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Release time: 2019-10-16   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

  October 15,The province's poverty alleviation volunteer service publicity and display and "Zheng Gongbi" excellent charity project exchange activities are held in Zhengdong New District Ruyi Lake Sky bet online sports betting APP download Cultural Plaza。Our province's 22 outstanding charity projects and volunteer representatives participated in the display,Content involved a subsistence allowance family、Dilemma children、Elderly elderly people and other fields have poverty alleviation volunteer service projects。

  In recent years,The Sky bet sports betting APP Provincial Department of Civil Affairs guides and supports the province's social work professionals in the key county (district),Implementation of "Social Work Professional Talent Services Poverty Area Program", "Social Work Intervention Insurance Veylle", "Charity Social Work Poverty Alleviation Plan", "Left -behind Children Sky bet online sports betting APP download Care Protection Program" and other social work poverty alleviation plans,Help the province for precision poverty alleviation、Precise poverty alleviation。

  At the same time,Volunteers and volunteer service organizations in the province are in poverty alleviation、Help the elderly and rescue lonely、Holding Diseases Sky bet online sports betting APP download for Disability、Assistance to school, student, etc.,It also carried out various formal volunteer service activities,A strong social poverty alleviation power is burst。As of the end of June this year,The number of volunteers in our province is close to 12 million,rank first in the country; 271945 volunteer service projects Sky bet football organized by the organization,rank third in the country; 70 registered poverty alleviation volunteer service groups in the province,129,000 poverty alleviation volunteers。

  Relevant person in charge of the Sky bet sports betting APP Provincial Department of Civil Affairs,Next,The provincial civil affairs system will also mobilize the province'sky bet online sports betting s charity、Social workers and volunteer service forces,Continue to promote poverty alleviation、Ji Shui、Help Lao、Save Lonely、Tie Disease、Help、Disaster relief、help doctor、Social service activities in key areas such as assistance and large -scale activities。(Reporter Lu Song)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang