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Release time: 2019-03-06   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

  March 5,The Symposium on Lei Feng Activities in the Provincial Learning Activity was held in Dengzhou, the first Leifeng City in China。Lei Feng's comrade -in -arms、Learn Lei Feng Sky bet online sports betting APP download Paper、Representative of the National Learning Lei Feng Activity Demonstration site、Representatives of the Provincial Propaganda System、Representatives of Leifeng Magazine, etc., gathered together,Talk about Lei Feng's spiritual connotation,Discuss how to practice Lei Feng's spirit in the new era。

  Nanyang City、Puyang City、Relevant person in charge of Wangcheng District, Changsha, Changsha, Leifeng has introduced it.、Learning Lei Feng Activity、Experience and achievements in promoting Lei Feng's spiritual landing root。Dengzhou City "Outside Leifeng Group"、The representative of the "Lei Feng Troupe" sky bet online sports betting of Gaomi City, Shandong Gaomi, do a good job of volunteer service、The angle of the Lei Feng Volunteer Team of Construction,I introduced their own methods and measures。National Learning Leifeng Activity Demonstration Point -The Demonstration Brigade of the Traffic Management Division of Luohe Public sky bet online casino Security Bureau、Zhumadian City Disabled Persons Federation、The representative of the dredging class of the women's dredging class of the Municipal Management Office of the Nanyang Urban Management Bureau tells the touching deeds of their respective positions to practice Lei Feng's spirit。The National Job Student Lei sky bet online sports betting Feng Patriotic Zhang Yuquan tells the journey of the 18 -year -old heart of deep -rooted mountains。

  Everyone agrees,It is necessary to take the job of studying Lei Feng and Xue Lei Feng volunteer service activities as an effective carrier for cultivating and practicing the core values ​​of socialism,sky bet online casino Integrated into school education、In the construction of spiritual civilization and social management,Promote the normalization of posts Lei Feng and Lei Feng volunteer service activities、institutionalization,Formation of fresh air righteousness to lead social progress。(Reporter Meng Xiang Dongwu Mandi)

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