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Release time: 2020-02-28   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

  What are the new progress of our province's epidemic prevention and control work? In the fight against the epidemic,What is the role of the vast number of volunteers? February 27,At the eighteenth press conference of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the Provincial Government News Office,Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department、Provincial Federation of Trade Unions、League Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Women's Federation、Provincial Health and Health Committee、Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department、Zhengzhou Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team and other related units and organizations in charge,Just the above questions,Responsible public concerns。

  For 10 consecutive days, 1 million masks are put on market every day

  February 26th,1 case of new new coronary pneumonia in our province (Nanyang),39 new cases of hospitalization,Death 1 case。A close contact with medical observation 697 people。As of 24:00 on the 26th,The province has reported a total of 1272 cases of confirmation of new crown pneumonia,sky bet online sports betting Cumulative 1062 cases of discharge,​​Currently treating 190 cases in the hospital,4 cases of existing suspected cases。

  Mask Questions for everyone,Provincial Extraction Prevention and Control Headquarters Office Deputy Leader of Comprehensive Group、Zhang Ruoshi, deputy director of the Provincial Health Committee,February 26,The third batch of mask markets have begun,1 million per day,10 days in a row,Cover the whole province。

  Zhang Ruoshi also introduced the cooperation and linkage of relevant units of the provincial joint control mechanism。Provincial Market Supervision and Law Enforcement and Inspection Department of the Provincial Market Supervision and Law Enforcement and Inspection Department、Wildlife illegal transactions and other illegal acts have made a strong blow to illegal acts,As of February 24,Investigating case 993,2.23 million fake masks are seized; the provincial health department continues to promote the work of epidemic prevention.,As of February 26,Create a total of 316 science popular products,Cumulative playback volume of 560 million times。

  More than 3 million volunteers in the province are engaged in the front line of epidemic prevention

  "More than 3 million volunteers in our province actively participate in Sky bet football the first -line volunteer service of epidemic prevention。"Zhao Yunlong, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee,January 28,The Provincial Civilization Office issued the "Proposal to A call to call on the majority of volunteers to actively participate in the prevention and control of epidemic" to the province,All provinces and cities and counties (cities、Area) Action immediately,The positive situation of provincial and county -level mobilization is formed in our province。

  Volunteers actively participate in the promotion of epidemic prevention knowledge、Community and village duty、Direction of traffic sites、Service Activities such as Special Incompurate Groups。Moral models at all levels in the province、Good people group、Outstanding volunteers donate and donate,shows the moral glory of Henan people。

  Introduction to Zhao Yunlong,New Era Civilization Practice Center (Institute、Station),Give full play to rooted at the grassroots level、Advantages close to the masses,Establishing a fighting epidemic volunteer service team,Mobilization organizations more than 1.5 million grass -roots volunteers join volunteer services such as urban Sky bet football and rural communities prevention and control,Jianjia joint control、The mass foundation of group defense and group rule。

  A total of 615 million yuan of donations and donations at all levels of labor models at all levels

  Provincial Federation of Trade Unions issued initiatives,Call for employees in the province、Model workers actively engaged in the epidemic prevention and control block,and organize the "being with you" employee volunteer service activities,Help the epidemic prevention and control and the re -production of enterprises。

  Huang Jianzhong, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions,According to incomplete statistics,A total of 21312 tribes of workers' volunteer service teams at all levels in the province,678,000 volunteers participating in the epidemic prevention and control employees。A total of 615 million yuan of donations and donations at all levels of labor models at all levels。

  "For better service employees,Provincial Federation of Trade Unions opened 400-680-6101 psychological assistance hotline,Provide 24 -hour free professional psychological counseling services; experts from all local trade unions、Lawyers carry out 24 -hour hotline legal assistance volunteer service。"Huang Jianzhong said。

  Young volunteer service time has exceeded 11.63 million hours

  Since the epidemic in the new crown pneumonia,Mobilization of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China,Recruiting 39,000 emergency youth volunteers,Established Youth Assault Team 843,Service duration over 11.63 million hours。

  Li Li, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Provincial Party Committee,In addition to being a good online and offline "propagandist",A total of 16,000 emergency young volunteers in the province adhere to the front line of prevention and control in the community and villages,Be a good "goalkeeper"。

  In order to be the "Guardian" of the Angel Family in White and the Love "Liaison Officer",Our province launches special volunteer service actions such as the "front -line" medical staff family "hand -pulling" and other special volunteer service operations; all the league committees of 17 provinces and municipalities and Jiyuan Demonstration District of the province will open the "12355" psychological service line,Psychological counselor 24 hours online rotation service。

  1.5 million volunteers to light up women's highlights

  "Since the epidemic occurs,Provincial Women's Federation actively organizes mobilization of the Women's Federation Executive Committee、Women's representative、‘Four Groups and One Team’、‘Most Beautiful Family’Sky bet sports betting APP , etc. Join the volunteer service team,A total of 1.5 million volunteers in the province actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic。"Ping Ping, vice chairman of the Provincial Women's Federation, said。

  Volunteers who are active in 48,000 communities and villages in the province have gone early and participated in joint control and control,Build a guardian community、Valid defense line。

  Family for assisting Hubei front -line personnel,Initiating "Yu Love Complex,Anti -resistance epidemic "public welfare project and the" three -off "mother -in -law's heart warming service,Raiders raised 2.86 million yuan,Guard the "Harbor" for "Rebellors"。

  Zhengzhou 214,500 volunteers warm the whole city

  Deputy Minister of the Propaganda Department of Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee、Pei Baoshun, Director of the Municipal Civilization Office,Zhengzhou not only fully launched the "Greentown Messenger -Little Red Elephant · Health" volunteer service,Also play the advantage of the work mode of "Community Party Building+Volunteer Service",Fully build the first line of defense of the community joint defense joint control,Actively unite volunteer service for all sectors of society,Practice "Dedication、Sky bet online sports betting APP download Friendship、mutual assistance、Progressive Volunteer Service Spirit。

  Introduction to Pei Baoshun,Started by itself until 0:00 on February 27,The city recruits a total of 214,500 volunteers,Among them, 128,600 party volunteers,More than 100,000 volunteers in the nearly 5 days。

  "Participating in the epidemic prevention and control is the glory of each volunteer"

  "Participating in the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service is the glory of each of our volunteers。"" "" "" ",Zhengzhou Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team Captain Niu Zhenxi said his voices on behalf of the majority of volunteers。

  Since the epidemic occurs,Zhengzhou Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team Except insisting on water rescue,Also carry out the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service。26 team members voluntarily sign up to participate in the prevention and control of the community outbreak,Actively carry out warm -hearted convenience service,Assisting Henan Red Cross Society to load and unload the transfer assistance area of ​​protective supplies for more than 10,000 pieces。(Reporter Chen Xiaoping)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang