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Release time: 2019-03-15   Source: Yu Xuan Civilization Creation

Civilized March Tree New Wind, Volunteer Service Enter the Community

—— The Volunteer Service Team of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee launched a volunteer service in the community

  In order to implement the "Regulations on Volunteer Service of Henan Province",Practicing the volunteer service spirit of "dedication, friendship and mutual help",Carry out Learning Lei Fengyue Volunteer sky bet online casino Service Activities,Promote civilized operation,Enhance the awareness of rights protection,March 15th,Party members of the ministries and authorities came to the provincial party committee community to carry out propaganda with integrity、Volunteer Service Activities of Cleaning Home Theme。

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  9 am at 9 am,Under the leadership of Comrade Zhao Yunlong, Deputy Minister,Party member volunteers of the ministries and authorities concentrated on the new office location of the provincial party sky bet online casino committee community。Building a community as a counterpart,Volunteers visited the new office site,See the library、The books and learning materials of the party member activity room have not been fully in place,Volunteers actively claim the task,Add spiritual food to the community public service area,Make the masses' activities in the community can be more colorful。

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  After the visit,Volunteers split up,Enter the community、Merchants and streets,Volunteer service。March 15th is the International Sky bet online sports betting APP download Consumer Rights Day,To promote the construction of social integrity,Enhance consumer awareness of rights protection,Promote the integrity of merchants,Volunteers have printed with integrity business propaganda pages、Initiative and consumer rights protection knowledge manual。Merchants along the street,Volunteers seriously tell the meaning of integrity operation to the merchants,Promote merchants to abide by professional ethics,Performing social responsibility,Sky bet sports betting APP Actively strive for industry samples。In the residential area,Volunteers distribute the publicity of consumer rights protection knowledge to the community,Actively spread the concept of rational consumption,Lead the masses to take the initiative to learn and understand consumer rights protection mechanism,Learn Consumer Rights Protection Law, etc.,Effective improvement of the masses' supervision awareness and ability to protect rights in accordance with the law。In the clean Sky bet sports betting APP home activities,Volunteers and community workers conduct road length system inspections,Put the bicycle sharing neatly,Collect the bad damage vehicles,Promote promotional civilization sharing to residents、The concept of green travel。In order to further beautify the appearance of the city,Volunteers pick up pavement garbage、Clean up the dead corner of hygiene,Concentrated cleaning of the debris in the residential building of the community,Created a comfortable living environment for community residents。

  Lei Feng spirit everyone can learn,Dedication can be everywhere。March is learning Lei Fengyue,The Party Member Volunteer Service Team of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee carried out a rich content volunteer service activity with different themes,Consciously promote the spirit of Lei Feng,Creator and spreader who strives to be a good social fashion,Practice "Three Expods",Efforts to strive to create model agencies。

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang