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Release time: 2021-03-22   Source: Organ Party Committee

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Yangchun March,Spring Breeze and Wan。March 18th,Zheng Zhihong, a second -level inspector of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party sky bet online casinoCommittee, led more than 40 young volunteers,To the Chenjiamen Obligations of Dengfeng City, 80 kilometers away from Zhengzhou to participate in the spring voluntary tree planting activity。

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Volunteers depart from Zhengzhou early,Take a buse of a bus and take two and a half hours of Sky bet online sports betting APP downloaddrive.,Arrive at the planting location at 10 am。As soon as you reach the tree planting site,One group of two or three people,wave shovel、Filling in the pit、Step on it、Barrel watering,Planting the next cypress saplings。During the tree planting sky bet online sports bettingprocess,Zheng Zhihong repeatedly remind everyone to dig deep,Water should be poured through,According to the requirements of the gardener,Master the spacing of the saplings。Everyone is full of energy,On the scene, there was a hot laborer scene。With Sky bet footballeveryone’s joint efforts,More than 200 cypress tree seedlings are planted on the hillside。Previous Wildshan Baldo,It quickly put on the tender green,Everyone can't help taking out the phone,Take a group photo with your own labor harvest。

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Trees planting forestry sky bet online casinoskills in contemporary,Li in Qianqiu。Tree planting green is an ecological environmental protection action that everyone can reach,It is also a very meaningful thing in the construction of ecological civilization。After the tree planting activity sky bet online casinois over,Everyone said,I will start with me in the future,Actively participate in volunteer trees,Practice the concept of green development with practical actions,Contributing to the construction of a beautiful Henan。

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