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Release time: 2020-10-23   Source: People's Daily -People's Daily

Beijing October 22. The reporter learned from the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League: In order to praise the majority of young volunteers and volunteers in the severe performance sky bet online sports betting of the severe struggle against the new crown pneumonia,Condensing and stimulating the majority of members、Young people devoted to the youth struggle for the new journey of the socialist modernization country in an all -round way,Approved by the Party Central Committee,Recently, Sky bet online sports betting APP download the Central Youth League Central Government、The Chinese Youth Volunteer Association awarded Wang Qinglu and 295 people including the title of "Advanced Personal Personal Personal Advanced Individual of Youth Volunteer Services for New Crown Pneumonia"; 149 collective "fighting Sky bet online sports betting APP download new crown pneumonia -pneumonia -pneuming epidemic service youth volunteer service teams such as Zhiqi Youth Volunteer Service Team in Wuhan City "Advanced Collective" title。

Youth volunteers and volunteers who have been commended are outstanding typical and exemplary representatives that emerged in the epidemic prevention sky bet online sports betting and control volunteer service。They are among them,Some rooted communities,Services for residents and masses,Assist in community prevention and control、Personal investigation, etc.;、Airport Station,Assistance to carry out body temperature test、Vehicle investigation, sky bet online casino etc.; Some provide logistical support for medical institutions,Provide volunteer service for children of medical staff。The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League、The Chinese Youth Volunteer Association hopes to be recognized as advanced individuals and advanced collective cherish honors,Connect sky bet online casino again,Give full play to the role of the model,Continue to achieve new results。(Reporter Yi Shuran)

"People's Daily" (06th edition of October 23, 2020)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang