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Release time: 2018-12-06   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

November 29,The Regulations on the Volunteer Service of Henan Province (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") is reviewed and approved by the Seventh Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th People's Congress of Henan Province。The Regulations are organized as the main line,Including 6 chapters 45,A total of 4113 words。Where,"Volunteer Service Organization" single chapter,The term "Volunteer Service Organization" appears 41,involved two -thirds of the terms。"Regulations" promulgated and implemented,For the promotion of volunteer service work and organizational process of the province,It has a milestone significance。

In the form of the first volunteer service special regulations in the province,Further clarified the legal status of volunteer service organizations —

July 2016,Central Propaganda Department、Central Civilization Office、The Opinions on Supporting and Developing Volunteer Service Organizations issued by 8 departments and other 8 departments of the Civil Affairs are clearly proposed,Volunteer Service Organization is "Non -profit social organizations with the purpose of carrying out volunteer services"。Based on this,The Regulations confirmed the "establishment of the law" attribute of the Volunteer Service Organization: ",refers to established according to law、Non -profit organizations with the purpose of carrying out volunteer services "" Volunteer service organizations can adopt social groups in accordance with the Sky bet sports betting APP law、Social service agency、Foundation and other organizational forms "。

"Regulations" emphasize "establishment according to law",Due to a large number of volunteer service organizations in real life, no registration is not registered。It is reported,Henan Province currently has more than 50,000 volunteer service organizations,and less than 300 in the civil affairs departments at all levels。Since a large number of organizations do not have legal person qualifications,On the one hand, in the process of government functions,The public service functions transferred out cannot find the legal subject; on the other hand,A large number of grassroots volunteer service organizations need projects and funds,But excluded from the government's purchase service。For this "dilemma",The Regulations require that "the civil affairs department of the people's government at or above the county level should provide convenient services for the volunteer service organization to register in accordance with the law",Through "Registration in accordance with the law" and "establishment according to law",Solve the "hukou" problem of volunteer service organization,That is the question of legal person,Implementing the government、Volunteer Service Organization、Volunteers、Volunteer service target "Quartet Win -win"。

But the reality is far more complicated than theory。In the specific operation process of various places,Reduced the entry threshold,Promote direct registration,It may also bring problems such as the transfer of supervision responsibility and the increase in regulatory difficulty。So,"Regulations" insist on specific problems Sky bet sports betting APP and treat specific problems,Encourage the volunteer service group established by grassroots mass autonomous organizations,Application as a unit member of the Volunteer Service Association in this region,Settle the legality of the organization step by step。

The purpose and responsibilities of the voluntary service organization in accordance with the law,Further regulating the rights and obligations in the process of volunteer service —

Volunteer service refers to volunteers、Volunteer service organization and other organizations voluntarily、Public welfare services provided by the society or others for free。In this process,The main relationship is three types of subjects,That is the volunteer service organization、Volunteers、Volunteer service objects。Promoting the institutionalization of volunteer service、Normalization,It is based on regulating the relationship between the authority and responsibility of different participants for volunteer services。For this,The Regulations mainly define and specify from three dimensions。

The first dimension,The Regulations clarify 8 duties that the volunteer service organization should perform。Mainly: Organize the implementation of volunteer service activities、Volunteer Management、Volunteer service training、Provide material and rights protection、Proof of records、Give funding supplies、External publicity and exchanges, other matters, etc.。In office responsibilities,Volunteer Service Organization is contacting volunteers and service objects、Important platforms that promote Sky bet sports betting APP voluntary service supply and demand for supply and demand。

The second dimension,The Regulations clarify the 7 rights and obligations of volunteers。Volunteers rely on organizing service,Its rights and obligations are closely related to volunteer service organizations。For example,"Regulations" clearly determine that volunteers have the true of volunteer service、Accurate、Complete information,Material conditions and safety guarantees necessary for obtaining volunteer service activities,Receive rights and skills training related to voluntary service,For volunteer service organizations,These are the responsibilities that must be fulfilled。Vice vice versa,If volunteers must abide by the charter and management system of the volunteer service organization,Obief the guidance and arrangement of the organizer of volunteer service activity。

The third dimension,The Regulations clearly stipulate,Volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization、Volunteer service objects can sign an agreement as needed,Clarify the rights and obligations of the parties,Time to agree to voluntary service、Location、Content、Method、Work conditions and security measures, etc.。Signation of the protocol,The starting point is not for accountability,Instead, through the agreement,Further right to the process of volunteer service、Obligation relationship is restricted and specified。According to the National Volunteer Service Information System,,As of now,Nearly 12 million people in Henan Province have become real -name registered volunteers。

Sky bet sports betting APP Build an organizational system that is compatible with economic and social development,further promoted the healthy and orderly development of the province's volunteer service undertakings —

With the advancement of the society's civilization,Volunteer services are becoming more and more tissue、Institutionalized behavior。to 2020,my country will basically build a basis to adapt to economic and social development,Reasonable layout、Management specifications、Service perfect、Vibrant Volunteer Service Organization System。

Adapt to this process,Regulations stipulate,Provincial、Provincial Municipality、County (city、Area) can be established in accordance with the law。State organs、Enterprise and Institutions、People's Group、Volunteer service groups of grass -roots mass autonomous organizations can apply to become units members of the Volunteer Service Association in this region。The main sources of organizational funds include: government financial support,Social donations obtained according to law、funding,Volunteer Service Fund returns,Other legitimate income。"Regulations" clear,People's governments at all levels must provide funds and policy support。

At the same time,Adapt to the growing needs of people to grow up,"Regulations" encourage and support education、Technology、Cultural Tourism、Sanitary Health、Agriculture and Rural、Transportation、Social Security、Ecological environment and other departments organize volunteers with professional knowledge and skills to carry out professional volunteer Sky bet football service activities。Encourage and support the hospital、School、Cultural Museum、Science and Technology Museum and other public service agencies set up volunteer service teams,Enter the community、Enter the rural areas to carry out volunteer service activities。

other,To strengthen political leadership and industry supervision,The Regulations also stipulate the establishment of a party organization in the volunteer service organization,Give full play to the political core role of party organizations; regulations on the establishment of industry organizations in accordance with the law,In terms of voluntary service organization services and management,Effectively give full play to the advanced specifications of industry organizations、Self -constraint、Lead the coordination function。

In short,"Regulations on Volunteer Service of Henan Province" in accordance with the State Council's "Volunteer Service Regulations",Combined with the actual work of your own,Organize as a main line that runs through the whole chapter,Objective attributes of volunteer service organizations、Organization form、Relationship between power and responsibility、Funding guarantee、The organizational system, etc., have been clear and standardized,Provides a unified legal basis for promoting the province's volunteer service business at a new historical starting point。

(The author is the Minister of Research Department of the China Volunteer Service Federation Dai Heng Meng

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Our province has nearly 12 million real -name registered volunteers

December 4,To welcome the 33rd International Volunteer Day,All departments sky bet online casino of our province and related volunteer service organizations,Carry out different forms of activities to display volunteer service projects、Pressing Volunteer Service Spirit、Publicize the "Regulations on Volunteer Service of Henan Province",attract more people to join in the volunteer service organization。National Volunteer Service Information System Display,As of now,Nearly 12 million people in our province have become real -name registered volunteers。

On the morning of December 4,"Yuan Dream,On the way to volunteer "-The Zhengzhou 2018 Volunteer Service Project Exchange Exhibition Meeting is held at Zhengzhou Gymnasium,31 volunteer service projects through public voting and road show,Competition Zhengzhou 2018 Outstanding Volunteer Service Project。

other,The "Green Wind" hosted by the Provincial Party Committee "Green Wind" Henan Young Volunteer "12 · 5" Ecological Environmental Protection Volunteer Service Campaign was held in Zhengzhou on the same day。"Through this activity,I hope that the spirit of volunteer service can take root in the hearts of young people,Let them establish and practice green development concepts。"Relevant person in charge of the Communist Party Committee said。According to an introduction,Since the implementation of the "Green Winds" Henan Youth Ecological and Environmental Protection Action,League organizations at all levels to fight for government departments、Raising social funds and materials of more than 80 million yuan,Organize 720,000 trees in teenagers,Participate in more than 700,000 people participating in teenagers。(Reporter Chen Xiaoping)

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang