the spy war,It is a unique party history education class。

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After the movie viewing is over,Comrades have paid tribute to dawn、Revolutionary ancestors for forgetting death。They stand on their lives above the cliff,Sky bet footballFor the country's rich and strong、National dignity and the ideal of the Communists are not afraid of sacrifice,Berlessness and fearless。The greatness of the vow silentness and the lofty hero's speechless,Give us the courage and strength Sky bet sports betting APPof our officers to start a business,Staff as a propaganda front,We will continue to promote the spirit of the revolution,Strengthening party spirit,To act with stronger responsibility、More practical style is invested in your job,Persist Sky bet footballin the position of ideological field,Getting the quality of the publication,Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results。

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang