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Release time: 2020-08-27   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

August 26,Reporter from the Propaganda Department、The National Lei Feng Volunteer Service Work Tele Conference on the Central Civilization Office was learned,A total of 19 typicals in our province were selected as the "Four 100" advanced models of Lei Feng Volunteer Service in 2019 and the list of "Most Beautiful Volunteers of Epidemium Sky bet online sports betting APP download Sky bet football prevention and control",Selected quantity ranks among the forefront of the country。

Chen Xiaobing, a member of the Provincial Health Tour Expert Group of the Provincial Health and Health Commission、Zhang Jishan, the head of the Niu Wenyi Volunteer Service Group of Nanyang Teachers College、Song Hongchang, the head of Xiangcheng County Caring for the Poor Elderly Volunteer Association, was selected as the "Most Beautiful Volunteer" in the country; the Zhengzhou Volunteer sky bet online sports betting Service Federation、Zhongyuan Oilfield "Spring Warm Oilfield" Volunteer Service Organization、Luoyang Volunteer Community Painting and Calligraphy Institute was selected as the "Best Volunteer Service Organization" in the country;、Henan famous medical master "take the grassroots to send health" volunteer service project、Luoyang City "Silver -Hair Volunteer Service Team" Fa -Public Propaganda Education Project、Henan Province "Thousands Sky bet football of Miles Seeking him thousands of Baidu" Caring for the wanderer sunshine disabled volunteer service project、Huixian City Chuanzhong Community University Rural Cultural Construction Volunteer Service Project、"Healthy Central Plains Travel · Da Medical Dedication Love" Health Poverty Alleviation Volunteer Service Special Action is selected into the National "Best Volunteer Service Project";、Xinghua Community, Renmin Road Street, Hualong District, Sky bet football Puyang City、Xuchang Jian'an District Xuyi Street Happy Community、Dongfang Street Electric Community, Liangfang Street, Puyang District, Shangqiu City was selected into the "Most Beautiful Volunteer Services Community" in the country;、Zhengzhou Erzhai Community Volunteer Jing Changan, Erqi District, Zhengzhou City、Xue Rong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengzhou Yuanfang Group Xue Rong selected "the most beautiful volunteer in the epidemic Sky bet online sports betting APP download Sky bet football prevention and control"。

It is understood,As of now,There are more than 13 million registered volunteers in our province、ranked first in the country,More than 60,000 registered volunteer service teams,Building 128 county -level new era civilization practice centers、146 volunteer service centers。Especially during the epidemic prevention and control,More than 3 million volunteers in the province are participating Sky bet football in the front line of resistance,Actively participate in the promotion of epidemic prevention knowledge、Production of epidemic prevention materials、Volunteer service activities such as inspection and duty of traffic sites,It has made important contributions to our province's overall promotion of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development。(Reporter Ma Tao)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang