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Release time: 2018-12-03   Source: Dahe.com-Henan Daily

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No. 15

The "Regulations on the Volunteer Service of Henan Province" has been reviewed and approved on November 29, 2018,Now announced,It will be implemented from March 1, 2019。

Executive Committee of the Henan Provincial People's Congress

November 30, 2018

Chapter 1 General Principles

The first article To promote dedication、Friendship、mutual assistance、Progressive volunteer service spirit,Cultivate and practice the core values ​​of socialism,Guarantee volunteer、Volunteer Service Organization and Volunteer Service Organization,Encourage and regulate volunteer service,Promoting the institutionalization of volunteer service,Administrative regulations such as the relevant laws and the State Council's Volunteer Service Regulations,Combined with the actual situation of the province,Develop this Regulations。

Two These regulations are applicable to volunteer services carried out in the administrative area of ​​the province and activities related to volunteer services。

Volunteer service referred to in these regulations,refers to volunteers、Volunteer service organization and other organizations voluntarily、Public welfare services provided by the society or others for free。

Article 3 Carry out volunteer service activities,should follow voluntary、Free、Equality、Integrity、Legal principles,Do not violate social morality、Damage to the public interest of the society and the legitimate rights and interests of others,Do not endanger national security。

Article 4 People's governments at all levels should incorporate the volunteer service undertakings into the national economic and social development plan,Provide funding and policy support,Promoting the development of voluntary service cause。

Article 5 Guidance Organization of spiritual civilization construction at or above the county level Establish a volunteer service work coordination mechanism,Responsible for the overall plan of volunteer service work in the administrative area、Coordinated guidance、Supervise inspection and experience promotion,and incorporate the volunteer service work into the assessment content of the mass spiritual civilization creation activities。

The civil affairs department of the people's government at or above the county level is responsible for volunteer registration in the administrative area、Volunteer Service Organization Registration、Investigate and deal with relevant illegal acts and other volunteer service administrative work。Education、Sky bet sports betting APP Technology、Cultural Tourism、hygiene and health、Ecological environment and other relevant departments within their respective responsibilities,Do a good job of volunteer services。

Trade Union、Communist Youth Group、Women's Federation、Science and Technology Association、Disabled Persons Federation、Law Society and other related people's groups and mass groups,Should give full play to their respective advantages to do the corresponding volunteer service。

Township People's Government、Street Office is responsible for organization、Promoting voluntary service work in this area。

Article 6 The whole society should respect the labor of volunteer service organizations and volunteers。Encourage all sectors of society and citizens to participate in volunteer service activities。

Article 7 March 5th is Henan Volunteer Day.

Chapter 2 Volunteer

Article 8 Volunteers referred to in these regulations,refers to your own time、Knowledge、Skills、Natural person who is engaged in volunteer services in physical strength。

Volunteers shall have civil behavior capabilities that are compatible with the volunteer service activities they are engaged in。Restricted civilian behavior capabilities with the consent of their guardians or accompanied by their guardians,You can participate in age、Intelligence、Compatible volunteer service activities such as physical and mental conditions。

Encourage parents of minors or other guardians to participate in volunteer service activities with minors。

Article 9 Volunteers can make their identity information、Service Time、Service Time、Contact information and other personal information,Register through the volunteer service information system designated by the civil affairs department of the State Council,You can also register through voluntary service organizations。

The volunteer service information system of Henan Province should facilitate volunteer registration。

Personal information provided by volunteers should be true、Accurate、Full。

Article 10 Volunteers enjoy the following rights:

(1) Voluntary joining or exiting voluntary service organizations;

(2) Real of obtaining volunteer services、Accurate、complete information;

(3) Get the necessary material conditions and safety guarantees necessary for voluntary service activities;

(4) Accept knowledge and skills training related to voluntary service;

(5) Supervise the work of volunteer service organizations,Make suggestions and suggestions;

(6) Volunteer services are given priority when there are difficulties;

(7) Law、Other rights stipulated in the articles of association of regulations and voluntary service organizations。

Article 11 Volunteers should fulfill the following obligations:

Sky bet sports betting APP (1) Observing the law、Regulations,Follow the charter and management system of the volunteer service organization;

(2) The guidance and arrangement of the organizer of volunteer service activity,Performing the volunteer service commitment,Complete the corresponding task;

(3) Maintain the image of volunteer service organizations and volunteers、reputation;

(4) Respect the wishes of volunteer service objects、Personal dignity,Do not leak personal privacy of volunteer service objects;

(5) Do not collect or pay compensation from volunteer service objects or disguise;

(6) Do not use volunteers to engage in profitability or violation of social morality;

(7) Other obligations stipulated in laws and regulations.

Chapter 3 Volunteer Service Organization

Article 12 Volunteer service organizations referred to in these regulations,refers to establishment according to law、Non -profit organizations with the purpose of carrying out volunteer services。

Volunteer service organizations can adopt social groups in accordance with the law、Social service agency、Foundation and other organizations。

Article 13 The civil affairs department of the people's government at or above the county level shall provide convenient services for voluntary service organizations for registering in accordance with the law。

Article 14 Provincial、Provincial Municipality、County (city、Area) can establish a volunteer service association in accordance with the law。

State organs、Enterprise and institution、People's Group、Volunteer service groups of grass -roots mass autonomous organizations can apply for units members of the volunteer service association in this region。

Article 15 Volunteer service organizations can establish industry organizations in accordance with the law,Reflecting industry appeal,Strengthen industry self -discipline,Promoting industry exchanges。

Article 16 In the Volunteer Service Organization,According to the regulations of the Communist Party of China,Establishing the Organization of the Communist Party of China,Carry out party activities。Volunteer service organizations should provide necessary conditions for the activities of party organizations。

Article 17 Volunteer service organizations shall fulfill the following responsibilities:

(1) Formulate a volunteer service plan,Organize the implementation of voluntary service activities;

(2) Recruitment of volunteers in charge、Registration、Evaluation、Incentives, etc.;

(3) Volunteer service knowledge for volunteers、Skills training and security education;

(4) Provide the necessary material conditions and safety guarantees for volunteers participating in volunteer service activities,To solve the actual difficulties encountered by the volunteer in the process of volunteer service,Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of volunteers;

sky bet online casino (5) Timely for volunteers、Free、Dynamic proof of voluntary service records;

(6) Get raised in accordance with the law、Manage and use volunteer service funds、Materials, etc.;

(7) Organize the publicity of volunteer services、Cooperation and exchange activities;

(8) Law、Other responsibilities stipulated by the regulations and volunteer service organizations。

Article 18 Volunteer Service Organization can recruit volunteers alone or jointly; when recruiting,It should be explained to the real realization of volunteer service、Accurate、Complete information and the risks that may occur during the volunteer service process。

Article 19 Volunteer Service Organization arrange volunteers to participate in volunteer service activities,It should be truthfully record the basic information of the volunteer、Volunteer service situation、Training situation、Commendation and reward、Evaluation situation and other information,Information and data enters the volunteer service information system。

Article 20 Without the consent of the volunteer,Volunteer service organizations must not disclose or leaked their relevant information。

Article 21 Volunteer service organizations must not leak voluntary service target personal privacy,Do not collect or pay for the volunteer service objects or disguise。

Article 22 Volunteer Service Organization to carry out volunteer service activities,You can use a volunteer service logo。

Chapter 4 Volunteer Service Activity

Article 23 The scope of voluntary services mainly includes poverty alleviation、Help the elderly、Hypication to help the disability、Emergency rescue、Environmental protection、Cultural and Sports、Legal assistance、Assist doctor and school、Embarrassment、Public security defense、Popular Science Publicity、Township Civilization、Community service、Psychological Consultation、Civilized persuasion and large -scale competitions such as social welfare services。

Article 24 Volunteers can participate in volunteer service activities carried out by volunteer service organizations,You can also carry out volunteer service activities in accordance with the law。

Article 25 Organizations or individuals that need volunteer services can publish demand information through the volunteer service information system,You can also apply to the volunteer service organization,and inform the complete information and potential risks of volunteer service。Volunteer service organizations shall verify relevant information,and answer in time。

Article 26 Volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization、Volunteer service objects can sign an agreement as needed,Clarify the rights and obligations of the parties,The time to agreed to service、Location、sky bet online casino Content、Method、Work conditions and security measures, etc.。

Volunteer Service Organization arranges volunteers to participate in volunteer service activities that may occur.,It should buy the corresponding personal accidental injury insurance for volunteers。

Article 27 Volunteer Service Organization Arrangement

Wish participating in volunteer service activities,The age of the volunteer、Knowledge、Skills and physical conditions are compatible,Solving the opinions of volunteers in advance,Do not require volunteers to provide volunteer services beyond their ability。

Article 28 Encourage and support education、Sky bet sports betting APP Technology、Cultural Tourism、hygiene and health、Agricultural and Rural、Social Security、Social Security、Ecological environment and other departments organize volunteers with professional knowledge and skills to carry out professional volunteer service activities。

Carry out professional volunteer service activities,Standards and regulations formulated by the state or industry organizations should be implemented。Law、Administrative regulations have requirements for professional qualifications,Volunteers should have the corresponding qualifications。

Article 29 Encourage and support the hospital、School、Cultural Museum、Science and Technology Museum and other public service agencies set up volunteer service teams,Enter the community、Enter the countryside to carry out volunteer service activities。

Article 30 Large -scale competitions and other social public welfare activities require volunteer services,The organizer can entrust the volunteer service organization to recruit volunteers,You can also recruit volunteers by yourself。

The commissioned volunteer service organization shall sign a special volunteer service agreement with the organizer,Clarify the rights and obligations of both parties。Recruiting volunteers to provide volunteer services,Refer to the provisions of the regulations on voluntary service organizations to carry out volunteer service activities in these regulations。

Article 31 major natural disasters occurred、Urcense such as accident disaster and public health incident,It needs to be rescued quickly,The local people's government should establish a coordination mechanism,Provide requirements information,Guide volunteer service organizations and volunteers to carry out volunteer service activities in an orderly manner。

Volunteer Service Organization、Volunteers carry out volunteer service activities to deal with emergencies,Unified command of the local people's government emergency command agency should be accepted、Coordination。

Article 32 No organization or individual may forcibly assign volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization provides services,You must not be illegal in the name of volunteer service、Living、Activities that violate social morality and have Sky bet sports betting APP nothing to do with volunteer services。

Chapter 5 Support and Security

Article 33 People's governments at all levels and relevant departments can pass the purchase of services and other methods in accordance with the law,Support volunteer service operation management,And in accordance with relevant national regulations、Service Standards、Fund budget and other related situations。

Article 34 The source of funds for volunteer service organizations and volunteer service activities include:

(1) Government financial support;

(2) Social donations and funding obtained in accordance with the law;

(3) Volunteer Service Fund returns;

(4) Other legitimate income.

Management and use of voluntary service funds,It should be accepted by the volunteer service work coordination agency、Relevant departments、Donor、Supervisor and volunteer supervision。

Article 35 Encourage and support enterprise institutions、Grassroots mass autonomous organizations and other organizations provide places and other convenient conditions for voluntary services。

Encourage public cultural facilities、Urban and rural community、Service window、Airport Station、Park Park、Scenic Area Scenic Spots and other units to establish a volunteer service site。

Article 36 School、Family and society should cultivate young people's volunteer service consciousness and ability。

High Schools、Secondary vocational schools can incorporate students' participation in volunteer service activities into practical credit management。

Education administrative department shall include students' participation in volunteer service activities into the comprehensive quality evaluation system。

Article 37 Encourage natural person、Legal persons and other organizations donate voluntary service organizations and volunteer service activities,Donors enjoy preferential policies such as taxation in accordance with the law。

Article 38 The people's government at or above the county level or the spiritual civilization construction guidance agency in accordance with the law、Regulations and relevant regulations to contribute to volunteers with outstanding contributions、Volunteer service organizations are commended and rewarded。

Article 39 Civil servant test、Recruitment of public institutions can include voluntary services into inspection content。Encourage enterprises and other organizations to give priority to volunteers with good volunteer service records under the same conditions。

Encourage public service agencies, etc. to give preferential treatment to volunteers who have good volunteer service records。

The information of volunteers who have good volunteer service records are included in Henan Credit Information Sharing Platform。

Article 40 The people's governments at or above the county level shall Sky bet sports betting APP establish a sound volunteer service statistics and release system。

Relying on Henan Provincial Government Information Platform,Establish a volunteer service information system for Henan Province,Realize interconnection with the volunteer service information systems of various units and regions、Information sharing。

Article 41 Volunteer service organizations shall establish a volunteer star assessment system with service time and service quality as the main content。

Article 42 Broadcast、TV、Newspapers、Internet and other media should actively carry out volunteer service public welfare publicity activities,Communication Volunteer Service Culture,Promoting the spirit of volunteer service。

Article 43 Volunteers、Volunteer Service Organization、Volunteer service objects have controversial in voluntary service activities,can be negotiated、mediation、Arbitration and other channels to solve it,You can also file a lawsuit with the people's court。

Article 44 Acting violations of behaviors stipulated in these regulations,According to relevant laws、Regulations on regulations shall be handled。

Chapter 6 Attachment

Article 45 These regulations will be implemented from March 1, 2019.

Editor in charge: Wang Shiyang