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Release time: 2017-07-18 17:27:02   Source: Yu Xuan Civilization Creation   Editor in charge:

July 1,On the 96th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,The Party Member Volunteer Service Team of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee and the provincial city with many love teams,Holding the "Welcome to July Do Public Welfare" at the Party Member of the Party Member Learning of the Party Member Learning to the Sky bet football Party,I have carried out a revisiting oath of joining the party、Teaching micro -party lesson、Freshly colorful volunteer service activities such as the popularization of drowning knowledge and "love book stalls" replacement,Patriotic patriotism to the whole society、Love Party、Love the people's strong positive energy。

At the activity launching ceremony,​​Comrade Zhao Gang, deputy inspector of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, led the party oath:​​"I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China,Support the party's program,Follow the party's charter ... "。Under the bright red party,All party members at the scene held the solemn commitment of right fists,Revisit the responsibility and obligation of a party member,Deeply feel the mission and glory of party members,Keep in mind "Four Lips and Four" and "Four Qualification" standards,More encouraging the original intention、The spiritual power of continuing to Sky bet sports betting APP move forward。

In the display of micro -party classes, Zhu Yongna, Zhang Qian, Wei Yandan3 comrades have come to the stage to teach micro -party lessons,They use short and powerful stories、Language of vivid image、See the point of view of Weizhi,Preaching the party's theoretical route policy and policy,Educate people around you with things around,stimulated the strong resonance of the cadres and the masses present,I won the applause。

On the spot of popular science knowledge,sky bet online casino Party member volunteers from the Red Cross Water Rescue Team of Zhengzhou,Combined with summer coming、Actual drowning high incidence,Popularize common sense of anti -drowning and rescue to the masses,Enhance the consciousness of safety precautions,Improving the ability of self -rescue and self -protection,Preventing a drowning accident,Frequently received by the masses。

Before the love book stall,sky bet online casino Party member volunteers of the ministries have brought more than a thousand books Sky bet online sports betting APP download for the past to borrow and read。This year is the fourth year of love book stall with everyone,Donate Book、Gift Book、Renewal has become a way of lifestyle for the people nearby,Communicate the mind through the book、Passing big love,Share knowledge in reading、Share civilization。

EnterJuly,Cool heat coming。This public welfare activity also set up a "Summer Sending Cool" link,Free heat prevention drugs for citizens and sanitation workers。200 boxes of cool oil and Sky bet football wind oil essence,The sanitation workers who were presented in high -temperature outdoor environment were given,Give it to the old man who is in the morning and play children who are playing,I gave everyone a touch of coolness in the hot summer、A Care。

Ministry leaders Zhao Gang, Zhao Yunlong, Li Wenliang and the MinistryMore than 30 party members volunteers,and Henan Little Ant Volunteer Service Team、Zhengzhou Red Cross Water Volunteer Rescue Team and other more than ten provincial and municipal sky bet online sports betting love teams participated in this public welfare activity。