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Release time: 2021-04-30   Source: Ideological and Moral Construction Office, Party Committee of Organization

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To deepen the expansion of the Ministry of Organs to contact the Wenxian Civilization Practice Center for assistance,Combining the relevant requirements of the practice of people's livelihood in combination with party history learning,Promote the study and education of party history to the grassroots、Close to the masses,morning April 28,Ideological and Moral Sky bet sports betting APPConstruction Office、The party committee of the organ organizes the party history to preach the volunteer service team to Wenxian to carry out party history declaration into the government、Enter the enterprise、Enter the countryside、Enter campus、Enter the community activity。Five experts and scholars in the county government agency、Industrial Gathering Area、Civilization Practice Center、Xiangyun Town、Wenxian No. 1 Senior Middle School, including 5 places including 5 places, talk about at sky bet online casinothe same time,with the cadres and the masses、Employee、School teachers and students face -to -face communication,In -depth interpretation of the key content and target requirements of party history learning and education。

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Director of the Inspection Office of the Reform Office of the Provincial Party Committee、The first secretary of the village Shengdong、Professor Wang Dongzheng, Professor of Zhengzhou University、Associate Professor Li Xinji, Associate Professor of North China University of Water and Electricity University、Associate Professor Sky bet sports betting APPLi Huawei at Luoyang Normal University、Associate professor of Zhengzhou Vocational and Technical College Yin Hongling and other experts and scholars respectively focuses on the "Centennial Party Leading Qianqiu Weiye", "New Era the Great Spirit of the Party in the New Era", "the scientific connotation and practical requirements of party history learning and education", "New Era Civilization Practice Thinking of the center of the center "" Follow the General Secretary of the Party "and other topics,The theoretical sky bet online casinocounseling for the majority of party members and cadres and cadres from Wen County from different angles and levels、Ideological Guidance、Practical Guidance。5 preaching experts combined with their own experience,Theoretical connection is actual,Delivery,Preaching the magnificent century -old struggle of the Communist Party of China,Help the majority of party members and cadres at the grassroots level to summarize historical experience、Know the laws of history、Master history sky bet online casinoof history,Further unified thinking、Unified will、Unified action,Get the expected activity effect。

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The preaching activities caused a warm response among the majority of party members and cadres in Wen County。They think,By listening to the preaching of experts and scholars,More clearly understanding the party’s struggle and great achievements,It has strengthened the confidence and determination to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation under the leadership of the party。They said,It Sky bet footballwill consciously enhance the "four consciousness",firm "Four Confidence",Get "two maintenance",The spiritual power drawn from the study and education of party history,reflected in the practice of doing practical things for the masses,Further responsibility、Practical for the people,Constantly create a new situation in various tasks,Welcome the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results。

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang