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Release time: 2020-03-05   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

  Volunteer friends in the province:

  Everyone has worked hard!

  On the occasion of learning Lei Feng Volunteer Day,I would like to extend holiday greetings to volunteers and friends in the province! At the beginning of the Lunar New Year,Sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic seriously threatens the health and life safety of the people,It also profoundly affects the normal production and living order of urban and rural areas。At this critical moment,Volunteers in the province resolutely respond to the call of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,According to the Provincial Party Sky bet football Committee、The deployment requirements of the provincial government,The main battlefield of winning the prevention and control of the epidemic is the main battlefield for volunteer service,Sincere dedication、Habies of hard work,Vigorously promote the spirit of Lei Feng、Volunteer Spirit,"Volunteer Red" shining everywhere in the Central Plains Greater,Put warmth and movement to this warm and cold spring。

  Blast Knowing Grass,See the true feelings in the trouble。Face the rare epidemic,Volunteers are not afraid of risk、Not gaining gains and losses、Make difficulties and go up,Actively devoted to the first -line prevention and control of the epidemic。In the community、Station、traffic intersection,Volunteers sky bet online casino are on duty day and night,Do personnel investigation seriously and responsible、Measted body temperature、ABC shopping、Sanitary disinfection and other work,Building a grass -roots defense line for group control;,Volunteers actively contact raw materials for the enterprise、Recruitment,Coordinate and solve outstanding problems in production links,Free supply of daily necessities,Maintenance of production order,Provides a strong guarantee for the full load production of the enterprise;,New Era Civilization Practice Center、、Standing into an important position for epidemic prevention and control,Volunteers promote epidemic prevention knowledge、Strictly guard against the entrance and Sky bet football exit of the village、Discounted villagers gather、Caring for the poor,Channel that strives to cut the epidemic spread to rural areas。Some volunteers bravely retrograde to Wuhan,Participate in Vulcan Mountain、Construction of Lei Shenshan Hospital,Volunteers on the streets of Wuhan; some volunteers carry out online psychological guidance,The psychological pressure and trouble brought by the epidemic to people; some volunteers donate and donate,Type to raise a mask for the medical staff、Bymented mirror、Protective clothing,Provide disinfectant for the community、Gloves、Chinese medicine preparations, etc.。The enthusiastic dedication and hard work of the vast volunteers,Make the Central Plains land full of love Sky bet football for love、Good power,Has made important contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Henan。Here,Express you sincerely thanks and respect and respect!

  Gift Rose,There is a fragrance of the hand; dedicate to others,Happy harvest。Current,The province's epidemic prevention and control work is getting better and better.,Enterprise starts to resume work and production,Students are about to return to school to re -school,But the situation of the epidemic is still severe and complicated,The People's War of the Prevention and Control of the Epidemium、General Battle、The blocking war also needs to pay hard work。Volunteers in the province must thoroughly study and implement the important instructions and instructions of General sky bet online sports betting Secretary Xi Jinping on doing a good job of volunteer services,Tightly around the center、Service Greats,New requirements with the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control,Continuously launch new volunteer service projects,Carrying out various volunteer service activities for mass production and life under the leadership of party organizations at all levels,Giving warmth to others、In contribution to society,Demonstrate the ideal beliefs of Henan people、Love goodwill、Responsibility,Continue to write the story of Lei Feng in the new era with actual actions。At the same time,Pay attention to the combination of work and rest,Strengthen your own protection,Invest in follow -up work with strong energy。

  Ji Xiaoshan is a good good,Good Mo Da。I hope that more and more cadres and the masses will join in the volunteer team,Each point is warm as light,Each force is precious,You Zhicheng City has you、I have me。We firmly believe,Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,There is the Provincial Party Committee、The solid advancement of the provincial government,The heroic and tenacious Central Plains children are united,The sincere dedication of the vast number of volunteers,We can definitely achieve the dual victory of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development,Write a more colorful chapter in the Central Plains in the new era!

  The Guidance Committee sky bet online sports betting of the spiritual civilization construction of Henan Province

  March 5, 2020

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang