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Release time: 2020-03-05   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

  This new crown pneumonia epidemic,Is a crisis,It's a big test。

  Facing this big test,Moral models at all levels in our province、Good people group、Outstanding volunteers come out at a critical moment,Run the same time,Comparison with the disease,To win the prevention and control of this epidemic,Farewell、Try to work hard。

  Cure for patients from scrambled in the ward,To the silent duty of each epidemic prevention card point in the urban and rural communities;,To the non -stop "soldiers" for the front line、Send warmth to the rear masses ... They marked the height of morality with actual actions,The love of the world explains the responsibility of "good people"。They let the dazzling moral light illuminate the road of war "epidemic",The powerful power of the "epidemic" of the national war with the power of civilization with the power of civilization。

  The front line needs me, I still rush over for the first time

  Epidemic attack,There are always some figures that are silently "retrograde"。"Good Chinese"、The villagers of the villagers of Mizhuang Village, Chengguan Town, Yuanyang County are one of them。

  March 3,Speaking of him and friends buying 12 tons of vegetables to support Wuhan,Leng Zhongyu said: "So many medical staff、People of the people of the people go to Wuhan,I can't stand by my sleeves。”

  Holding this idea,Leng Zhongyu found a friend Ban Yanhui,Top 20,000 yuan together to start purchasing vegetables。February 3,The two drove all the way to gallop all the way,Finally sent 12 tons of love dishes to Huangpi District, Wuhan City。

  Cold Zhongyu's family is not rich,But the donation and donation never hesitate。He said: "Money can earn it again。Although I have nothing to do,But some are strength。Can I earn more than 100 yuan in the same night of cement,Not afraid。”

  He is not afraid of "retrograde",Although he was separated from the outside of the village for more than 20 days, although he was separated from outside the village,但他说:“如果The front line needs me, I still rush over for the first time。”

  Walk to danger! Facing the epidemic,Central Plains Children with a magnificent momentum,The spirit of the struggle fighting the struggle launched the charge to the epidemic。

  "We blame without loan! We are in,Please rest assured! "The battle against the epidemic rang,Henan Province Moral Model、Zhengzhou People's Hospital's rescue group medical staff signed a war letter,Requires to the front line。Shao Qingqing, the head of the emergency department of the two roadside rescue, took the initiative to apply to join the medical team to help Hubei。

  Recording the epidemic prevention and control video smoothly,Rescue vehicles as "epidemic prevention and control video promotional car" ... National Moral Model sky bet online casino Nomination Award winner、Zhengzhou Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team Captain Niu Zhenxi and players,Publicity continuously、Registration、Inspection、Volunteer services such as elimination and disinfecting。

  Use disposable raincoats without protective clothing,Use the top of the swimmers without a goggles ... "Good Chinese"、Puyang Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team Captain Liu Guanzhong led the team to raise funds to buy fog guns、sprayer and disinfectant,Running in Puyang City,Old disinfecting for free。

  There are many moving stories。National Moral Model sky bet online casino Nomination Award winner、The instructor of the Emperor's Temple Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Linghe County, Luohe City and Chen Xiaopan, a villagers' police officer,,From the first day of the New Year to the present,Always "tied" in the village for a moment; "Chinese Good Man"、Zheng Yuhai, a rural doctor in Danan Village, Deng Xiang Town, Zhaoling District, Luohe City, to measure the body temperature hundreds of times,There is never a complaint; Yang Yongfeng, the winner of the National Moral Model Nomination Award, has led the Red Banner Emergency Rescue Team.、Village、Units, etc. for atomizing disinfection operations ...

  The epidemic is endless, we donate more than

  February 18,The first batch of disposable use of the Shengyu clothing production line of Huangchuan County is finally offline。Holding the isolation Sky bet football clothes,National Moral Model、Huang Jiusheng, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Dangchuan County Party Committee, is excited。

  Time Back to the first day of the New Year of the New Year,A "Xinyang Protective Materials Expressive,News about social love donation,Let Huang Jiusheng be anxious as incinerated。That night,He started to buy medical supplies to donate hometown。

  Questions in the circle of friends,Play in the phone book one by one。Kung Fu is not responsible for people。Soon,3,000 isolation clothes raised by Huang Jiusheng、More than 25,000 masks were taken to designated hospitals such as Xinyang Central Hospital。

  The gap is still very large,What should I do? If you ca n’t buy it, you will produce yourself!,Production mask、isolation clothes。Huang Jiusheng immediately found Ma Dengyun, the person in charge,And promised: "I buy the raw material for money,Product I package,Equipment in the factory during production、Electricity fee、Personal salary and other expenses I will all prepaid。”

  Reconstruction production line、Added equipment、Buy raw materials ... to this day,Huang Jiusheng has already injected 2 million yuan in the factory。

  "Now the daily output of isolation can reach 3,000 pieces,The mask machine we buy is about to be in place,The daily output of civilian masks after being put into production can reach 50,000 to 70,000。"Huang Jiusheng said happily,“The epidemic is endless, we donate more than!”

  One party is difficult,Eight Party Support。The land of the Central Plains,Henan people with goodwill,Especially moral models at all levels、Good people group、Excellent Volunteer,There are money to pay money、Powerful contribution。

  National Moral Model、Fan Haitao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Mengdian Group, donated 6.825 million yuan to the Huixian City Charity Federation。He said: "We will continue to raise all kinds of urgent need for medical supplies。”

  National Moral Model、Secretary of the Party Committee of Chunjiang Group, Pei Chunliang, donated 5 million yuan to Xinxiang Red Cross。He said: "I also want to contribute to the fight against the epidemic。”

  National Moral Model sky bet online casino Nomination Award winner、Deng Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Chengcheng Group Deng Zhijun, jointly launched with Xinxiang Red Cross、Establish a "major epidemic prevention fund" in Xinxiang City,Donate 5 million yuan。He said: "Social difficulties,Everyone carry it together。”

  Everyone carry it together! Cheng Wuchao, the winner of the National Moral Model Nomination Award, donated 1.2 million yuan; "Chinese Good Man" Ma Baozi invested 30,000 yuan to buy urgent materials for Zhaozhuang Town Government and town health centers in Baofeng County;,Raiders more than 100,000 yuan in just 24 hours ... as much as possible,A warm currents with love gathered from all directions。

  We must do our best

  "Today,The teacher takes everyone to approach the most beautiful retrograde person — our Chinese backbone。sky bet online sports betting "February 10,Originally the days when the school students started in the country,National Moral Model、Models of the Times、Zhang Yuquan, the principal of Heihu Temple Primary School, Gaoqiu Town, Zhenping County, through the "Nailing" live broadcast platform,Lesson the first lesson for more than 200,000 primary and secondary school students in Zhenping County- "Tribute to the Most Beautiful Rebellion"。

  From 84 -year -old Zhong Nanshan "Handle Handsome",By 73 -year -old Li Lanjuan "Fighting Day and Night",Zhang Yuluo said affectionately。He said: "Now is the key period for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia,We must do our best。”

  Action is the best leader。Not just Zhang Yuquan,Moral models at all levels in the province、Good people group、Outstanding volunteers have exerted their own advantages,Active responsibility as,Silent contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic。

  "Auntie,I have put the dishes at the door,Remember to take。"" Recent time,National Moral Model sky bet online casino Nomination Award winner、Central Plains Oil Field Song Liping Captain Song Liping, Captain Song Liping, has another new identity- "Takeaway Brother"。She and the team 150 volunteers penetrate into the "Three None Community",Actively undertake the personnel of the community home、Insufficient movement of the elderly and the disabled to purchase daily necessities。

  I can't eat well for people with distressed Sky bet online sports betting APP download duty,"Good Chinese"、Qi County Imagine the Future Volunteer Association Chairman Wang Hui Organization Association Volunteers to carry out "You contribute to the epidemic, I will send you breakfast for you",Cumulative more than 400 people with love breakfast for 20 traffic control cards in Qixian District。

  National Moral Model sky bet online casino Nomination Award winner、Song Zhaopu, Dean of Jin Geng Hospital, Ruzhou City, launched the Chinese medicine epidemic prevention video for the first time,and lead the staff of the hospital for processing、Boil Chinese Medicine Decoction,Staff distributed to the front line of the epidemic prevention and control and the masses in the area。

  More good people around you are acting,At the entrance of the community、At the village intersection、Where you need help,Cute "Red Vests" will always be seen。Volunteers help me measure body temperature、Inspection Registration、Disinfection and epidemic prevention、Help Light and Sleeping ... Although across the mask,I can still really feel the power and warmth they passed。

  "Come with love,Dreams are germination,Sunshine Sweeping Haze。"Just as the anti -" epidemic "public welfare song" A Love "created by the musicians of our province,We firmly believe,Warm warmth of the light of morality,Let dedication and love flow into the sea,We will definitely defeat the epidemic,I can take off the mask quickly and see the spring flowers。(Henan Daily reporter Chen Xiaoping)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang