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Release time: 2019-01-09   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

With the continuous expansion of the field of volunteer service,Volunteer service activities continue to deepen,The right to guarantee the rights and interests of the volunteers and the urgent incentives need to be put on the agenda。To protect and promote the development of volunteer service cause,Our province issued the "Regulations on Volunteer Service of Henan Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations")。Article 1 of the Regulations clearly points out its legislative purpose,"Guarantee Volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization、The legitimate rights and interests of the volunteer service object,Encourage and regulate volunteer service,Promoting the institutionalization of voluntary service "。Based on this legislative purpose,The Regulations clearly clarify the support guarantee and incentive measures from the government and society。

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sky bet online sports betting Protecting volunteer rights in accordance with the law is the enthusiasm of mobilizing volunteers、Fundamental requirements for the healthy development of voluntary service cause。The basic rights and interests of volunteers mainly include: First, the right to know,Volunteer Service Organization should explain the true real of the volunteer when recruiting volunteers、Accurate、Complete information and the risks that may occur during the volunteer service process; the second is the right to be trained,Volunteer service organizations to arrange volunteers participating in volunteers require special knowledge、Skills,Relevant training should be carried out on volunteers; the third is the right to security,Volunteer Service Organization arranges volunteers to participate in volunteer service activities that may occur.,It should buy the corresponding personal accident insurance insurance for volunteers; the fourth is the protection right of personality dignity and personal information,Volunteer Service Organization、Sky bet online sports betting APP download Volunteer service targets should respect volunteer personality dignity,Without the consent of the volunteer,It must not be disclosed or leaked its relevant information; the fifth is to issue the right of volunteer service certification,Volunteers need a volunteer service record certificate,Volunteer Service Organization shall be free of charge based on volunteer service records、Truth issued。These regulations,It is conducive to avoiding the legitimate rights and interests of the volunteers being infringed,Lift the worries for volunteers,attract and motivate more people to participate in volunteer service activities。

Highlight the policy guarantee for volunteer services

The sustainable development of voluntary services cannot be separated from government guidance and support,Unlike the extensive participation of society,The Regulations clarify a series of guarantee measures to promote the development of volunteer services。First, emphasize the guidance role of the government。The Regulations stipulate in the general rules,People's governments sky bet online sports betting at all levels should incorporate the volunteer service undertakings into the national economic and social development plan,Reasonable arrangement of funds required for volunteer services,Promoting wide coverage、Multi -layered、Volunteer services for wide fields; clarify the Civilization Office leading coordination,The civil affairs department is responsible for administrative management,Relevant departments do the corresponding volunteer service work within their respective responsibilities。The Regulations Chapter 5 Standards,People's governments at all levels and relevant departments can pass the purchase of services and other methods in accordance with the law,Support volunteer service operation management; natural person、Donated property of legal persons and other organizations for volunteer services,Enjoy tax discounts in accordance with the law。Second is to encourage relevant units、Organization provides support help。Regulations stipulate,Encourage and support sky bet online casino enterprises and institutions、Grassroots mass autonomous organizations and other organizations provide venues and other convenient conditions for voluntary services; encourage public cultural facilities、Urban and rural community、Airport Station、Airport Station、Plaza Park、Scenic Spots and other units to establish a volunteer service site。Third, pay attention to combining Leari's volunteer service with spiritual civilization creation activities。The Regulations clearly stipulate,The construction guidance agency of spiritual civilization at or above the county level incorporates voluntary service work into the assessment content of the mass spiritual civilization creation activity。In practice,Civilized City of our province、Civilized Unit、Civilized Village、Civilized Campus、The "Five Creations" evaluation system of civilized families,Both volunteer services are used as an important assessment content。Active policy guidance and government support,It is conducive Sky bet sports betting APP to fully excavation and effective use of various social resources,Help the promotion and practice of volunteer service spirit and volunteer service culture。

​​Highlight the incentive guarantee for volunteer services

Jia Xu incentive,It can help the development of the volunteer service industry to help the role of the weapon。Regulations stipulate,High School、Secondary vocational schools can incorporate students' participation in volunteer service activities into practical credit management,Education administrative departments shall incorporate students' participation in volunteer service activities into the comprehensive quality evaluation system;、Regulations and relevant regulations to contribute to volunteers with outstanding contributions、Volunteer Service Organization will commend and reward。The Regulations also stipulate,Civil servant test、Recruitment of public institutions can incorporate voluntary services into the inspection content,Encourage enterprises and other organizations to give priority to volunteers who have good volunteer Sky bet online sports betting APP download service records under the same conditions; encourage public service institutions to give preferential treatment to volunteers who have good volunteer service records。According to the "Regulations" regulations,Broadcast、TV、Newspapers、Internet and other media should actively carry out volunteer service public welfare publicity activities,Propaganda service culture,Promoting the spirit of volunteer service。We need to promote the creation and production of a batch of micro -video telling the story of excellent volunteer service、Micro movie、Song、Drama and other literary works,Production and publishing a group of volunteer service public welfare advertisements,Let the spirit of volunteer service and volunteer service culture deeply rooted in people's hearts,Let volunteer service activities become windy。

(The author is the original researcher at Henan Civilization Office He Tiezhi

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang