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Release time: 2021-05-08   Source: Urban Spiritual Civilization Construction Office

On the afternoon of May 7,The Party Branch of the Urban Psychological Civilization Construction Office shall be arranged in accordance with the party history study and education activities of the department,Memorial Hall of the Anti -Japanese Base in the West Henan to carry out the "Removal Revolution journey、Inheritance Sky bet footballRed Gene "theme party day activity。The activity revisited the oath of joining the party,Comrade Zhao Luhe expressed his political birthday speech,Comrade Ma Jie made a micro -party class declaration,Everyone shared the visit experience。

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Memorial Hall for the Henan Anti -Japanese Base Land,Before the red party flag,Everyone revisited the party's oath,Solemn oath,Oath sounds into the ear、Sentence into the heart。


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Sky bet sports betting APPThis theme party day coincides with the 30 -year political birthday of Comrade Zhao Luhe's joining the party,Memories of joining the party and the oath scene,Comrade Zhao Luhe Thinking Thousands of Thinks、Feeling deep。"Thirty years of development,Our party has become a test of wind and waves、Vigorous Marxist ruling party,The socialist system reflects strong vitality and superiority,I also sky bet online casinoexperienced ideological tempering and political experience in this process,Enhanced party spirit cultivation "。

Comrade Ma Jie takes the title of "Lovely Chinese Cute People",Tell everyone about Martyrs Fang Zhimin "seeking truth、firm belief、The revolutionary story of heroic sacrifice "。"Cute China" he wrote with hot emotions tells us: China must have a praise of a bright future。

Comrade Comrade Rui shared Sky bet footballthe visit and study perception: "As a youth generation,Remember not to be afraid of sacrifice、The anti -Japanese spirit of heroic struggle,To enhance the consciousness of party spirit,Keep in mind the party's purpose,Follow the Journey to the Job,Work carefully,Be a qualified party member "。

Everyone said,To promote loyalty to the party、The spiritual characteristics of the dedication,Inherit the red gene with actual sky bet online casinoactions,Stimulation of Endetering Power,Efforts to increase the light for our province's propaganda and ideological work。

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Last,Li Dequan, Secretary of the Party Branch, summarizes his speech,The theme party day event aims to use real cultural relics and fresh historical materials,Further enhanced party members and cadres to listen to the party、Political consciousness and thought consciousness with the party。Review the history sky bet online sports bettingof the party through learning,We want to draw spiritual strength,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission,Carry forward the party’s fine traditions and style,Stimulate the spirit of struggle and the fighting spirit,Refine the strong fighting fortress of the party branch,Give play to the role of the pioneer of the Communist Party members。

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang