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Release time: 2020-02-11   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

  There are some needs, and there must be something. If the state -owned needs, I will go forward.

  There is such a group of people,They are in the community、Village、Publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention at the intersection,Guide people to raise awareness of protection; they stick to the prevention and control detection point of various epidemics,Inspector registration staff、Measured body temperature; they always appear at the moment everyone needs help,Help the poor、Help Lao and Young、Generous pocket ... They have a common name -volunteer。

  Faced with the aggressive new type of coronary virus pneumonia epidemic,Volunteers in our province come forward,Zhongzhi Chengcheng,Work together to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic,Turn love and good、light and heat,Pass to everyone who is shrouded in the haze of the epidemic,Use actual actions to contribute to winning the prevention and control of the epidemic,Build a tight defense line for group defense and group treatment with a bright "volunteer red"。

  Difficulty when a hundred responses are overly over

  Life is more important than Taishan,The epidemic is command,Prevention and control is responsibility。Effective and effective prevention and control epidemic is the most important task of the current new era of civilization practice volunteer service。

  "The province's volunteers friends,Let's act together,Win this battle of health and health without smoke! sky bet online casino "January 28,The Provincial Civilization Office issued the "Proposal to calling on the majority of volunteers to actively participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic",Calling the province's volunteers to strengthen individual and family protection、Actively participate in community volunteer service、Publicity prevention and control policies and knowledge、Give full play to professional expertise、Actively dedicate love、Consciously resist the rumor,According to the unified command of the local party committee and government、Unified arrangement,In the New Era Civilization Practice Center (Institute、Station) Under the organization,Scientific and orderly participating in volunteer service activities,To curb the spread of the epidemic、Guarding the people's health into new motivation。

  Introduction to the initiative,Yixai Ying。"Nursing major in my university,Please participate in the front line of community epidemic prevention "" I am young,Contact me at any time "" Although I am too old,But as a registered volunteer,I can top it at any time "... Volunteers from all over the province come forward,Go all out to invest in the epidemic prevention and control work。

  Civilization Office of the province、Volunteer Federation, etc. also issued proposals、Public letter,Call the vast number of volunteers to participate in the epidemic prevention and control volunteer service。

  Zhengzhou organized the "Greentown Messenger -Little Red Elephant · Health" volunteer service activity,More than 115,000 volunteers combined online and offline,Carry Sky bet online sports betting APP download out community personnel access guidance、Key personnel registration and care、Cleaning of key parts、Volunteer services such as special difficulties for groups; Kaifeng City mobilizes civilized units at all levels to participate in community volunteer services,Collaborative assistance communities do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic; there are more than 1500 volunteer service organizations participating in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Luoyang City,There are more than 100,000 volunteers; the new era of civilization practice (station) of the new era of Luohe City set up an epidemic prevention and control volunteer service team、Establishing a publicity point for epidemic prevention and control,Orderly participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic ... Volunteers from all over the province insist on volunteer services and the same frequency resonance of the mission of the anti -epidemic centers,Build a strict line of defense for group defense,It has strongly supported the first -line front -line anti -attack epidemic。

  A "Volunteer Red",Shining Great Central Plains,Become a unique landscape in the anti -epidemic front。

  Pioneer of Party members pioneers and fight for the first

  Dare to take care of the big things,Volunteers of the majority of party members are standing in the epidemic prevention and control "outpost",The touching stories are interpreted with true feelings and hard work。

  The epidemic coming from the emergence,Let the multi -mask report urgently,Protection service emergency,Changyuan City, Sky bet sports betting APP known as "the capital of Chinese medical consumables",Various types of security companies face insufficient raw material supply、Difficulties in the logistics supply are not smooth。

  ​​"The government outside the corporate fence will solve it。"" In order to ensure the production of health materials companies,Changyuan City's main leaders actively act as "volunteers" for serving enterprises to produce "volunteers",Mobilize each organ、Enterprise and Institutions、More than 1,000 volunteers such as party members and the masses,Provide comprehensive volunteer services for the efficient production of enterprises。

  Pick up the party flag,Wear party members' badge,Early morning, January 28,Xu Garden Community, a 63 -year -old party member of the Yuyuan Community of Xida Street Office, Weidu District, Xuchang City, together with a number of volunteers in the area,The prevention and control card point at the entrance of the community,Starting one day of duty。The day before,He solemnly submitted his own war book to the community party branch,"As an old party member,I actively ask for the front line of participating in the work of fighting against the new crown pneumonia.,Request organization allocation task。”

  "A fight against the epidemic is one" "I want to participate" ...、A strip information makes Feng Haifeng, chief of the civil servants of the Organization Department of the Luyi County Party Committee.。Luyi County launched the "Bright identity among the party members and cadres throughout the county,War front line,Sky bet online sports betting APP download Prevention of epidemic "activity,Recruiting party members volunteers participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic,less than two hours,The number of volunteers registered exceeds 1500 people。

  Where is there any difficulty,Wherever there are party members volunteers。A medical device manufacturer in Lushan County,Provide protective supplies for Wuhan,People are seriously not enough,Local party member volunteer service team will go to the factory area for the first time,relieved the pressure of the enterprise;、Deep Village (Street) to investigate home -to -home personnel; Jiyuan Demonstration Zone is in accordance with the "community party member + organ party member",Carpet epidemic investigation in the community; Nanyang City launched a party member "Raid the Party Banner Fight、Liang Party Hui Dang Pioneer "Volunteer Service Activity,Organize party member volunteers to report to the community and units where their place of residence is located ...,Party volunteers make people feel real warmth、Surging power。

  Zhongzhi Chengcheng build a prison defense

  The epidemic ruthless person is affectionate。In the afternoon of January 29,Chunjiang Group donated 5 million yuan to Xinxiang Red Cross。"I saw that party members and cadres were paid for the prevention and control of the epidemic these days,I am deeply infected,I also want to contribute to the fight against the epidemic。"National Moral Model、Pei Chunliang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Chunjiang Group。

  In Xinxiang、In Zhumadian、In all parts of the province,Moral models at all levels、"Chinese Good Man"、"Good Man in Henan", etc.,One sky bet online sports betting after another to donate and donate materials,Common resistance to the epidemic。National Moral Model、Fan Haitao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Mengdian Group, donated more than 6 million yuan of funds and materials to Huixian Charity Federation,It is used to fight against the epidemic;、Dang Zhijun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Henan Chengcheng Group, jointly launched the establishment of the "major epidemic prevention fund" in Xinxiang City, the Xinxiang Red Cross Association,Donate 5 million yuan; Moral Model of Henan Province、He Xinyi, Secretary of the Party Branch of Mengzhuang Village, Shuitun Town, Yicheng District, Zhidian City, took the lead in donating 100,000 yuan,and try to purchase 15,000 masks and 60 cotton clothes for the front -line epidemic prevention personnel in Shuitun Town ... The relay of love donation is expanded in the Central Plains。

  "Because of the epidemic,I have been at home for five or six days,I can't sleep、Can't eat meals,What should I do? "January 30,The phone of the youth comprehensive service center of Pingdingshan City sounds,Volunteer Zhao Yingchun quickly picked up the handset,Careful listening to the voice of the masses at the side of the phone。

  To keep the public's psychological defense line,Pingdingshan City Create a "Micro -Heart War" public welfare volunteer service project,Organize professional psychological counseling volunteer service team,Provide psychological assistance for medical staff in the epidemic area and the people in the epidemic area in anxiety; Sky bet sports betting APP Xinyang City specially established a professional volunteer service team in psychological crisis intervention during the prevention and control of Xinyang outbreaks;,Arrange a team of psychological experts all day on duty ...

  "The family of the Chinese nation,I want to send it to the front line。"The Uyghur compatriots in Hualong District, Puyang City, the Uyghur compatriots, Abulu Sima Yili, gave 1,000 hot cakes to the epidemic prevention and control personnel in the area under the jurisdiction。

  "If there is a demand for material procurement,Please send me WeChat,After the purchase is completed, distribute。"The vast number of young volunteers in various places are both buyers,It is also a delivery person,Send care and warmth for home isolated staff。

  At the same time,Mask、Box lunch、Rainwear、Body Thermometer、Instant Noodles、mineral water ...,Many volunteers who do not know their names have a loving epidemic prevention、Life materials are sent to the hospital、traffic card point、In the hands of first -line epidemic prevention workers such as grass -roots communities。

  Zhongzhi Chengcheng,Build a line of defense。Central Plains Earth,From cities to rural areas,From the street to the alley,From the Internet to the Internet,The figure of "Red vest" everywhere。In this blocked battle without smoke,Thousands of volunteers will surrender a warmth answer sheet to defeat the epidemic。(Reporter Sun Xin Chen Xiaoping)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang