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Release time: 2019-12-06   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

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Figure December 4,Volunteers in Jiaozuo Liberated Area on the streets to carry out various forms of volunteer services such as cleaning and other forms of environmental cleaning。Li Lianggui Photo

December 5th is International Volunteer Day,Our province Sky bet online sports betting APP download ’s volunteer and volunteer service team helps“ Civilization Henan ”and“ Beautiful Henan ”construction,Active in poverty alleviation、Community governance、Help Laosuke and other fields,Become a beautiful landscape。The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Civil Affairs,As of December 4,The total number of Henan volunteers registered sky bet online casino on China Volunteer Service Network reached 12869790,rank first in the country; 110,450 new volunteer service projects in the third quarter of this year,The first place in the country。

From the perspective of geographical distribution,Nanyang City、Luoyang City、Zhengzhou real -name registered volunteers exceed one million people。From the perspective of age distribution,Sky bet sports betting APP The number of people between the age of 18 and 28,up to 2744715 people,accounted for 22.7%; followed by 45 to 60,The number of people reaches 2600063,accounting for 21.5%。

Volunteers in our province are mainly divided into community volunteers in the field of service、Civilized Volunteer、Young volunteer、Cultural Volunteer、Education Volunteers、Medical Volunteers、sky bet online casino Assist the disabled volunteer、Wells Volunteer、Fire volunteers、Poverty Alleviation Volunteers、Red Cross Volunteer, etc.。

52230 registered volunteer service groups in the province,Among them, the number of legal person organizations has a total of 744。The service items have been registered

432290,The total length of the project reaches 155693927 hours。The number Sky bet football of people with a service time of more than 100 hours reaches 370409 people。In 2018, Lei Feng Volunteer Services Services "Four 100" advanced typical selection activities,There are 18 typical selected in our province,and Shanghai、Jiangsu Province is tied to nation's first。

The "Three District Plan" projects supported by social workers in deep poverty areas、Provide sky bet online casino social work service projects for left -behind children and children with difficulties ... in recent years,Caring for the poor、Help to win the battle of poverty alleviation,Volunteer services in the province play an irreplaceable important role。(Reporter Lu Song)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang