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4month23Day is the first22A "World Reading Day",morning that day,A "promoting core value,Share Reading Happy "The theme" Reading sky bet online sports betting "activity opened at the north gate of the Bauhinia Park.,attracted many citizens to stop watching。



This event was volunteer service team of the party members of the Provincial Party Committee's Propaganda Department、Volunteer Henan Links Party Member Service sky bet online casino Team、Zhengzhou Bauhinia Park jointly organized,from Henan Little Ant Volunteer Service Team、The North China Machinery Youth Association hosted,It aims to encourage everyone to read civilized,Build a book incense society,Dedication of love,Change Sky bet online sports betting APP download the book with a book,Correct energy society。




Activity site,flow of people,Countless citizens are in the pile of books,Choose the book you like,Children are carefully read around children's books、Select。Everyone gives a book、Change of books、Reading,sky bet online casino The scene is full of a strong aroma atmosphere。There is also a caring seat next to the book stall,For everyone to read、Rest。


This event is except donation or presence.,Citizens can also exchange their own books with books on the love book stalls (sky bet online casino a copy of one copy); after leaving the name contact information,You can also bring your favorite book home to read,After reading it, I will return to the bookstone。Since then,"Reading" activity will also rely on3The Lei Feng Volunteer Service Station Sky bet sports betting APP jointly established by the head of the head organizer continued to carry out。The volunteer service station is located at the north gate of Zijingshan Park,The appropriate books raised will be donated from time to time to rural primary schools。(Liang Qianwen)