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Release time: 2018-12-06   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

Volunteer service is an important symbol of the progress of social civilization。In recent years,Volunteer service develops rapidly in our province,The enthusiasm for people to participate in voluntary services is getting higher and higher,Number of volunteers、The number of volunteer service organizations increases faster,Urgently needed a regulation that conforms to the actual regulations of our province to regulate the development of voluntary service。The "Regulations on Volunteer Service of Henan Province" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"),From the legislative level,Clarified some basic legal issues in volunteer services,Including the legal responsibility of relevant departments、The nature and scope of voluntary service、The rights and obligations of volunteers、Responsibilities of Volunteer Service Organization、Support and guarantee measures, etc.,Clarified the legal relationship between the participating subjects,Make volunteer services with laws can be dependent on,There is a way to follow,Sky bet football Realized the management of volunteer service activities in accordance with laws and regulations,Institutionalization of volunteer services for our province、Standardized、The rule of law provides strong support。

Clarified the rights and obligations of volunteers,Promote the standardization of volunteer services -

Current,There are nearly 12 million registered volunteers in our province,Quantity ranks first in the country。With the continuous expansion of the volunteer service field,Volunteer service activities continue to go deep,Standardized Volunteer Service、The voices of protecting the rights of volunteers are getting higher and higher。Regulations stipulate,Volunteers should get the real of volunteer service、Accurate、Complete information; obtain material conditions and security guarantees necessary for voluntary service activities; acceptance knowledge and skills training related to volunteer services;。At the same time,The Regulations also stipulate the obligations that volunteers should fulfill.,For example,Follow the articles of association and management system of volunteer service organizations; the guidance and arrangement of the organizer of volunteer Sky bet online sports betting APP download service activity,Performing the volunteer service commitment,Complete the corresponding task; respect the wishes of the volunteer service object、Personal dignity,Do not leak personal privacy of volunteer service objects; shall not be charged or paid in disguise to volunteer services;。The Regulations also stipulate that volunteer service organizations arrange volunteers to participate in volunteer service activities,It should be with its age、Knowledge、Skills and physical conditions are compatible,Provides necessary conditions; no organization or individual may forcibly assign volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization provides services,You must not be illegal in the name of volunteer service、profitable、Violations of social morality and activities that have nothing to do with volunteer services。These regulations,Let the volunteers follow the law to follow the volunteer service activities。

Clarified the legal status of volunteer service organization,Promoting the socialization of volunteer services —

Volunteer Service Organization is an important subject of volunteer service。The Regulations clearerly define the scientific connotation of volunteer service organizations。Clear Volunteer Service Organization "refers to the establishment of it sky bet online casino in accordance with the law,Non -profit organizations with the purpose of carrying out voluntary services "。This definition clarifies the three basic conditions of the volunteer service organization "established in accordance with the law", "the purpose of carrying out volunteer services" and "non -profit organization",Guide volunteer service organizations to carry out activities in accordance with laws and regulations and articles of association。The Regulations stipulate the responsibilities that the volunteer service organization should perform,For example,Recruitment of volunteers、Registration、Evaluation、Incentives, etc.; Perform volunteer service knowledge for volunteers、Skills training and security education; provide the necessary material conditions and safety guarantees for volunteers participating in volunteer service activities,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of volunteers; timely for volunteers、Free、Really issued a certificate of voluntary service records; raised according to law、Manage and use volunteer service funds、Materials, etc.。The Regulations have sorted out the form of volunteer service organizations,Proposed volunteer service organizations can adopt Sky bet football social groups、Social service agency、Foundation and other organizations,further clarifying the relationship between the volunteer service organization and other social services provides the subject。

Volunteer Service Organization is an effective bond between volunteers and service objects,It is also an important platform for leverage social resources to participate in volunteer services。With the further development of social civilization,Volunteer services are becoming more and more tissue、Institutionalized behavior,Pay more attention to the volunteer service organization、Volunteers、Clear definition of the relationship between volunteer service objects。According to the "Regulations" regulations,Volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization、Volunteer service objects can sign an agreement as needed,Clarify the rights and obligations of the parties。

Clarified the responsibility of volunteer service management of relevant departments,Promote the normalization of volunteer services —

Volunteer Service Management System Relationships Volunteer Service Development Development,Volunteer Service Organization is the main line of the development of voluntary service.。On the basis of summing up the experience of voluntary service management,Sky bet sports betting APP Article 5 of the Regulations stipulates the responsibilities of the relevant departments,Clarified the establishment of a working coordination mechanism at all levels of spiritual civilization construction guidance、Coordinated plan、Coordinated guidance、Supervise the functions of inspection and experience promotion; clarify the civil affairs department of the people's government at or above the county level in volunteer registration、Volunteer Service Organization Registration、Investigate and deal with administrative functions such as relevant illegal acts; other relevant departments at the people's governments at or above the county level,and Trade Union、Communist Youth Group、Women's Federation and other related people's groups and mass groups,Should give full play to their respective advantages to do the corresponding volunteer service,Commonly promoting the healthy development of the volunteer service industry。

The sustainable development of voluntary services is inseparable from government guidance and support,Unlike the extensive participation of society。"Regulations" clearly clarify that people's governments at all levels should include voluntary service undertakings sky bet online casino into the national economic and social development plan,Provide funds and policy support; natural person、Donated property donated property for legal persons and other organizations for volunteer services,Enjoy tax incentives according to law; volunteers who have made outstanding contributions in the development of voluntary service、Volunteer Service Organization,can be according to the law、Regulations and relevant national regulations shall be recognized、reward; Civil servant test、Recruitment of public institutions can include voluntary services into the inspection content。Active policy guidance and government support,It is conducive to fully excavation and effective use of various social resources,Help the popularization and formation of volunteer service culture and concepts,The formation of voluntary service supply model that helps multiple cooperation,Help volunteer service gradually enters the normal development track。

(The author is the original researcher at the Henan Civilization Office He Tiezhi

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang