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Release time: 2021-01-21   Source: Organ Party Committee

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January 20 is the traditional Chinese festival "Laba Festival",The Volunteer Service Team of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial sky bet online casino Party Committee launched the "Send Warm" volunteer service activity,Give a carefully prepared warm -keeping scarf to sanitation workers,Send a warm winter warmth。

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At 5:00 am,not yet light,Volunteers of the Propaganda Department have already come to Dongfeng Road sky bet online casino Love Porridge,Send a bowl of hot Laba porridge and big red warming scarf to the hands of sanitation workers。Before this event,The Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee has a timely understanding of the work and life needs of sanitation workers,Buy and send out sky bet online sports betting 200 warm scarf,Get the recognition and praise from sanitation workers,Sanitation workers generally indicate,In the cold winter,We got the party's care and care,Let us feel the warmth and beauty of life ...

"Summer Sending Cool" and "Winter Sending Warm" is a volunteer service sky bet online casino item and activity carried out by the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee,Was that it is generally praised。

Ministry Second -level Inspector Zheng Zhihong、All comrades of the party committee of the government and the release of the news release office、Liu Anbin, Organization Cadre Sky bet sports betting APP Office、Liu Yajun, the ideological and moral department、Liu Zhongwei, Literature and Art Department、The Party's Life Magazine Qi Xin participated in the event。Everyone said,Although counting nine cold days,But can make some contributions to the sanitation workers,Sky bet football I still feel warm in my heart,I must actively participate in volunteer service activities in the future,Let "Dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progress "volunteer service spirit further develops。

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